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Hiiiya!!! I was wondering if you could pretty please post a master link for sarcastically yours? I get to 9 and it won't load :(

Sure thing! Here’s a Masterlink for Sarcastically Yours:

1. Like a Married Couple
2. A King’s Education
3. Closer to My Heritage
4. Absolution
5. Their Haven (nsfw)
6. Something Precious To Me
7. A Whispered Promise
8. Her Last Betrayal
9. More Dragon Than Prince
10. This Was How It Ended
11. A Sign of Good Faith
12. Gaining More Than Lost
13. Last Words
14. King of Oak Trees
15. Fiddling With Responsibilities
16. Bundles of Joy
17. A Thousand Words

If it continues to not load, here’s a link to it on my Ao3 account! I’m sorry this happened and I’ll look to see if there are any broken links!

Happy Thanksgiving! Footballlllllllllllllllllllll :) 

Edit; link to Ao3 wasn’t on here, but I’ve just added it.

100 Kink Masterlink

#8 - Romantic Evening [KenHina]

A romantic evening was different for everybody. For Kenma and Hinata, it mostly included sitting in and playing games together because going out was expensive and for two students - money wasn’t exactly easy to come by or, more specifically, wasn’t worth spending on going out when it could be used for something more … practical.

So both were more than happy to sit at night and play co-op games together - with Kenma winning most since he was, to be fair, a gaiming pro. Hinata on the other hand just liked being in Kenma’s company, slowly getting closer to the other male throughout the evening until they were sitting almost elbow to elbow, both of them fixated on the screen in front of them.

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