My friend (masteroftomatoes) made these gingerbreads (my name is Milla, so it’s for me) and when her dad saw them, he made the most epic comment ever.

He said: “… Will I ever get grandchildren?”

Oh my God that is so funny…!!! :‘DDDD

I mean… XD Looking at his daughter’s gingerbreads that declare love for a girl, he made that comment…! I just love his dad right now XD

Btw, I am the creepy deer and she is the adorable-yet-also-creepy walrus :3

It’s weird how often we seem to be the complete opposites of one another. 

You like the cold, and I like warmth (I almost froze to death when I stayed the night in your room, you know! :’D) You ship Asakiku, I ship FrUk. You wake up early, I wake up late. You like to wear skirts, I cannot stand wearing skirts. You are a great cook, while my cooking skills can only be compared to those of England.

But then again, deep inside, we are just very similar: insecure about ourselves. Always there for friends who need us. Perfectionists to the point where we exhaust ourselves completely just because we want to do something perfectly.

I feel like I can tell you anything. I think that I have told you things that I have never told anyone else. And even when I don’t feel like telling anyone anything, you encourage me to tell you, and you say things that make me feel better. All in all, it’s the things that matter in which we are very similar.

You’ve said that I saved you. But in reality it is you who saved me. I guess we saved each other. We don’t owe each other anything, and at the same time, we owe each other everything.

Let us never fall apart.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Essi <3

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