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8. Your character walking in on mine in a revealing costume.

Feeling the door knob suddenly open the feminine male turned, taking ahold of a pillow to cover himself. He had been changing into his maid costume for fitting. With cheeks flustering greatly, Daniel glanced over to see who was the one entering the room. ❝I’m changing!❞ The male called out and glanced over, still not dressed completely, the feminine male was flustered, back part undone, clear pantie hoes, with white dots still being pulled up. He was a sight.. 

❂ The Noble Man and the God ❂

[❊] The young master took a sip from his expensive cup of tea, a light sigh escaping his lips. It was another boring day of studies, another day getting him closer to control his family empire and lead it into the future. 
He knew he was the succsessor since he was born, growing with his strict father he was taught how to behave and to control, lead. 


Thinking about his large future ahead, he ignored the first knock on his door, but the secound brought his attention, a frown over his handsome face. “And who might it be?” He growled into the door before openning it with a strong swip.

ℋ - After settling into his new room, Hyacinth decided that he should go and introduce himself to his neighbor who lived across the hall. He fixed his outfit and hair, then stepped out of his room. He went to the other’s door and knocked on it a few times, waiting for an answer. When the door finally opened he bowed down lightly.

‘Hello. I thought I ought to introduce myself. I am Hyacinth. I just enrolled in this academy.’ He said.

═. Antidote for sorrows .═

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His hands neatly folded some papers and then put them into a file, cerise eyes watching carefully the skillful moves. He stood from his chair and, with a sigh, he investigated his office with a short glance and decided to head to the principle’s one, in order to clarify some problems. He grabbed the knob and opened the door, but, before making a step out of the room, a known figure appeared in front of him, the doctor picturing on his face a hospitable smile. 

“Etta. Good afternoon. Something happened for you to visit me?” he inquired, making space for the male to enter in his office as he wrapped his thin frame in a warm gaze.  

【Filter017 x Evangelion x WOB - EVA Skateboard 】三方聯名系列滑板


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