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Hello there! I’m writing a YA fantasy/sci-fi story with Arab and muslim characters as major characters, alongside a faction called the ‘Paladins’. These Paladins serve as protectors of/against non-human and magical creatures, and in the story my protagonist (a young Arab girl raised muslim but non-practicing) joins them. However, given the imagery of Paladins (Crusades/Christianity/Western control) I’m worried this might be a poor move? (As a note my Paladins are Warriors of the Sun, but still)

If the girl is not Muslim, I don’t see a huge problem with her joining the Paladins, since they seem to strive to do good in your story.

There have been, in history, Arab Paladins so remember when you worry about this that you are being historically accurate. If the Arab is working with the Paladins and is not being overpowered/abused by them, it doesn’t give off a negative connotation. 

Though the Crusades haven’t been very kind to Arabs and more specifically Arab Muslims I’m not sure how strongly you’re alluding to them in your story and if the rest of your characters also strengthen that imagery. With a diverse cast and minimum semblances to Western control this can be done.

-Mod Yasmin (who just wants positive Arab representation pretty please)

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