#can we please take a moment to appreciate this? #Clarke is just standing there, existing, and Lexa is looking at her as if she’s the greatest miracle her eyes have ever seen #forget about everything before and after that #right now, in that exact moment, she’s so in love it’s disgusting #her expression is so hopeful and amazed #she almost looks in pain, as if she’s in front of a masterpeace so beautiful it hurts #you can only look at someone like that when you know you’ve found what you need to make your life worth living #she’s there, in that “holly-shit-how-can-you-be-real” state

 lullaby for kaiju
  • lullaby for kaiju
  • Kaiju blue

lullaby for kaiju

the night has come, my darling one
put your boat on the floor
rest your magic bones & tale
take a shower in the rain
or in pacific ocean

every kaiju need some sleep
every herm and every newt
left their science,
left their drift
for tomorrow

close your bright blue eyes
if u wish
u can play
with herm and me
or your boat or his paper
in your little kaiju dreams

Atliens x Andre 3000

Now, my oral demonstration be like clitoral stimulation
to the female gender, ain’t nothing better
Let me know when it’s wet enough to enter
If not I’ll wait, because the future of the world depends on
Therefore, if not the child we raise gon’ have that nigga syndrome
Or will it know to be the hard regardless of the skintone
I really feel that if we tune it, it just might get picked on
Or will it give a fuck about what others say and get gone
They alienate us ‘cause we different keep your hands to the sky
Like Sounds of Blackness when I practice what a preach ain’t no lie
I’ll be the baker and the maker of the piece of my pie
Now breaker, breaker 10-4 can I get some reply?

  • Raheem DeVaughn ft. Jill Scott, Bilal, Anthony Hamilton, Algebra, Chrisette Michele, Shelby Johnson, Ledisi, Citizen Cope, Dwele, Chico DeBarge & Rudy Currence
  • The Love & War MasterPeace

Dope song right here…

Raheem DeVaughn ft. Jill Scott, Bilal, Anthony Hamilton, Algebra, Chrisette Michele, Shelby Johnson, Ledisi, Citizen Cope, Dwele, Chico DeBarge & Rudy Currence - Nobody Wins War

I love my job

Work took me away for over a week for two conferences. One was a team-building conference—all of us from the Central Office (Cairo) and everybody from the EU office went to this TOTALLY RANDO resort on the Red Sea to bond and talk about Our Vision and whatnot. (This resort is called Cancún, it’s on the Red Sea, and the names of things seem to be vaguely southeast-Asia-themed—the Phuket Suite, the Lotus Lounge, etc. I have no theory as to what the thought process was there.)

The EU office is pretty much 100% composed of Dutch people. And by “is pretty much” I mean “is.” Anyway, they are pretty much all lovely, open, friendly, fun people, and they brought truly awe-inspiring amounts of booze with them, so I feel pretty well bonded.

Far more interesting, to be honest, is the second half of what we’re doing here, which is Boot Camp. (I would like to point out here that apparently at MasterPeace we eschew all language that makes reference to violence except, apparently, when we can’t think of any better terms.)

So basically the deal is, we have these things called MasterPeace Clubs, which are just little local chapters of our organization, basically. The idea is, they start up a Club, they get their official license from us, and then they are free to do whatever they want with said club—everything from conflict mediation to soccer tournaments to putting on concerts to working with The Hague (all of the above are real examples)—as long as it is a project that somehow points toward a better or more peaceful world. We provide support in terms of skills, contacts, and to some degree resources; and since we are (trying to be, anyway) a global brand, they can pull more weight with a funder with our name. They also get lots of nice, shiny branding materials from us.

MP does a lot of things, but the Clubs are my absolute favorite (which is why I’m so pleased I work in the area I dooooo, halleluuuuuuuu). Not only is it bottom-up and locally empowered (the Clubs are financially independent as well), but it lowers the barrier to entry for people who maybe are interested in getting involved in community work but don’t fit the profile for the traditional NGO route. It also means that through the sheer effort of organizing, people learn skills and gain networks.

So anyway, representatives from many of the Clubs we have so far are here for workshops on things like fundraising, conflict mediation, and photography, but also just for us all to get to know each other and bond. Not everyone could come (the current Egyptian government is apparently weirdly stingy with visas), but we have reps here from Kenya, Sierra Leone, Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Holland—the guy from France is in the country but is staying in Cairo because he lost his passport, poor guy—Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, among others.  [Update: Mr. France is here now! He’s so French.] [Should mention the unfortunate absence of reps from Cameroon, Iraq, the Philippines, and Ghana due to visa issues.]

Being with these people has been freaking amazing. I don’t personally like all of them; some of them are creeping on me; some of them infuriate me; and of course some of them I am getting along with famously. But just being able to listen to them talk about what they’ve done in their communities, what problems or frustrations they have in terms of their relationship with the Central Office (that’s where I work), what their ambitions or dreams are for their Clubs–you guys, I am over the moon.

For the first few days, the team-building workshops, I was appreciating all that my job was offering me–the beautiful setting, room and board all paid, thought-provoking lectures–and enjoying some good company. But for the last two days, I have been just completely loving my job. If I can get my office work to more directly concern the clubs, as opposed to a lot of word-processing, I would happily stay at MasterPeace for a long time, I think.