Though he already lived smack dab in the frozen waste that is greater Canada, Bruce Beach still didn’t feel safely removed from the inevitable nuclear Armageddon that will end life as we know it. So, in 1980, he set out to build an underground shelter in which a lucky several humans could survive, thrive and – eventually – repopulate.

Starting such a project from scratch would be imposing to say the least, so he decided to repurpose some items – specifically, 42 school buses. He stuffed them in a big-ass hole, and buried them sumbitches in concrete.

Concrete dry, ginormous generators installed, and air filtration systems constructed of goddamned garbage bags at the ready, Bruce looked at what he had created and deemed it … a perpetual work in progress. He named it Ark Two, and yes, Bruce looks exactly how you’re picturing him.

5 Places In The World Where You Might Survive The Apocalypse


5 Most Useful #Bowline #Knots!!

The Standard Bowline is not a perfect knot as it can slip and release over time. These 5 variations should help you out when the need arises. Knots covered:
Yosemite Bowline (Yosemite Finish)
Water Bowline
Round-Turn Bowline (Double Bowline)
Bowline In A Bight (Not at the End of a Line)
Twin Bowline (Bowline Bend)

A little warmer...

Because i may be currently obsessed with ridiculous survival shows…

“Jesus, Kara. Could you find anywhere more remote?” Cat spits, stumbling in her heels on the wet, dank moss and grass beneath her feet. She’s freezing, the sharp wind cutting like a blade through her thin blazer.

Kara huffs as she forces the primitive door open and scans the inside of the cabin warily. It’s small, but neat…and it has a wood burning stove which beats out every other cabin she’s seen for miles. It will at least ensure that Cat is warm. All the other necessities will come later. She quickly realizes that she’s been stalking around the small space in the dark, reaching over to grab a gas lamp and quickly igniting it’s wick with her eyes before settling the delicate globe back around it. The warm glow spreads and she sees the older woman’s outline in the doorway. She waves a hand wearily, feeling the energy drain from her every minute.

She hears the creak of the door as Cat tries to wedge it shut and the shuffling as she comes closer. “Kara,” she whispers when she bends closer. “Are you alright?”

Kara can only laugh lightly. The fight had taken the most out of her, honestly. But getting Cat away from Livewire… “I’m ok, just a little drained.”

Cat takes a long look around their temporary shelter. “At least you can rest…I’m not sure how much sun they get here…” she trails off, as uncertain as Kara has ever seen her.

The superhero quickly realizes she’s not the one impervious to temperature and sets about igniting the stove. It lights quickly, the wood dry from being indoors so long.  “I need…I need to get some more wood. I’ll be right back,” she says as she stalks out the door.

Cat settles in, soaking up the welcome warmth from the new fire. She feels the tingles in the tips of her fingers as they warm up. It doesn’t take long to hear the clambering back into the small space. “Found more?” she asks lightly.

“Yeah,” Kara breathes. “I’ll be sure to replenish their supply before we leave.” She drops several thick logs by the stove, already looking around for a place for Cat to get comfortable. She spots the pallet against the far wall and takes a minute to inspect it. It’s intact, relatively new and she tugs it closer to the oven, mindful not to cause any damage. “Here. The blankets are clean. Please, get warm,” she whispers. “I promise I’ll get you back in the morning.” Her eyes are drooped, fading from the use of her powers.

“Only if you join me.”

“Cat, please…” Kara starts to plead.

“Kara, I’m not asking. Now, lay down.”

She shuffles behind her boss on the semi-soft pallet. “Yes, Miss Grant,” she hears Cat huff out a chuckle.

“Just…come here,” Cat huffs again, reaching behind her to pull the warm alien closer. “If I’m stuck in the middle of one of those ‘Alaska survival’ contests…at least I’ll win. I’ve got my very own alien after all,” she jokes, cuddling ever closer to her assistant-slash-protector.

Kara inches ever closer. She nuzzles her nose under Cat’s ear and feels the older woman shiver in her arms. “You’ve definitely got me.”

To some, receiving a knife for Valentine’s Day may not send the right message. However, for us outdoor enthusiasts, I couldn’t think of anything better!

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