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anonymous asked:

I'm looking at using magic to help weight loss. Do you have any spells that use cheap and common materials? Also, male glamour spells? All the ones I've seen use makeup or something.

I don’t think it needs to be said to be careful with weight loss spells at this point, but… Be very clear in your intentions, and how you intend to lose weight (seriously); specifying a desired goal is also a great idea to make sure you don’t lose too much. Be careful, please; obviously I can’t tell you what not to do with your own body, but things can get dangerous with weight loss spells. So, again, just make sure you’re clear in your intentions, even to the point of specifying how you want to lose weight (you could end up, like, missing an arm, and technically you’ve lost that weight right? Magic is weird). 

As for glamours that don’t use make-up, I can probably find a few, or write one if I need to. Did you want / need it for anything specific (confidence, invisibility, etc.), or did you just want a general template to be modified for any purpose that may need be?

High School 101

I’m a senior in high school this year and I think I can safely say that I’ve learned how this works. These are the tips that I wish I had had my freshman year of high school.

» Do the homework. I don’t care what the excuse may be, just do it please. For my Freshman and Sophomore year I was a competitive gymnast. I had school from 7am-4pm, then practice (4:15pm-9pm). I wouldn’t get home until almost 10pm and then I would do homework until later than midnight (this was EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK might I add). I spent my junior year in depressive type episodes…AND I STILL PULLED MYSELF TOGETHER JUST LONG ENOUGH TO DO IT. I AM LIVING PROOF THAT IT CAN BE DONE.

» But also don’t be afraid to take a day off. Use these kinds of days for mental recharging and catching up if needed. Don’t do this more than absolutely necessary. Missing classes can actually make it worse sometimes and you can also overdo your allowed absences. Just know your limits and be a good judge of when you should take these days. I try to limit mine to once a semester, tops.

» Write down the email addresses of ALL your teacher’s. This can be so helpful for asking questions! If you’re going to miss a class, email your teacher. They will let you know what you missed most of the time and respect the fact that the student took the initiative to get ahead after not attending the class.

» Also try to make at least one acquaintance/friend in each class so you can create a mutual agreement to share notes and help the other if they miss a day. Trust me, I know it’s hard sometimes but it helps. These can also be valuable people for group projects.

» Speaking of group projects, pick someone who has the same work ethic as you. If you pick someone more driven then you, you will drag them down and make them do all the work, they will hate you for it (trust me). Don’t pick someone less driven than you because then you’ll do the majority of the work. Basically group projects suck and you just have to deal with it.

» You aren’t going to get to be with your friends for every single class, I’m sorry about that. Unluckily for me, I have only shared a class with a friend for a semester in all of my high school experience.

» Don’t be afraid to talk to other people. Chances are, they’re just as afraid to talk to you as you are to them. Sometimes it’s really good to make new friends in high school.

» The probability of you and your middle school BFF being friends all the way through high school is actually really low. People change for the better and just naturally grow apart.

» High school isn’t about relationships. As much as you might want that boyfriend or girlfriend, it probably isn’t worth it in the long run. Young love is really unpredictable. The last thing you want to deal with is a significant other who takes up the time you could be using for that homework. It’ll save you from any heartbreaks or emotion as well.

» High school is about furthering you education! That is the main purpose. Remember this!!!

» The movies lie, it’s not about going to parties every Friday night and doing “teenage things”. Don’t be irresponsible either. No drinking, no drugs, remember that these choices could potentially effect you for the rest of your life.

» Friday nights (for me) are for homework. Do all your homework as soon as possible. Especially on the weekends. If you can get it over with on Friday, you have the rest of the weekend to destress and just enjoy yourself.

» Drink enough water. Please stay hydrated, children. Dehydration is the last thing you want to go along with anything else you might be dealing with.

» and make sure you eat enough as well! If you don’t eat breakfast, try to eat a small, healthy snack sometime before lunch. It will make such a difference in brain power.

» Study snacks are great! I really love almonds or peanut butter on celery. It keeps my brain focused.

» Learn to study in high school, while you still have the chance to acquire that skill before going into college (if that’s the route you chose to take.

» Study with friends. Have study groups when you feel like you need them. Designate a couple days of the week to do homework and studying together! I’ve found that having a friend in the same room, being productive together (even if you aren’t working on the same things) is actually really helpful for motivation. Find places to study outside of each other’s houses: the library, a local coffee shop, the park, etc.

» The pomodoro method works really great for me for everything I do. I use it for all of the work I do outside of school.

» Take care of yourselves please!!! I love you and I know you can do this! You will have rough times but you have to keep pushing. Find your support system, if you don’t have one, come to me and I will try to help in any way that I can!!

Here’s a little 10- point list of quick study tips to help you be more productive 💖

  1. Set aside time to study in the beginning of the day. It’s much easier to get down and commit to a study session if you already have it on the books (and you can give yourself time to mentally prepare yourself for the tough few hours ahead!)
  2. Give yourself little rewards throughout your study sesh to keep yourself motivated! For example, when you finish one chapter, have a chocolate treat and take a small break :)
  3. Keep a bottle of water nearby on your desk. It will keep you hydrated as you will most likely reach for it if its in your sight all the time.
  4. Don’s study on your bed! Your bed is where you sleep, thus your body will associate it with drowsiness. Work at your desk to be more energized and alert.
  5. Get rid of distractions when you study. Put your phone on airplane mode, close out all browsers, and just avoid all social media!
  6. Keep an uncluttered and motivational desk area. Make sure that you only keep the essentials on your desk, it will make you feel calmer and more organized! And you can hand some inspiration quotes on the wall to help you stay motivated!
  7. Go over the notes you take in class after school. Even if you aren’t having a test coming up, still take a few minutes to reread the notes you took right after, it will help you for possible pop quizzes and later revision!
  8. Sit in the front of the class. With no one sitting in front of you, you will have less distractions (and no straining to read the board/prez).
  9. Eat an apple. If you are feeling tired, remember that your brain works on glucose (sugars), so have something sweet, like a healthy apple! 
  10. Always keep up with your homework + DON’T PUT IT OFF! This tip will save a lot of stress and time for you in the future if you get things done as soon as you have the time after it is assigned. If things pile up, it might be difficult to climb out of that work pile!
Discernment is Your Best Friend

When walking into anything on this side of life, paganism, witchcraft, and even spirit work things can get confusing. Not only all the information but the constant questions of, “Did I do this right?” “Was that a sign from my Gods?” “Is that spirit really there?” and even more than that. We cannot see half the stuff and even when we do, we still question it.

Doubt is good. Doubt keeps us questioning and in check. However its about the right amount of doubt. Too much doubt can make us miss even the most obvious piece, because we questioned it too much. Too little and we become gullible by believing everything handed to us.

This is where discernment comes into play. Discernment and protection, when used right, can be some of the biggest allies. So it is important to set up a good system. Why set it up in the beginning? You can set it up later. There is nothing wrong with that. It is just hard years later when your knee deep in it all and something disproves everything you just worked through. Its reality crushing.

I have gotten a lot of questions on discernment lately in our chat. So below are some tips and tricks in helping you set up the best system for yourself. At the bottom will be a resource list to some other great articles on discernment. This post is centered on spirit work and deities with discernment. though discernment can be used for a variety of things.

Research is Your Friend

I do not think everything is 100% accurate even in printed word. Nor do I believe lore to be accurate 100% either; however, it has been around much longer. There will be some validity to it. Yet do not believe everything you read.

Practice good research skills. When you read something, read about the author. See where they got their information. Follow the trail. You need to make sure the source you are getting your information from is legit. Wikipedia pages are great for quick reads, but they are not always accurate. The thing about wiki pages are anyone with an account can edit and write the information there. Though down at the bottom are sources to which you can follow to find more reading material.

This is the same thing for Tumblr and social media/blogging sites as well. Do not believe everything you read. I can not stress that enough. Tumblr is great for blogging, but not that great for informative research that you want to do. Even research beyond my post on this subject. I encourage it.

So when a spirit shows up or a God, do some research about them. Under stand them. Then if they give you some information, research that. You’ll be surprised what you can find. When finding that information in multiple places, it will help you build trust in yourself.

Divination: Outside Advice

Divination can help a lot too. I am not just talking about you doing readings for discernment. You are biased. Your energy, want, and need will be put into that reading. If your trying to discern if something is accurate it will not work accordingly.

This is where you will want to get an outside opinion. Find someone who does not know your situation. Give as vague of a question as possible. The less you tell them the better, because their readings will be more meaningful.

Also when getting a reading by someone, practice good shopping. Look to make sure the reader would connect well with you. Look at the reviews from others. If you have a friend who would be up for it good (just as long as they don’t know much about the situation)! If you have divination skills you can always offer trades. I have done that on occasion. Most times when I really need the discernment piece, free readings start to pop up. So if you don’t have money keep your eyes on free readings. But again make sure its a reader whom would tune in to your energy well.

Any forms of divinations will work! It does not have to be cards, those just typically are the most popular form. Do however be careful with pendulum readings on your own. Unless you know how to take the ego out completely. Pendulums swing due to energy and will, and if you or the reader has any biased it will move to that. So just be careful, but don’t count it out completely. (I always pair pendulum readings with cards to support both answers)

Signs Are Everywhere

Asking for signs is great! Its a good way to know they are there. This is one of the first discernment techniques I have learned and still use.

There is one thing about asking for signs though: be specific. Asking for them to give you signs gives them too much free reign. Make sure and be as specific as possible. The format I usually follow goes something like this:

If you want me to do this give [insert sign here] 5 times in the next three days [or insert date].
Example: King if you want me choose to move give me Tigger, 3 times in two days.

I usually pick the most random sign possible. Mostly because its something I haven’t seen and the high possibility of it happening is low. They tend to blow me out of the water with how wrong sometimes I can be. Its okay if the signs do not happen. That gives you an answer to your question all the same. The point of discernment is to differentiate between brain weasels and them.

Side Note: Make sure and do your research too. When Gods and spirits try to get attention they will send signs. Though watch patterns of people. Look up population/rarity of animals in the area. Just research before jumping to the conclusion it is a sign. If your not sure either way write it down! Nothing says you can’t come back later to it. You can even follow the above format to see if someone is sending you signs.

Key Is The Word

Once establishing a good relationship with a spirit and/or deity now its time to build up a security system. This way you know its that being contacting you. This also helps when others approach you and claim to be the voice of said spirit and/or deity.

It can be anything from words, sentences, or even a picture. It is something only you and the spirit and/or deity know. An example is like me giving King the sign of puns when He is around. I know how His personality is, so puns is something that just happens around Him. Especially when its done by someone whom is not usually into puns. We even have signs for during readings, so I know that He is there telling the reader the right information.

Journaling Is Important Too

Oh great another post about how important journaling should be. I know. I know. Most of us start journals and never follow through with them. Its difficult some times. Yet this will actually help a lot in the long run of things. Bare with me. 

Sometimes spirits and deities will give you signs to get your attention. There are times they have given me information that I wasn’t sure what to do with. Or things that happen and I’m like “your crazy so I’ll ignore this.” Most times I will write things down like that. Its just little notes in a little notebook. Mod Tara takes notes on everything we do in the astral. Just so its somewhere with dates on them for when we do it.

Its amazing how many times we both go back and read through the notes. Then things start to line up with other pieces. The bigger picture starts to show. Then you see the signs and know what to look for in the future. This builds not only discernment but trust in yourself.

Dates are important too. We actually had an article pop up in our states newspaper that paralleled with our experiences. This paper came out a year later, but the events took place a year ago. We looked back in our notes and things were eerily similar to the article as well as dates AND places lining up. This gave us a huge boost in our trust in discernment and ourselves.

Trust in Yourself and Intuition

With all the other techniques this comes next.

It is the toughest thing to do and we all struggle with it. I have gotten better about this, but there are days that I slip. Which is okay! We all stumble. It is also good to question and doubt. You need to when facing the unseen world.

The techniques above can also help build that trust in yourself. I know I went through severe doubt in everything for years. Then some journalling and some great help by one spirit I was able to overcome the bulk of it. It takes work and patience, so do not feel pressure in that it has to be done now. There is nothing wrong with trusting yourself and going with your intuition. Your intuition can lead you to some great places.

Some Warnings Before I Go

  • Not everyone’s discernment will be the same. We are all different thus things work for us differently. This is why I suggest reading up many different ways to execute discernment. Then build which works for you. 
  • Just like everyone is different, so is every spirit. Make sure and take the time to find what communication is there strongest form. I have worked with a few spirits to help them become better at communication. Not every spirit is good at all forms, unlike deities. So be patient with them.
  • I know not everyone can sense. Yet you do not need to sense to practice good discernment. Discernment is for everyone, regardless of personal abilities. One system will not work for another and will evolve over time.
  • With everything, be patient. It takes time to develop a good system. Do not be afraid to check and adjust either. You want this to help support you down this path. You will be more thankful to have a good system in place in the beginning than down the road.


If you have suggestions on more discernment posts please let me know. I will gladly add them once I have read through it. 

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you guys have further questions. c:

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Here is the link for all other movies )

 I’d be lying massively if I said the first year of sixth form has been easy for me but I do have quite a few tips that might make it easier for you.

1. Do the bridging work you get set at the end of year 11, this one is super important for science based subjects as (going off my experience) they tend to treat it as your first homework but also because it gives you a taster of the subject and your syllabus. It’s much easier to study Plato’s views on truth in philosophy for example if you already know that he rejected empiricism,

2. If you don’t like a class after the first week, drop it, it honestly isn’t worth putting yourself through something that you’ll either find too hard or you just won’t enjoy. If you drop it early on in the year you’ll be able to choose a replacement option as you won’t have missed much work, I did this with English lit and easily switched to English language.

3. Use your free periods carefully, too many times did I skive off doing work in frees in favour of just messing about and all it did was leave me with more work to do when I go home. It’s important, especially at A level to ensure that you keep working on your knowledge of a topic and don’t just leave it all to last minute. Also don’t let people convince you to skive off if you want to work, at the end of the day your grades will benefit.

4. Set up a group chat with a couple of people from each class, this can be hugely beneficial as it not only allows you to discuss areas you may struggle with but also means you’ll find it harder to forget homeworks as someone in the chat will more than likely know the deadline. Just make sure you start the chat with people as serious as you, i know i’ve been added to chats where there was little to no study talk.

5. Prioritise your time, this is not to say that you shouldn’t go out or go to parties or see your friends but perhaps when it’s two weeks before exam season starts you should give that party your friend has organised a miss. It may suck and they may not like you for it but again, just like number 3, it’s your grades that will benefit. There’s plenty of time for parties after exams or in the months before it gets close to exam season.

6. Embrace flashcards with all the love in your heart, not even being dramatic. Flashcards (or index cards) are one of the best ways to learn dates, events, or small sequences. They can be used as visual cues with illustrations and pictures to jog your memory or can be written cues such as a date with it’s significance on the back. Do not use flashcards as your main revision tool as they are only for small amounts of information but don’t leave them out. I doubt i would have got my A in history if it wasn’t for tediously learning significant dates using flashcards.

7. Take notes in a way that works for you, and stick to it! It will only make your revision harder if you have to look through notes that are all taken in different ways. A lot of people in my year started with shorthand then forgot it which obviously made things hard for them. It’s much easier to revise if everything has the same layout.

8. Talk to teachers, at GCSE level you can kind of make it through by yourself but at A level i’ve found communicating with your teachers so much more important because they won’t tell you everything in the lesson (it’s meant to be more independent study) so it’s important to ask questions if you feel there’s gaps in your knowledge.

BWWM Novels/Short Stories Master Post

Originally posted by uabua

Hey guys! I created a masterpost for novels for you all to check out if you want to read them! If you want me to promote your work just message me! I’ll continue to update the master post with more links once I find the time to. I personally don’t read them since I spend most of my time reading textbooks but I hope you guys enjoy them!

Masterlist ulzzang instagram acc !!!!!!!

essa lista contém contas de instagram de meninas e meninos ulzzang e pastas de weheartit .
 this list contains instagram accounts of girls and boys for you guys use and bonus weheartit folders . 

espero que gostem :) enjoy

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The Live Collection

Introducing the Live Collection! We are so happy to finally release this update. Included are the following performances/albums:

Bråvalla Festival (2014)

Carcassonne (2014)

Hackney Weekend (2012)

Hollywood Bowl (2015)

Houston (2015)

iTunes Festival (2015)

Poolside Chateau Marmont (2012)

West Palm Beach (2015)

Bonus Tracks

Download The Live Collection here.

If you encounter any issues or have any concerns please feel free to message me.

I am hyped up on grave encounters right now so, I figured I’d make this master post. 


It’s greatly inspired by grave encounters and many horror works including lovecraft and “the king in yellow” - 

It takes a new spin on the mythos, a new spin on the legend of the slender-man and re works a lot of what we all love. 

A story with driven characters and plots. Some badass monsters in the future too. 

A years old rumor. 

Its in it’s early stages right now but, it looks like it’s going to be building up and building up into something amazing. 

It plays like a movie, while maintaining some arg elements like audience interaction. 

the effects are pretty radical as well. 

so my only question to you , is, 


anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your blog it's so inspiring :3 I have a question tho. Do you have any tips on how to manage your work? My problem is that if I focus on something I'll want to do it and ONLY it until I won't finish. Like I have exams from 3 subjects in one week, and I;m always doing it one subject at the time, so I forget what I studied first and I barely had time to learn the last subject.

Hi! Thank you:) 

In my first semester, I also had five exams in two weeks on completely different subjects. It can get overwhelming, but it’s not impossible!

My advice would be to make yourself a detailed study plan. Start at least four weeks before your first exam (assuming you understood the content and only need to revise and practise) so the content you need to learn can settle into your long term memory. @cmpsbls makes amazing printables here that might help you. 

First, divide all the stuff you need to learn up into smaller units. Maybe you can take textbook chapters as a guide, or lectures. Give them names that have a meaning (e.g. “Psychology Lecture 4th of June slides and notes“) so you know exactly where to start. Don’t make the topic too big! My advice would me that the revision for one unit should be manageable in two or three hours at most. 

Then you fill in your study plan. This is a fine art imo and it took me years to write one that I could actually stick to (I might make a masterpost on this, actually). In short, two things are important: Give yourself time off and extra time for when you’re behind on your plan (which will happen, trust me), and plan it so that you’re done with the studying one week before the exams and have enough time to only revise and repeat things you had trouble with. That saves you a lot of stress. 

Now, for the focusing problem: Your memory can’t handle too much at once. It’s neither possible to study three things simultaneously, nor is it possible to study one thing for two weeks and the next thing in one day when the first exam is over. 

Solution (for me, at least): You will have to study simultaneously over the course of many weeks so your brain has time to memorise all that crap. Do one psychology session in the morning, two hours, then give yourself a break and let it settle. Have a nice lunch. Go for a run. Whatever you like. Then, when your memory is ready to take on the next thing, do some maths in the afternoon. That way, you won’t get it mixed up, and you’ll have enough time for everything. Whatever you do, don’t try to study two or more different languages in one day without a break. It doesn’t work. If you can, put them on different days. 

If you can’t bring yourself to take a break while studying because you’re in the zone, try the pomodoro technique. There are many apps for it, and also extensions for Chrome and all that - it really helped me! Overworking yourself doesn’t help anyone. :) 

I hope this helped! x


Our ancestors told that a black poisonous snake would kill everyone here.


Our genocide is being finished off and our cries our getting drowned out by the Olympics

The Dakota Access Pipeline has been approved and all our drinking water is going to get poisoned.
It started with a 2,000 mile run from Standing Rock to the White House.

This has been nothing but a demonstration that is deeply rooted in peace and prayer. Yes people are angry. People are frustrated. People are tired. People are willing to put their lives on the line and get arrested for the protection of water and lives when this pipeline breaks.

Women, children, and elders are standing on the front lines. Songs and prayers have been shared continuously throughout the days. We have seen officers break down from emotions and remove themselves. That is the strength and power being lived out on the protest line.

Pine Ridge, Cheyenne Eagle Butte, Lower Brule, Crow Creek, spirit Lake supposed to be there. Many SWO, but no camp for them yet. Poncas from OK. 500 +. People from Oregon, Cali, Montana, saying they are on their way.

STANDING ROCK NEEDS A GOOD LAWYER, to counter sue on behalf of all protesters, all tribes, all native ppl, for everything just as frivolous, emotional distress, ptsd, pain & suffering. All protestors are getting sued by pipeline company!










school starts in about a month for me and i thought it’d be helpful to compile everything i’ve collected in the span of a year into one giant masterpost ! :]

back to school tips!!

get organized!!

notetaking methods

gr8 study methods !

essay writing

optimize your productivity

manage your time! 

web resources

put yourself first !


i hope this helps ! & check out my studygram for studyspo pics + my bts blog for me fangirling tbh :] good luck! x