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MasterChef 4 - Top 9

Alright! Sausage time!!

Very excited here to see what Bri does with hers. I am very glad that there were some choices other than red meat, and other than meat all together.

Oh no! Luca’s sausage ‘sploded!

I would like to get Christine’s book.

Brooklyn nine-nine looks hilarious.

Pulling for Eddie, Bri and James.

Poo. Natasha. But it does look very nice. I’d eat that meal.

Eddie! Whoo! He is becoming one to watch, a real contender.

On a side note… what did they use for sausage casing? Maybe I missed that. Just wondering if there was a meat free (not intestine) casing Bri used. We always used intestine for sausage casing at a deli I worked in.

Effff…. Krissi. I wish she’d just get booted for her bad attitude.

C’mon Eddie!

Anybody watch The Bridge last week? Was very very good.

Whooo!! Eddie! Eddie!

Oooh! Mushrooms! I would have no idea how to cook those. Or the shrimp. Or the pork/ham. …. I need to work on cooking. Learning to do it better, I mean. I do believe that I will be blogging my cooking adventures here. With pictures. Yeah.

…. i put canned mushrooms in stuff… they’re not *that* disgusting. I put them in tuna helper, this beef+rice casserole that I like to make. Pfft to Jessie.

I hope she gets sugar.. I mean, on the one hand it’s a competition, but on the other - don’t be a dick, y’know?
Oh yay! She got sugar!
Ooohhh… I love mushroom ravioli.

Bethy may have tanked it.
James :-(
Truffle oil seems to trip a lot of people up.
Bri! Aaaaand there’s the bitchyness from Krissi. Whatever. Bri did fantastic. Fabulous. Joe said it was fabulous!!

Elimination time. Here we go. I’m guessing Bethy will be going home.
Aaahmygod!! Bri won dish of the night!! So happy!!
yeah… that was a bummer.

MasterChef 4 - 10 Chefs

Graham is so funny. And adorable. And sexy.
And so is Ramsay. But he’s more funny, scary, sexy. I would never call him adorable to his face.

Hope Jessie goes with Jame—ahhh! James! Eddie! Bethy! ….. natasha? Feck.

I don’t think I’ve ever had mahi mahi….. I would like to try it.

Cilantro lime sauce sounds delicious. I love lime on fish tacos. Or lemon. Citrus is totally the way to go.

Lets go Blue!
Waaahhooooo!! Too bad Bri wasn’t in Natasha’s place.

When’s it gonna occur to Krissi that the reason she’s picked last is because she’s so mean and rude and unpleasant?

Liiike that. Right there. What a bully. Just like Bri said.

Oh dear god. Chicken three ways? I can’t even do it one way. Honest.

More like Public Hated Bitch. Mainly because there’s usually respect for your enemies.

I just… I can’t stand bullies. Krissi reminds me of the girls in middle school who used to pick on me becuse I was small, and they’d challenge me to fights in the parking lot after school because they knew I wouldn’t stand a chance. They made me feel small, and they liked it, and that’s what Krissi does. She’s just a school yard bully.

Oh my god. She just admitted on tv that she beat up girls in highschool. Girls like Bri. Nerdy, small/petite things with glasses. Aaaarrrghhh.

Nooo…Luca. crap.gah… Bri, Luca, Savannah.

:-( I liked her.