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You know what was the one thing Lost Girl got PERFECTLY?

The Bo/Kenzi relationship. There is and was no better brotp in television.

I mean…

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LOOK at these two.

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There are a lot of sisterly relationships on tv now, but none of them beat these two.

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I’m never gonna stop fangirling over these two

I firmly believe that every Canadian actor can be traced back to Degrassi in some way. Here’s a few faces you may recognize:

Jordan Gavaris (Orphan Black) as Riley’s old summer fling.

Paul Amos (Lost Girl) as Manny’s drama teacher. And ex. 

Kris Holden-Ried (Lost Girl) as Sean’s older brother

Tamara Duarte (Wynonna Earp) as Fiona’s girlfriend Charlie

Nicole Stamp (Carmilla) as an SAT instructor 

Zoie Palmer (Lost Girl) as a police officer

Kevin Hanchard (Orphan Black) as Fiona’s pest exterminator 

Not to mention series regulars Luke Bilyk (Drew Torres) and Olivia Scriven (Maya Matlin) being on Lost Girl as Mark and Tamsin’s daughter. 

No matter what it takes, Degrassi alums make it through. 


Missing out on meeting these amazing actresses who played ( and are playing ) their characters so well, gave my heart and are still giving my heart amazing feels. Thank you to them for their amazing onscreen chemistry. Those going to clexacon are so lucky, I probably won’t stop complaining about it because I’m just sad that I can’t go thanks to college.
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