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Kari’s Spotlight - Week 5

It is a day late but as promised this weeks spotlight - I would appriciate if you guys would reblog these and get the word out so these amazing writers get all the love they deserve. Who knows you might be next!

If you got a writer in mind you feel deserves a little love check out this post.

I am trying to choose smaller blogs, but I am not excluding anyone. All writers deserve to be loved ;)

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The writer I am gonna shine a light on today is: @jotink78

Joanie did a challenge for me a while back and I have been lurking ever since. She is an amazing writer of fluff and angst. The fics I have picked today is mostly fluffy but don’t be fooled she can tear your heart out too if she feels like it. 

Joanie writes mainly Dean and Sam fics but she has a few for Cas and Crowley aswell. 

Joanie is also just a really sweet blogger and I love seing her around my own blog. 

Without further ado here are some of Joanie’s fics I have picked out to shine a light on. 

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Dean x Reader: selfishly I have picked the fic she wrote for my challenge way back when. Not because it is for my challenge though and not even cause I got a real soft spot for that song, but because of the way she let’s her reader get through to Dean. 

I love the way this reader is determinant to show him that he is worth loving. It is a beautiful heartwarming fic and Dean really does deserve someone to take care of him, so thank you for giving him that.

My fav lines: He blinked, looking at you with new eyes.  He truly hadn’t thought of that.  “So you think…you think that it’s worth the risk?”“For you? Absolutely.”

Wink - Sam x Reader: This fic is pure gold. The love between Sam and the reader are so clear and yet not overstated. The descriptions of the Aquarium their date takes place in are so amazingly done you almost feel as if you are there. 

This fic made me wish I had a Sam in my life and I am a Dean!Girl mind you. I love it.

My fav lines:  Sam’s eyes were wide as he watched you becoming more and more excited.  “Whoa…you’re like a kid on pixie sticks!”

The Dodgy Pint - Dean x Reader: This fic had me laughing out loud almost all the way through and awwing and gushing at the end. It is my fav of all Joanie’s gems that says something. 

Poor poor Sammy has to deal with Dean and Reader going on a bender and I adore how she keeps calling Dean, Deanie in her drunken state. The end is absolutely perfect. I won’t give anything away. Just read it. You won’t be sorry. 

My fav lines (SPOILER ALERT):   He flashed a smile at you. “When I said I didn’t mind waking up next to you.  It’s actually something I wouldn’t mind repeating some time.”  Eyes wide, you stared at him, trying to determine the truth of his statement.  He seemed to sense your hesitation and reached out to pull you onto his lap, his arms going around your waist and pulling you closer to him.

Why you should go follow Joanie/ @jotink78 :

Joanie has an amazing understanding of characters. She writes Sam and Dean in character, but she also manage to give the readers a clear personality that fits the boys well, and still make them relatable. Which is really hard believe me. 

What I love most about her fics are the interactions between characters. No matter if it is Mary meeting her granddaughter for the first time or Sam looking out for his dumbass drunk brother and friend. The relationships are real and they will keep you hungry for more.

I can’t wait to read more from Joanie and if you wanna check out others of her fics which your totally should, you can find her Masterlist here

While you are there be sure to hit follow and send her some love as you read her masterpieces.