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Neal (Emma's brother) teaches Emma and Reginas daughter Elle how to walk

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Pwease Elle,” Neal begs as he helps her stand and walks a few steps away, “You hafta walk.” 

Emma can’t help but smile as she watches her four year old brother trying to coax her daughter into walking. When they first explained the idea of being an Uncle to Neal he was completely confused, but as soon as Elle was born, he threw himself into being the best Uncle ever. 

So today, even though they’re babysitting him, Neal has decided that he’s looking after Elle which includes teaching her how to walk. 

Regina squeezes Emma’s shoulder as she sits beside her wife and watches the two tots, “How’s the best Uncle in the world doing?” 

“R’gina!” Neal cries excitedly. Next to Elle, Regina is easily his favourite person in the whole world and he runs up throwing himself into her arms for a hug. 

Upon seeing that Elle frowns, her jealous streak starting to show, as she cries, “Ma Mama,” before slowly tottering over to Regina. 

Regina gasps, tears filling her eyes as she turns to Emma, “Did she just?” 

Emma nods sweeping Elle up into her arms and peppering kisses over her little cheeks, “She walked! Well done Ellie!” 

Neal grins and cheers as he looks up at Regina, “I did it! She walked!” 

Regina nods kissing the top of his head, “You did. You’re her best Uncle ever.” 

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One word prompt : Forgotten

Emma sits on the curb by the bus stop and watches the clouds drift by overhead. It’s been about an hour since the bus dropped her off, but her foster brother hadn’t come by in his rusty jalopy to pick her up, yet. He’d come, sooner or later, once his other business is taken care of.

She picks idly at a scab on her knee and wonders about what clouds must feel like. They look fluffy, but she’s learned that appearances are generally always deceiving. They’re probably scratchy–or wet, like the rain. One drifts over the sun, and she appreciates the little bit of shade it provides. A moment later, the sun is back to baking her shoulders.

She glances at the reddening skin there and peels some of her skin off, a remnant of her last sun burn. If she had the pocket money, she’d buy some sunscreen, so she wouldn’t just sizzle here on the curb forever while Shane did whatever he did. 

Another hour passed, and she wrapped her arms around her knees. Two.

She nodded off for a few minutes when the sun went down, but the cold woke her again. Stumbling to her feet, she realizes that he’s forgotten her. Shivering and upset, she starts the five mile walk home.