(25) Gladio’s pick up lines

Gladio: *sigh* Kay, guys, time’s up.
Noctis: About what?
Gladio: The museum wants its masterpiece back, so we can’t keep it any longer.
Prompto: You guys went to a museum and didn’t tell me?
Noctis: What masterpi-?
Gladio: *picks Ignis up the ground and throws him on his shoulder*
Ignis: Oii! What the-!?
Gladio: You two stay here. I’ll take this precious gem back to its place. 

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I'm gonna have to go with @booksare4nerdswhichincludesme ,my best friend irl ❤️


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  • Me: I hate anime. It a horrible creation that nowadays panders to the older male demographic with over the top fanservice and lazy plotlin-
  • *Baccano! opening starts playing*
  • Me: Anime is the greatest thing ever created on this Earth. It's storytelling and in depth plots are so unique and deserve so much praise and admiration. The wide variety of anime has led to so many amazing people make works of art worthy of the title of a masterpie-

Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
LA choreographer Ryan Heffington, owner of the Sweat Spot dance studio. I must say…I love his workout! I use to love since I saw on pop sugar channel. Anyhow everyone is impress for his choreography of Chandelier, Sia. I’m so agree! A masterpiece…the dancer is Maddie Ziegler a fantastic and mature expressivity for her age. But back to Ryan he is a bubbling, open mind and definitely one of the best for the messages he includes in his work, not just dance but expression, passion, intelligence, modernity, and this video is just a start for him. I always include in my routines his ‘rip-cage moves’, so unique. One of my favs and I wish all the success he really deserves. Thanks Ryan for your wonderful work… I’m waiting for a workshop in London!

So I realized Geralf's Masterpiece isn't legendary and so
  • Geralf: *creates zombie*
  • Geralf: Behold! Finally... my absolute masterpiece! My pinnacle!
  • Geralf: *create another zombie*
  • Geralf: Behold! My newest masterpiece! My higher pinnacle!
  • Geralf: *creates yet another zombie*
  • Geralf: Behold! My newest masterpi