masterpieces: ouat


*learns how to make gifs*

*turns everything into gifs*

who knew it could be so addicting, right?

new mission: better quality

do you hear me head?! BETTER QUALITY

oh.. so, this is from my vid which will be uploaded one day… some day.

DID ANYONE EVER THINK THAT WHEN TINKERBELL AGREE’D TO HELP EMMA IT WASNT BECAUSE SHE WANTED A HOME (because she clearly had a pretty good home in Neverland. I mean her and Pan were said to be close so that must have been awesome) BUT SHE DID IT FOR HOOK. I MEAN WHY ELSE WOULD SHE BETRAY SOMEONE AS EVIL AND POWERFUL AS PETER (especially if you’re on his good side) I MEAN I THINK SHE TOOK WHAT HOOK SAID TO HEART WHEN HE SAID “I only risk my life for love and revenge.” SHE WAS RISKING HER LIFE FOR HIM. I KNOW IT AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME DIFFERENT.