this year was full of surprises, wasn’t it? from the end of our favourite shows, to the premiere of our new addictions; from the death of our favourite characters to the finding of new ones; from our favourite writers releasing new books to our favourite bands releasing new albums; from highschool to university, all those changes made this year quite unique. i’ve met new people, i’ve made new friends, i’ve grown up a little. i’ve moved to another city to continue my studies in art, and i’ve met a girl who is very important for me. yeah, people change, but some of you didn’t.
i will make a list of people that, in one way or another, brightened up my dashboard when i was a bit down. i might not be friends with everyone here (but i am with most, so. love you guys) but they’re amazing blogs, and even if some don’t post most of your fandoms, everyone should give them a try.

rebeca + jess + olivia + charlie + duda + michelle + lina + mella + summer + sarah + catarina + rebecca + cee + vanessa + vlada + flávia + cat + alwine + rita + kirsty + teresa + andreia + emily anne

so with all of these blogs to follow and the blessing of martha levinson, i hope you lot have an amazing 2013, full of happiness, smiles, hugs, and love!

so i was trying to do a happy holidays version of a follow forever for individual people but that didn’t really work out so here this is my follow pls of the new year.

vicky-vicky is my everything. honestly i could write pages on how much she means to me. she completely changed my life, and i’m positive that she’ll be with me for a long time because i couldn’t stand to lose her. she is kind, passionate, beautiful, clever and one of the funniest people i know, she is always there for me, and she’s my person, i can go to her with everything without being worried about what she’ll think of me. i love vicky with all my heart and i don’t know who i’d be without her.

laura-sigh where do i begin with laura, she is one of my favorite people ever, i mean it’s really difficult to put into words just how much she means to me. i see laura being in my life for a long time, she is my soulmate in a way, we are just compatible. honestly even laura’s internet ships us…but honestly she is one of the sweetest and most genuine people i know, and her ability to cheer me up at the worst times is unbelievable. she stayed up until 3am her time skyping with me which made my new years eve turn from absolutely horrible to wonderful. i love laura so so so so so much it’s ridiculous, and i can’t wait to see her twice (hopefully more) this year.

zara-zara is an absolute anal. honestly i don’t know what i’d do without her especially this past week, we’ve been friends for a while but recently it’s gone to another level and i’m just so happy that we’ve become so close because she makes me so happy. honestly i adore speaking to her and just, she’s been the light in the dark places this past week and she just understands. honestly all i want is for her to be happy because she completely deserves to be, and i genuinely hope that i can help her be happy. sofiea-aah sofia is one of the sweetest people ever. she is just a ray of sunshine and i love her so much, she always manages to cheer me up and you know…she gets me. we agree on a lot of things and on the things we don’t agree on she’s always respectful and understanding. i love her so so so s o sooo much.

olivia-basically i mention this every time i make a FF with olivia on it but….oh well, olivia was one of the first fandom blogs i had ever followed, and that was about a year and a half ago, since then i’ve pretty much unfollowed every body but olivia. i’m so glad that she’s somehow become my friend, and i love her so much. she is just so completely genuine and loving and caring, and i feel so honored to call her a friend and to know that she cares about me.

ana-I MISS ANA SO MUCH, there was a point where we talked so much and now we don’t but i stil lover her with all my heart because i know that once we start talking again it’ll be like nothing changed. ana is the mama slut to my papa wolf, she is absolutely perfect and hilarious and honestly i love her so much. she understands my pain when it comes to jily, and in the time when i first fell in love with them i found her blog and it brought me pain but it also brought me happiness, i’m so glad to call her a friend.

jennifer-probably the sweetest person you will ever meet. honestly, jennifer is sunshine. i cannot put into words how grateful i am for her cheerful and just unbelievably caring spirit, she manages to brighten up even the darkest days for me, even if it’s just me reading her tweets. jennifer is just absolutely perfect and one of the best people i know and i love her so much.

charlie-charlie and i bonded over aidan turner/being human/mitchell/kili and god she just understands the undying love i have for all of those things. she is just a beautiful human being, and she is so wonderful and caring and i love her very much. it means so much to me that i know that she cares about me and i know that i can go and talk to her if i need to.

benjamin-ben is somebody who always manages to make me smile, he is probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet. the fact that he cares so much for me and cares so much for my happiness means the world to me, and i really truly want him to be happy too.

molly-i love molly with all my heart, i love how passionate and caring she is. i love how much she shares about her life and her struggles and uses that to help others, i love the way she writes and i love just everything about her. she is one of my favorite people on here even though we don’t speak as much as we should, i love to just see her on my dash and watch from afar. honestly, you couldn’t find a better person anywhere.

ria-jesus christ ria makes me laugh, she is my favorite person on twitter and i have quite honestly fallen in love with her. i really have loved talking to her, and it’s just really refreshing to have someone like her around. she understands my pain when it comes to certain things (marauders…….) and she is just genuinely perfect.

jess-aah my jessiepoo, she is one of the cutest and most flawless people on here, she tortures me with pictures of aidan turner and it’s unbelievably rude but i love her anyways. she’s one of the easiest people to get along with and just really really love her.

the people below are also exceptional and perfect in every way. the people in bold i consider friends and i love them to bits and pieces.

amyadamsing / thranduill / serthorin / kingoakenshield / durincest / owensharper / waiting-for-the-tardis / rachelstberry / robertdowneyjr / fairylighted / itsdarren / leslie-shays / queencersei / mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou / klausible / darkdaysarefalling / lexie-grey / rorywillaims / edwardstiles / everdeeners / the-eleventh-blog / mockingdeen / drunkguiness / amelapond / fleurtation / piratepond  / sansaryas / katnips / belgravias / paulwesleyss / clarapond / teddyaltman / barackobama / ntenas / martellquentyn / odairbear / restarks / astudyinpanic / apalapucia / acciothehungergames / hagrids / sybilltrelawneys / stupidfacekaren / fezzingly / carltonlassiter / iceclara