Race is not black and white — and this artist’s striking portrait series is proof 

Born to parents from the West Indian island of Nevis, Canadian artist Stacey Tyrell grew up calling herself black. But her family’s heritage is also a mix of Irish, Scottish and English — identities others often overlooked because of her skin color.

Now, she has created a fantastic photo project, “Backra Bluid,” that delves into the quagmire of racial identity through a series of portraits in which Tyrell poses as white women — ostensibly representative of her ancestors — to dismantle rigid concepts of both “whiteness” and “blackness.”

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Happy International Museum Day

And what an opportunity to share some of the best museums, museumy people and conservators we’ve come across on Tumblr?


 - britishmuseum - they don’t post much, but when they do it’s sculpted bods and aussie art

 - jewishmuseumldn - beautiful photography, behind-the-scenes and contemporary blogs from a great museum (which I still haven’t managed to visit in person yet)

 - maryrosemuseum - did you know they just got a Special Commendation for European Museum of the Year? There’s a reason. And half of that reason is their museum includes a real ship owned and loved by Henry VIII which was brought up from the bottom of the ocean

 - derbysilkmill - who are doing amazing things bringing in the whole community to build and maintain their museum

 - wellcomecollection - for the curious, for the weird and very often the strange

 - in-the-horniman - quality photographs and interesting snippets about world cultures, without fail

 - cooperhewitt - if there was a cutting edge of museums, Cooper Hewitt would be it. We want their pens.


 - museumsandstuff - whose blogs on contemporary museum issues we’ve been enjoying

 - attendants-view - have you ever wondered what the lived experience of that alternately bored and very excitable attendant in your museum is? Look no further.

- whenyouworkatamuseum - the digital equivalent of a stress ball for a museum worker


 - conservatoratwork - described as the ‘Greatest. Jobb. Ever.’ And they’re not kidding.

 - conservethis - Mostly books but we’ll let it stand (don’t get us started on the definition of a museum). Also one of the best digital/social media advocates for conservation we’ve come across

 - nyupreservation - Amzaing behind-the-scenes stuff and always a pleasure in the feed

So..have we missed anyone?