Picie done of Liloe. This is Yeva’s mom ^^. Just something cute of her because she needs a bit of love. Heck Yeva’s family in general needs some attention : T She has 2 siblings I don’t even draw. She’s wearing a marriage headdress, ( not the scarf but the beaded thing on her head) that tells everyone she’s married ^^ Yeva would have worn one too when she was married to Kawaek.

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Sobek, the crocodile-headed Egyptian god of the Nile, was associated with fertility, kingship and power. He was also petitioned for protection from the dangers of the Nile, including hippotami, crocodiles, and drowning. Sobek probably originated in the Faiyum region, where thousands of mummified crocodiles have been found. He is an aggressive god with a violent, animal nature, but he was also associated with crocodiles’ nurturing aspects. In later periods, he was merged with Ra or Horus to form a composite god who symbolized all the most important aspects of Egyptian life (the sun, pharaonic power, and the Nile).

The Pentagon has admitted it tested chemical weapons on soldiers of color during WWII.

After a long investigation, NPR reports that 60,000 black, Puerto Rican and Japanese-American soldiers were part of a Pentagon program to see how mustard gas impacted them physically. To make things worse, the testing on them may have been done on purpose to find an “ideal” soldier.

here’s a shoutout to all poc punk rock girls

here’s a shoutout to all poc punk rock girls who are told that they would never suit the aesthetic

here’s a shoutout to all poc punk rock girls who are told they would never look pretty with dyed hair because their skin is too dark 

here’s a shoutout to all poc punk rock girls who are told they shouldn’t wear chokers and black clothes because it wouldn’t suit them

here’s a shoutout to all poc punk rock girls who are told to straighten their hair so it’ll look prettier

here’s a shoutout to all poc punk rock girls who can’t dye their hair because they don’t want to ruin their natural curls 

here’s a shoutout to all poc punk rock girls who are constantly told that they don’t look like the cute pale skinny punk rock girls and will never be a part of them

here’s a shoutout to all poc punk rock girls who are told that because of their origins, they can never really be punk rock 

you’re all beautiful and ily 


Courtney Bentler, a student at University of Georgia Athenss, was making some unacceptable, uninvited, and overall disgusting racial comments to a fellow student over Facebook messenger. I don’t know this young man personally, however, he’s friends with one of my friends, and has reached out and asked essentially everyone to share the shit out of their conversation to expose this girl. I linked some pictures to her personal Facebook and her “about” page for more info. The friend I talked about earlier is contacting UGA’s campus and Courtney’s place of work. Do this man a favor and share this post. Don’t let another white person get away with this disgusting behavior.
We Regret to Inform You That in 4 Days You and Your Family Will Be Deported to Haiti
On June 17, hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent will be stateless.

*Please share this* 

because the blatant racism being implemented by the Dominican government is completely absurd! 100,000-200,000 Dominicans of Haitian decent are being deported to Haiti. Many of those being deported have never even been to Haiti (a country already suffering a great deal) for being dark-skinned and having Haitian facial features!

  • White male:This is AMERICA and we are about FREEDOM
  • Gay people:So can we get married?
  • Trans people:And can we have easy access to hormones and surgery?
  • Black people:And can we not be treated like criminals for existing?
  • Women:And can we have reproductive rights that people aren't arguing should be taken away?

Yes, Caitlyn’s cover was great. Yes, every time Laverne does a cover our hearts soar. Yes, the outpouring of #MyVanityFair covers was inspiring. Now let’s add even more faces to the collection. These gorgeous illustrations by Julio Salgado depict trans people of color who are doing fantastic work in the movement, but who you probably won’t see on a magazine cover anytime soon. Read Julio’s full guest post at the Transgender Law Center’s blog to learn more about each person and the work they do.