masterpieces: emma swan


Why I think Swan Queen is endgame.

∟Reason #2. MAGIC

It’s important since this whole show is about magic.

If you think about it they kind of woke up each other’s magic. Emma helped Regina get her magic back by bringing in her own which by the way Emma had no idea she had before she met Regina. Then Regina helped Emma to learn to control her powers. And I think it would be fair enogh to say that Emma is the reason Regina has light magic in her now as well as dark one.

And last but not least their combined magic is very freaking powerful. I’m no expert (my whole expirience in magic is ‘Charmed’ basicly) but I think it means there’s a connection between these two (Halliwell sisters and even OUaT’s very own Snow Queen). I am pretty sure not all magic can be combined. And since Emma’s and Regina’s  do I believe that makes them an item. A magic one at that.

So I’d say they are vital to each other’s magic. It’s not that one can’t make magic without the other it’s just together they make it so much better.

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