DIY Skivvy Roll Tutorial from Willow Haven Outdoor i.e. socks, tee and underware bundle. This is from a post titled, “6 Strategies to Lighten Your Bug Out Bag” - check out #3 and the comment section. 

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On Writing Survival: Supplies

Everyone needs supplies.  Surviving with nothing but the skin on your back can be done…for a couple of days.  You want to live past that, you’re going to need at least something.

What your character has access to is going to depend on what character you’re writing and what situation they’re in.  Training in survivalism has less to do with it than the character’s personality.  Someone who takes survival classes every weekend might find themselves short-shifted if the apocalypse happens while they’re at the mall, but the greaser-wannabe who doesn’t even know that ‘survivalism’ is a thing may have a pocketknife at exactly the right time.  Or you may have a character who is safety-conscious and keeps an emergency kit in their car, even though they only expected to ever use it during a sudden storm or car accident.  Paranoia, forewarning, and personal quirks have far more to do with what a character may have handy than any amount of knowledge they may possess. 

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MTM Survivor Ammo Can

For the survivalists, preppers or just concerned individuals, the Survivor Ammo Can lets you hide ammo, money or a firearm for those “rainy days”. It’s supposed to be able to hold 600 rounds of pistol ammo or 5.56x45/.223 or 500 rounds and a small pistol. It does come with a corrosion inhibiting bag and desiccant to control humidity. The can is double o-ring sealed and has a secondary lid secured by screws which protects the main lid from the shovel (or whatever tool you use) when you’re digging it up. MSRP is about $20.00 so it might be a worthwhile investment for some people. (GRH)


The signs stranded on a deserted island

Oh… Well everyone ended up on a island after the plane crash(last post). There was sand and water surrounding them and in the middle a forest. So yea let’s see what the zodiac lot make of this.

Aries: The one who pretends this whole thing is a huge vacation.

Taurus: The one who freaks out trying to find a way to survive.

Gemini: The one who talks to EVERYONE saying its so none of them feel alone.

Cancer: The one who just follows around the person who they think is the strongest.(pretty smart if you ask me)

Leo: The one who takes a group of them into the forest.(hmm good or bad? Who knows)

Virgo: The one in charge of all the survival equipment.

Libra: The one who tries to find the food.

Scorpio: The one who tries to get people to calm down(if they don’t they might just drown them)

Sagittarius: The one who makes the camp(they have a lot of experience)

Capricorn: The one who is trying to come up with an idea of how they might fend of the wild animals.

Aquarius: The one who gets all creative trying to build a raft(not so good at it though)

Pisces: The one who tries to help everyone at their job.

That turned out better than I thought if I’m honest. Do you think they’ll survive for long?