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what to do during your pomodoro breaks

so, um hi! i know that there’s a lot of these posts out there, but somehow i never find one when i need one, so here’s one more with a collection of things to do in those breaks!

one: short breaks

i. hydrate yourself and eat!

ii. exercise!

  • tbh you don’t even need a workout app or video for this. just do x number of x exercise (i like jumping jacks and squats). 
  • but you can also use an app like sworkit (ios & android) which has an option for 5 min. workouts!
  • or you can find a video on youtube! i personally don’t know any fitness channels but i’m sure you can find some. 
  • also you could just turn on your favourite song and dance to it. if you’re self-conscious about your dancing like me close the curtains hahaha

iii. find motivation to go on!

  • scroll through a studyblr and look at studyspo & motivational graphics!
  • make a small motivation wall – remind yourself of your goals, maybe how you will reward yourself, etc. 
  • here are some of my favourite graphics/posts: x x x x x
  • also here are some masterposts! 
  • watch a studytube video! studyign, nehrdist and tbhstudying are the studytube channels i regularly watch, but there’s probably many more. 

iv. tbh you don’t even have to be productive… 

  • it’s your break right? do something you enjoy or just relax!
  • watch a not-studytube video? 
  • read a chapter of a book you’re reading! or even start a new book why not
  • doodle! on your notes or on a scrap piece of paper. 
  • write? doesn’t have to be long, maybe one of these six word stories, or google writing prompts, you’ll find so many results!!
  • here’s a post on relaxation by @aurumstudies
  • also you can just scroll through tumblr. it’s fine. studyblr is not going to kill you.

two: long breaks

tbh you can do all the things you can do in short breaks, but there’s a little more options! 

i. hydrate and eat!

  • again, do it!!!! maybe in your long break you can even make something because you have a little more time!! 
  • here’s my food tag, there’s food pictures but also recipes in there!
  • have fun making something for you to eat after! 
  • also take your time! no one is going to die if you go a little over the 15 minutes timer because you’ve decided to make something a little too complicated. 
    • plus you don’t even have to eat it in your break, you can take your snack to your study space with you and eat it while rereading your notes or something. 

ii. exercise! 

  • with a little more time, you can find a workout even better! 
  • again, you can just find a video or an app. 
  • i really like the 7-Minute workout app (i only found it for ios but there’s probably an equivalent for android?)
  • a little related to this: take a shower! 
    • if you just exercised you might feel smelly/uncomfortable/whatever after so it might be a good idea to take a shower. 
    • also taking a shower really makes you feel better! baths are great too, especially with bath bombs. 

 iii. find motivation

for motivation you can basically just do the same things you can in the short breaks, so i won’t list them again hahaha. 

iv. tbh you don’t even have to be productive…

  • text or call a friend! if your schedule is tight and you really can only afford to take a 15 min break, make sure to tell them that you can’t chat for a long time. 
  • talk to your parents/siblings (or call them if you don’t live with them) and tell them how much you love them/appreciate them/etc. everyone loves feeling appreciated. 
    • or even just update them on what you’ve been doing! rant to them about how chemistry is muddling your brain or how you just can’t seem to understand this new math concept. chances are, they’ll sympathize with you and maybe (if they’re your parents or older siblings) share some stories of their own school life. 
  • put a song on and sing as loud as you can! even if you don’t think you sing well, sing. it will make you feel better. 
    • bonus points if you choose a song that reflects your current emotion or mindset! my personal favourite is stressed out by twenty one pilots bahaah 
    • also try opera. it’s really dramatic and you can act it out + people that are not classically trained generally can’t sing opera anyway so it’s not much of a matter of having a good voice or not!

v. misc, but productivity

if you’re really stressed about whatever exam, refer to this section. otherwise, enjoy your break. 

  • work on a different subject! seriously, it refreshes your brain so much. 
  • use a different study method for the subject you’re studying. obviously keep in mind what works and what doesn’t for you. if you know for a fact that flashcards don’t work, don’t use flashcards. 
    • if your go-to study method is making mind maps, try flowcharting/making cause and effect diagrams instead. if you like re-reading your notes, make flashcards. if you usually watch videos, record yourself saying your notes and listen to the recording. 
    • point is, try something else. 
  • study another area of the subject. this works especially for all englobing exams, but even with unit exams you can do this. 
    • if so far you’ve only studied key concepts, try finding the most important vocabulary and studying that. 
    • or if unit 1.1 gives you trouble, try 1.2 and 1.3 and go back to 1.1 after. 
  • watch a documentary? i don’t have netflix but i heard that there are multiple educational documentaries on various subjects on there! also you can probably find some on youtube, in addition to other educational videos. 
  • come up with mnemonics for lists and vocabulary! also write them down somewhere, especially if you’re a reading/writing type of learner. 
  • decorate your notes: doodle in the margins or highlight some key concepts. here’s my tag for tips on note-taking which also has some tips for decorating them!

so i hope i could help and you liked it! i know for sure that i helped myself hahaha anyway you can always leave suggestions in my ask for other masterposts or tips posts! 

- ant


Fisherman’s Knot is a longform Gravity Falls fanfiction by scribefindegil. It follows Stanley and Stanford Pines as they sail through the Arctic ocean, investigating anomalies and trying to cope with their ongoing mental health problems without actually admitting to each other than anything is wrong. Needless to say, this … doesn’t go well. Also featuring selkies, Atlantis, many cups of hot chocolate, and some very important glitter.

Warnings: This fic contains frank discussions of depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and other mental health issues. It also contains major character injury and discussion of abuse. Stay safe, and if you have questions or need more detailed warnings don’t hesitate to ask me.

Read it on AO3

Read it on Tumblr:  [Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7] [Chapter 8] [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10] [Chapter 11] [Chapter 12] [Chapter 13] [Chapter 14]

Music: [Masterpost] [Song tag] [8Tracks mix to come when fic is completed]

Scribe’s Tags: [general] [Nuala] [discussion]

A number of amazing people have made art based on this fic, which you can find in the Fanart Tag!

This fic is also what inspired my Mabelgram project. If you need glitter, I will send you glitter.

Thank you so much to everyone who reads, comments on, recommends, or makes art for this fic. It’s grown so much bigger and so much more powerful than I could have imagined. I love you all <3

(I’ll probably redo the header once I’ve practiced my knotwork more, but for now please view full-size. Thanks!)

a tour of resources for learning church slavonic
encyclopædia britannica - old church slavonic language
languages of the world - what is old church slavonic?
wikipedia - old church slavonic
wikipedia - baška tablet

old church slavonic online
the language gulper - old church slavonic
wikipedia in church slavonic

blagogon - syntax [ru]
blagogon - morphology [ru]
grammar of the slavonic language
handbook of old church slavonic - grammar
languages of the world - dual in old church slavonic and modern hebrew
languages of the world - introduction to old church slavonic conjugation
languages of the world - introduction to old church slavonic declension
languages of the world - simple verb tenses in old church slavonic
languages of the world - morphology and syntax of numerals in old church
memrise - old church slavonic grammaslavonic old russian and modern russian
old church slavonic: an elementary grammar
old church slavonic grammar
old bulgarian grammar [en/bg/it]
regular properties of old church slavonic verbs
wikipedia - old church slavonic grammar

church slavonic - russian - english
english > old church slavonic / old church slavonic > english
glosbe de - cu
glosbe en - cu
old church slavonic glossary

blagogon - orthography [ru]
encyclopædia britannica - cyrillic alphabet
encyclopædia britannica - glagolitic alphabet
languages of the world - glagolitic vs cyrillic
learn croatian - glagolitic alphabet
memrise - croatian glagolitic alphabet
memrise - old church slavonic glagolitic alphabet
old church slavonic online - alphabet
omniglot - glagolitic alphabet
omniglot - old church slavonic
wikipedia - early cyrillic alphabet

church slavonic keyboard
online glagolitic keyboard

glagolitic aoe
glagoljica obl
glagoljica uglata
vinodolski zakon

blagogon - phonetics [ru]
languages of the world - palatalization in old church slavonic
old church slavonic online - palatization and reduced vowels
old church slavonic online - sound system

eastern church music resources
orthodox chant in church slavonic
orthodox church in america sheet music downloads

Welcome to part one of The Stationery Crash Course series where I explain the different types of various stationery goods and their compatibility with different materials. All posts can be found here!

This week I’m going to explore the wonderful world of markers. The word ‘marker’ is an umbrella term in which many tools fall under. Markers, textas, highlighters, fineliners we’ve all used them at one point in our lives. Common traits that all markers share would be:

  • A bold tip and stroke
  • Pigmented colours
  • Distinguishable against other writing tools.
  • Ghosting and bleeding on standard paper

There are two types of markers, practical markers and art markers, and their many sub-classifications in between. There are some that blend in between these two types! Let’s make a mark on it and explore the different types of markers, shall we?

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I make it a point to listen to at least one podcast a day, and these are some of my recommendations !! The ones in italics are the ones to which I have a daily subscription, but I listen to all the casts on this list periodically. The ones with arrows are my personal favorites. I use the app Overcast to manage all my podcasts. Happy listening !!   

News // Politics // Business 

The New Yorker: Politics and More 

NPR Politics Podcast 

The Nice Guys on Business

⇴ The Economist Radio 

Society // General Interest 

This American Life 

What’s The Point 


⇴ Freakonomics Radio

⇴ Strong Opinions Loosely Held 

TED Radio Hour


⇴ On Being with Krista Tippet 

Fresh Air

The Pen Addict - literally made for the studyblr community 

Indiewire: Screen Talk 

All Songs Considered 

Narrative // Story-telling 

⇴ Welcome to Night Vale 

Black Tapes Podcast 

The Leviathan Chronicles 

Check out my relaxation masterpost, and you can find me at my studygram !! 

xoxo, Niya 

Theme Making Resources Masterpost

This is a masterpost of resources that can help you make themes! It includes:

Useful links - Links to things you can use in your themes

Fonts - Places to find free fonts

Helpful codes - Codes to add things to your themes

Pixel blogs - Blogs dedicated to pixels

Text icons - Websites to find navigation icons for your themes

Backgrounds & patterns - Websites & blogs with backgrounds & patterns

HTML & CSS - HTML & CSS help

Colors - Websites & blogs to find color palette inspiration

Image formatting & uploading - Websites to format & upload photos & files

Base codes - Base codes to start with

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How to Knit Your Own UT Sweater: a Tutorial (MASTERPOST)

Hiiii guys! Don’t know if any of you know this (LOL as if, like I haven’t spammed this shit enough, right??) but I made a knitting tutorial awhile back! This tutorial is specifically tailored (lol) for knitting sweaters, great for fun or cosplay or whatever! I originally wrote this with Undertale cosplays in mind, but I mean. It’s a sweater. It can be for anything! (And I mean, I only use the determination joke, like, once.)

Both are my finished products from this tutorial - along with more testimonials a bit further down!

~*~ The Tutorial ~*~

Part 1 (Materials)

Part 2 (Sizing and Planning)

Part 3 (Starting the Body)

Part 4 (Bulk of the Body)

Part 5 (Shaping the Back)

Part 6 (Rinse and Repeat)

Part 7 (Shaping the Front)

Part 8 (The Neckhole)

Part 9 (The Sleeves and Stuff)

Part 10 (The Part Where You Sew and Don’t Knit)


blueviolinist’s Asriel sweater!

onebizarrekai’s Chara sweater!

stiechen’s sweater!

maybe more idk i’m bad at tagging haha. i’m so sorry

a masterpost on what mental illnesses some of the clique six might have- and why

in response to @theowldetective saying none of them do and saying they do is wrong

none of this is meant to be implied or interpreted as negative or a bad thing 

if anything i say in this is ableist or needs to be changed or corrected, please tell me 



general discontent- throughout the show riley had shown multiple times she is very discontent with a lot of thing. she frequently talks about how she wants to be maya,and often puts herself down and is very insecure. 

focusing on morbid topics- throughout all seasons riley has shown that when something bad happens to her or just in general, she tends to go to very dark topics. for example, when she became morotia, or when she has referenced her death in multiple episodes. 

feelings of worthlessness- we all know riley is an insecure character, but it also goes a lot deeper than that. she constantly puts herself down as a way to build her friends up, and had said multiple times how she doesn’t matter. in girl meets cory and topanga, she was also full of hatred for herself because she couldn’t live up to her parents. 

suddenly switching from being very sad to being very calm or appearing to be happy- riley does this very often, for example when she found out pluto wasn’t a planet, or in girl meets sneak attack, or even in girl meets she don’t like me when she turned around and changed to get chai to like her and when she got very, very upset when she didn’t. 

trouble concentrating- this was covered in girl meets the real world, when riley said she doesn’t really pay attention to the news. it’s been mentioned a few times how riley is very unaware of things happening in ‘the real world’, mostly due to her lack of concentration. 

borderline personality disorder 

fear of abandonment- this symptom is debatable, and could cross over into dependent personality disorder, but riley seems to rely on maya and has talked about how she fears losing her friends. 

dissociation- in girl meets she don’t like me, she passed out which could mean she had shut out reality or had felt very light/faint because she dissociated and it caused her to pass out. (when i dissociate i get very faint and it causes me to pass out frequently)

quick changing emotions- explained above in depression. 

unstable self image- also explained above in depression 

bipolar disorder 

exaggerated positive outlook- pretty self explanatory with riley.

low self-esteem- already covered. 

guilt- in the texas trilogy, riley felt very guilty over her feelings 

difficulty concentrating- already covered 

negative thoughts about the future- in girl meets cory and topanga, she was worried that she wouldn’t live up to her parents 

talk of suicide or death- not suicide, but she talks about her death very often.

generalized anxiety disorder 

excessive worry- in girl meets jexica (i think) riley says that worrying about what other people think is all she does. she also had shown multiple times she worries a lot.

difficulty concentrating- already covered 

dissociative identity disorder/multiple personality disorder 

pretty self explanatory, riley frequently changes into acting/being another person entirely (harajuku girl, jexica, morotia)

also, in she don’t like me riley passes 

dependent personality disorder 

difficulty making everyday decisions without an excessive amount of advice and reassurance from others- riley relies on maya when it comes to decisions, in almost everything. 

difficulty expressing disagreement with others because of fear of loss of support or approval- when riley thought farkle was a bad actor, she had a hard time telling him in fear he would be angry about it. also, when maya got caught cheating, she sided with maya and became a communist so she wouldn’t have to diagree with maya 

seeks another relationship- riley is always looking for new friends, she wants to be friends with everyone   

self doubt- already covered with riley’s insecurities 

fear of separation- already covered 

clingy behavior- her relationship with maya is very clingy. in gm the bay window, the older version of themselves had said they had only ever been a few feet away from each other. also in girl meets jexica, her and maya talk about how hard it is to have different class schedules. riley also tends to be clingy towards lucas throughout season one 



general discontent- throughout all of the seasons, maya has shown to be very discontent with her life, whether it’s her mother or comparing herself to riley (for example, the identity crisis)

loss of interest- maya doesn’t really seem to care about much outside of riley, even when it’s something really important like her mother missing her birthday. she just seems to brush it off and not care at all.

making comments about being hopeless- she’s made quite a few comments in the past about loosing all hope or not hoping for anything.

trouble sleeping- only really seen in girl meets i do, but maya did have a very hard time sleeping due to her anxiety and worry (which could obviously tie into anxiety as well)

generalized anxiety disorder 

excessive worry- maya worries a lot about being abandoned, but that could tie into multiple other illnesses as well.

feeling of impending doom- maya’s said that she doesn’t get her hopes up because she thinks something bad might happen to ruin it, which could mean she feels as if things will end up bad. 

borderline personality disorder 

fear of abandonment- already covered. maya worries about people leaving her like her father did. this was especially shown in girl meets i do when she worried that shawn would leave her and katy.

impulsive behaviors- maya spray painted a wall to prove a point about how she hadn’t changed 

paranoid personality disorder 

suspects people are deceiving them- i think maya is very suspicious of people, especially with how she reacted to shawn and etc 

dependent personality disorder 

clingy behavior- her and riley are very clingy with each other, finding it difficult to be apart from each other.

avoidant personality disorder 

unwilling to get involved with people- in girl meets she don’t like me, maya talked about how she really didn’t want to get involved with anyone else, or be friends with anyone else 

post traumatic stress disorder (because of her father leaving)

persistent fear, horror, anger, guilt, or shame- maya blamed herself for her father leaving 

persistent inability to experience positive emotions- maya has been shown to be hopeless and sad a lot more often then she’s been happy 

feelings of detachment or estrangement from others- in girl meets world of terror she said who was important to her, and she said only riley was important to her, and said later in the episode that she was barely remembering zay’s name. furthermore, outside of the group, she refuses to interact/become friends with anyone else (girl meets she don’t like me) 

difficulty falling or staying asleep or restless sleep- already covered, plus her inablity to sleep was due to her worrying that shawn would leave like her father did.


autism (i know autism isn’t a mental illness, im just including it for the point of the post)

 explained in girl meets i am farkle 

generalized anxiety disorder 

irritability- farkle gets irritated very easily, such as when he gets mad over people liking lucas

excessive worry- in girl meets yearbook, he got worried over what people thought about him to the point he completely changed himself. in girl meets money, he refused to let his friends come to his house because he was worried they would hate him because he had more than them. in girl meets the forgiveness project, when lucas and zay said they forgave him, he nearly started crying he was so worried, and a few other things. 


feelings of worthlessness- when he got called nothing in s1, he very strongly believed it to the point he hid himself away. and as well as yearbook when he completely changed himself.

irritability- already covered 

sadness- since girl meets yearbook, farkle has changed a lot. his clothes have gotten darker and he’s been considerably less happy then he used to be.


narcissistic personality disorder 

grandiose sense of self-importance- smackle very often refers to herself as superior to others 

regularly shows arrogant behaviors- she quite frequently believes zay and lucas are hitting on her 


intermittent explosive disorder

low tolerance for frustration- this is mainly shown in season three, in girl meets high school, he got very frustrated with riley which resulted in him walking away from her. again in girl meets ski lodge, he was very harsh towards maya after she broke the rules.

intense anger- you can mostly imply this from the references to lucas when he lived in texas, as well as in girl meets rileytown when he broke the counter.

borderline personality disorder 

impulsivity- again, mostly implied from texas!lucas, and in the secret of life when he went to find zay when zay got in trouble.


dependent personality disorder 

seeks another relationship- in the secret of life & bear, whenever it seems as if lucas is becoming closer to someone else, zay tends to go to maya 

clingy behavior- explained above, also zay moved across the country to be in the same school as lucas

all in all; they all show signs of mental illness. saying the don’t have any just because it hasn’t been stated directly in canon is ableist and gross.

feel free to add on.

From the bottom of my heart... Thank you.

I have been blessed this year by amazing people who went beyong themselves to make my birthday special and I’m so grateful today. 

Little 36 years old me is very very happy. 

After less than two years in this fandom I have made so many friends and have encountered so many talended people. But this takes the cake. I was spoiled rotten.

@taggiecb, Lacey, who wrote me a wonderful fic <3

@anhcor, Gen, who wrote me not one but two drabbles  <3

@phd-mama, Lissie, who wrote me a bloody fic <3

@hellnrocksstuff, Hélène,  who made a trailer for Fire For A Heart <3 (!!)

@iamlittleblackdress, Dan AKA The Muse TM, who made me a playlist for Fire For A Heart <3 

@nottooldforthisship, Blandine AKA  the best PR in the world, who made me a beautiful edit  <3

@realitybetterthanfiction, Mac, who wrote me a fluffy wonderful fic <3

@allwaswell16, Anitra, who wrote me a drabble/crack fic based on our groupchat and I was casted as Liam (no hearts for you- I’m kidding)

@littlechilllarrie, J, and her whishes that made me tear up <3

@miniboyfriendloueh, Sophie, and her Louis edit  so cute <3

@cuethetommo, Liz,  with a beautiful Louis masterpost  <3

@lucystarkid, Lucy, and her best whishes and cake Harry <3

and to all of my gc friends, anons, followers and mutuals, who drowned me in bday wishes… I love all of you.

Robbers [0.5]

Plot: From 1 to 3 in the morning you’re ranting to Mark about many of your issues, ranging from family to living conditions and he decides to tell you something that is bound change your life. You decide to move in with him, but find that he’s got another roomie named Jackson.

Rating: 16+ (Language and sensitive subjects.)

Word Count: 3065

A/N: That’s your trigger warning^. This one’s got a little bit of a darker theme. I decided to split this part into 2 because it was getting reaaally long and I’m still not done with the second part so it’s bound to get longer lol. If you guys enjoy these two parts (I’ll upload P.2 when it’s properly finished) I’ll continue the story and branch it out because I kind of wanted this to be a “choose your own path” kind of thing, but more like choose your own boyfriend instead  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ratings will change as the story continues since this whole entire plot is a little risky. I don’t want to trigger anyone, so reader discretion is advised. (PS, sorry I didn’t focus on Mark much in this part, but he’ll get his time to shine in the next one.)

Here’s the song it was initially inspired by Robbers - The 1975 it might seem a little like the plot from “Don’t Breathe” but I promise it’ll be different. I’ve had this story in mind for a long time now. 

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I Know This Isn’t Comprehensive

And I need your help to complete it!

Followers, I challenge you to help me complete this masterpost of Super-heroic film and television!

Superman: The Movie
Superman 2
Superman 3
Superman 4: The Quest for Peace
Superman Returns
Man of Steel
Batman vs Superman
Batman: The Movie (Adam West, 1966)
Batman Returns
Batman Forever
Batman & Robin
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises
Spiderman 2
Spiderman 3
The Amazing Spiderman
The Amazing Spiderman 2
Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America: Winter Soldier
Captain America: Civil War
Iron Man
Iron Man 2
Iron Man 3
Ant Man
The Avengers
The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Guardians of the Galaxy
Thor 2: The Dark World
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
The Incredible Hulk
X-Men (2000)
X2 (2003)
X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
X-Men: First Class (2011)
The Wolverine (2013)
X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
X-Men: Apocalypse
The Incredibles
The Fantastic Four
Mystery Men
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Sky High
V for Vendetta
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
The Green Hornet
Green Lantern
Fantastic Four (2015)
Suicide Squad

The Batman
The Tick
Agent Carter
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Teen Titans
Batman (Live Action)
Batman Beyond
Young Justice

thelanguagegarden  asked:

Do you know of any masterposts/tips about studying/getting homework done when you have a super busy schedule? I work 27 hours next week but I also have school 5 days a week and I have to study for the ACT (which is in a month and I haven't started studying yet( I know I know but I've been super busy, hence the ask))


so, you want to know about cas? creativity, action, service? how to conquer this? well, it’s a lot simpler than you think…allow us to teach you a thing. you ready for this: almost everything can count for cas hours. that’s right little bees, almost anything you do can count for cas! let us explain:

are you a dancer? that’s action! do you sew your pointe shoes for class or help your instructor plan out some of the choreography for your solo? that’s creativity! do you help with the younger kids at your studio? that’s service!

did you make a work-out plan? that’s creativity! following it? that’s action! make one for a friend or family member? that’s service! did you include running / biking in there (action!) and picked up trash along the trail or walkway? service!

mow your elderly neighbor’s lawn? action and service! help them create a layout and then plant flowers in their garden? creativity (for the layout) and (again) service!

are you more of an introvert and like to journal? that’s creativity! perhaps you sold some of your art pieces to denote funds to your schools art department? that’s service!

or perhaps you have a studyblr? that’s creativity and service (you’re helping people by reblogging and posting tips and tricks to dealing with school & organizing and creating your blog is creative work right there)!

maybe you have a fandom acc instead? do you make edits for people to gush over their favorite characters? that’s creativity!

did you tutor people or help them study (no matter their age)? service! maybe you created a tutoring schedule? creativity!

bored and have some time? look up some cute diys, whether it be baking, making room decorations, or whatever, it counts as creativity!

speaking of diys, do you like to knit or crochet? make some hats and scarves for your local mission and donate them! there’s creativity and service! or even create a club at school to make these things and donate them! that’s mega points on the creativity and service scales!

stressed and want to relax? try out yoga! it’s healthy for your body and mind and it counts for action!

are you a photographer, or aspiring to be one? hang up flyers around your school advertising homecoming, prom, and senior pictures that you would be taking! creativity and service! (just make sure that you do it for free, because it won’t count for service if you do)

feel like your club or even entire school could use some t-shirts to let everyone know who you are? or just a little symbol of pride and joy from your club / school? make them - that’s creativity! send out a survey via your principle, dp coordinator (if it’s specific to dp students), or the person in charge of your club asking people if they would want t-shirts, explaining what would be on them and what they would be willing to pay. then decide on a price for them based on your feedback. if not many people want some, you can make them by hand, super points for creativity there! or you can order the shirts through a company / site such as:

have you always wanted to learn guitar after you got one for your birthday but never got around to it? well here’s your excuse, writing and practicing songs counts as creativity!

alrighty, hopefully these were some helpful ideas to at least get you started on some cas activities / projects [requested by anonymous]! be sure to watch for our soon-to-be-released masterpost on tips & tricks for cas! this will include things such as how to do your reflections, how to know which learning outcomes are best for your chosen activity / project, and how to find time to not only upload and reflect on cas, but to actually do it. wishing all you lovely bees the best 💕🐝 — k&m