whoa, i’ve finally finished this mastermind!naegi comic!

(more like naegi’s monologue with a few remarks from other characters)

Mastermind | Danganronpa AU Fanfiction

This is a fanfiction for Danganronpa based on an AU that I fell in love with. Basically, what if the Mastermind behind Hope’s Peak wasn’t the real Mastermind at all?

This is over 48 hours and over 6,000 words for nothing other than my own amusement, because I like challenging my writing skills sometimes, but I figured other people would get some enjoyment out of it, too.

**WARNING** This short story contains major spoilers for the show Danganronpa! If you haven’t seen it, or even haven’t finished the last episode itself, please be aware that this will spoil it for you. Like, the first word is a spoiler here. And it also has spoilers in the tags, so be careful. It’s like a minefield in here.

Also, this AU is not mine. This is only my opinion of how it would go if this AU had really happened. I would credit the creator, but I can’t find the original source of this AU. If any of you know, please share with me so I can credit them. I also had to change a tiny bit of the wording in some of the parts from the animation, where I got the beginning dialog from, because it was actually pretty dang hard to understand what was being said in a couple of parts, and who knows, maybe the entire sentence was different in the subbed verison.

This story also has a mature rating for mature themes such as language and violence. It does not contain depictions of sexual content. If any of these things bother you, please don’t read on. I just don’t want anybody who is uncomfortable with these themes to not know about it before they continue.

I’m sorry if this still has spelling mistakes or autocorrected words that don’t make sense, I’m trying to fix everything Wattpad messed up, so if there’s errors please don’t be shy to point them out so I can fix them!

Alright, let’s get this show on the road. 

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unlikely [mm!naegi]

mastermind!naegi au fic. i wrote this late at night and did not proofread. i also had no idea where i was going with this when i began it. enjoy

dr spoilers! mostly for who’s dead by the end of the game


He doesn’t look like much of a threat, even now that she knows what he is. Small and slender, with hair that sticks up funny in the back and wide, deceptively innocent green eyes; the boy who had come up to her on the first day and awkwardly asked her about her talent; the boy who fainted the first time he saw one of their classmates dead; the boy who had constantly turned to her for help and advice; this is the ultimate threat? The one student among them whose “talent” was nothing more than winning a lottery?

“I can see you’re all finding it hard to believe. You’re probably wondering how someone so untalented and ordinary could possibly be the mastermind, right?” He pauses, eyes surveying the courtroom, mouth curved into the same bashful smile he’s accustomed to wearing; it’s a familiar expression to his classmates, and he delights in the way it now makes them flinch.

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