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List of people and Pokemon who have died in the Pokemon franchise

Why did I even make this list? I can’t remember.

N.b. I haven’t actually played/watched/read everything listed here. I got a lot of information from people who actually had played the games/watched the episodes/movies, or by scouring Bulbapedia for lists of dead things. Therefore, I may have made mistakes or missed things so I’m open to corrections! Also, some of these are speculation, and there’s no real confirmation that the character actually died.

This is not a spoiler-free list!

Special thanks to @sparkylurkdragon @blookie-bot @featherfleece @azaleecalypso @outofchaosandhope @best-by-beat @adventuresagency @dapokemonmadster and @samezuka-captain-nitori for all helping me with the list at some point!

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