mastermind sonia

mastermind sonia playlist

A playlist for Mastermind! Sonia consisting of music with an attitude - different genres, mostly indie, rock, or pop.

  1. ke$ha - backstabber (x)
  2. get scared - told ya so (x)
  3. black coast - TRNDSTTR (lucian remix) (x)
  4. florence and the machine - girl with one eye (x)
  5. set it off - N.M.E (x)
  6. mastermind - mindless self indulgence (x)
  7. stephen jerzak - queen (x)
  8. set it off - duality (x)

I hope it’s alright, feel free to ask for any changes ..!

- mod seiko

Playlist For Mastermind Sonia

Don’t Mess With Me - Temposhark

Time For Tea - Emilie Autumn

I Can’t Decide - Scissor Sisters

Be My Friend - One-Eyed Doll

Primadonna - Marina And The Diamonds

Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Lorde

Girls! Girls! Girls! - Emilie Autumn

Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns

The Cheap and Evil Girl - Bree Sharp


- Mod Kotoko

Super High School Level Despair Squad! | sprites [x]


7FEB2015 ~ 10FEB2016 | art progress

decided to redraw my first mastermind au! also dedicated to that anon that mentioned mm!sonia would use “we, us, our” pronouns in her speech!

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm the one who sent the "Thoughts on a Mastermind Sonia AU" message so here's my thoughts Her background of being a princess would mean she is a good leader and could've lead the remnants of despair easily into mass destruction. She also in the game is very inexperienced in stuff to do with Japanese culture so she could've used that to bring all suspicion of her. Also her interest in serial killers could mean she admires their work and would probably influence her to do the same. Thoughts?

i love it