Masterchef AU

Grantaire as a famous pâtissier, recognizable for his way too casual manner and tendency to drink.

Enjolras as the chef of the 5-star restaurant Les Amis, famous for his looks, charm and for being fucking made of steel.

But wait!

They’re the judges

Right, so I know that a Masterchef AU has been done to death already (and it was fabulous, btw), but I’d like to put my own little twist to it~

Bitty is one of the first on the show to receive an apron. The judges swoon over his pie (”It’s perfect,” Gordon Ramsey said, tears in his eyes and diving in for another bite. Bitty beamed). It’s perfect, he comes back out and is immediately rushed by his friends (Because he still went to Samwell to play hockey).

But then there’s Jack.

He wants an apron.

And he marches on through with a traditional Quebecois dish. He’s nervous, he’s shaking, he has to breath very deeply as the judges dig into the food.

There’s silence as, one by one, they inspect it carefully. It’s borderline. One judge says yes, another says no, and Ramsey’s there, looking over our favourite Canadian.

Ramsey quickly asks if he’s brought anyone with him. Jack replies with a yes.

So, Ramsey jogs out and comes back in a few minutes later.

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HI!!! You make the best enjoltaire aus and i'm literally in love with your masterchef au!!!! Like!!!! it's so good!!! Do you have any more headcanons about Grantaire?

Oh my god ‘non, thank you! <3 I’m glad you like them. And ofc, here have some SEVERAL:

- Kinda of an wandering chef - he doesn’t have an actual restaurant where he works because he found out early on in his career that he doesn’t work well in a highly competitive and pressured ambient

- The way his eyes crinkle when he smiles will be Enjolras’s cause of death

- Always has some kind of frosting/dough/food thing sticking to his face/hands/hair?? How???

- He’s a sweet child who gets excited when the challenges involve sweets

- Has an unique signature for all his work, ask anyone and they’ll be able to tell that dessert was made by chef R

- Pâtissier legend lbh

- One of the contestants told him she had began cooking after leaving her abusive family because of an interview she saw of him. He cried. On camera. For several minutes (she ended up winning that season)

- Also the season where Enjolras began to have “look at him he must be protected at all costs” feels

- On one episode the challenge was to emulate one of the desserts he had created. Boy spent most of the episode blushing like a schoolgirl

- Honestly he’s so lovable??

- A mix of Masterchef Junior’s Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain

- Has a fanclub probably

- The state of his uniform once made Enjolras cry, but he loves that goddamn uniform more than his soul, it’s with him since the beginning - look that’s the burn from when he first tried to do something en flambé

- Often starts telling stories about specific marks on his chef’s whites in order to calm down some stressed/near to tears contestants

- Has that problem when making desserts that require alcohol that he ends up drinking way too much of the stuff so there’s never the right amount for the actual recipe afterwards

- Loves to do “looks into the camera like he’s in The Office” face-turns, and the filming crew always does a slow zoom of his face on these moments

- Is a meme

- Have I mentioned the meme part?

Honestly though, he’s a little shit who loves to bother Enjolras with tales and utterly ridiculously endearing nicknames and I love him. Please protect my son.

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I just finished reading the Master Chef series (for the first time. I only just got into LM 3 weeks ago maybe) and I am so full of questions? Namely: how the fuck do you make something so happy so sad just like that??????????

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I hope you enjoyed the MasterChef AU though! :DDDD If you need closure, here’s a fix-it not-fic, and here’s a cute graphic that always makes me happy when I see it.  


(So I’ve tried sending this to you so many times, but tumblr is not my friend sometimes! Anyway here’s the AU!)
Masterchef: Homecooks AU where Stiles and Derek hit it of right away and begin flirt as soon as the competition begins. They tease each other and steal glances from their work stations. They stand next to each other in the line ups and they would choose each other first for the team challenges because of how well they work together. When they run into the pantry, Derek would hold the things Stiles needs over his head and out of stiles reach until stiles says pretty please. If Derek forgets an ingredient stiles immediately tossed it to him and vice versa. When the cameras are off people say that they would exclusively hang out together and sometimes sleep in the same bed if it was a stressful day. One time Derek was in a pressure cook challenge and won by the skin of his teeth. That night Derek wouldn’t let go of stiles hand even after they finished filming. Other than that, they blew through the competition together. They’re in the top three, but stiles lands himself in the bottom bc of a small frosting detail mistake on his dessert dish. When stiles loses to Chris Argent he says his good byes to the chef and Chris, Derek runs down the stairs to hug stiles before he goes. Stiles surprises everyone when he straight up kisses Derek on the lips. “You’ll get more than a kiss if you win hale! Give him hell.” And with one last kiss stiles leaves. Derek wins and stiles just flings himself at Derek peppering him with kisses and praise. They wound up making out on national television. They get married 3 years later co-owning a successful mom and pop diner.

Headcannons and extras: there was this one homophobic contestant from NYC who kept harassing stiles about how close he was with Derek. Even though he never brought it up to Derek bc Derek looks like he could break him in half. When Derek heard the slur the guy was slinging at Stiles he told the crew and NYC dude was kicked off. Stiles loves to make vegan foods. He specializes in French cuisine though. Derek is a hearty burger sort of guy who wants to own a family run diner. He specializes in American classics with an Asian inspired twist. Derek’s first thoughts on stiles were along the lines of “oh gosh he’s so pretty” and stiles were “is it okay to eat this beefcake??” Gordon Ramsey and Stiles but heads a lot in team challenges bc sometimes Chef Ramsey will yell at Derek and Stiles would sass the fuck out of him in return. Taking none of his shit while delivering great food. Stiles is from Cali, born and raised so he was super into the vegan craze that happened. Derek was born in cali, but raised in Atlanta where he learned to love comfort food. After the competition they had a long distance relationship with Derek in Atlanta and Stiles in Cali. They Skyped every night until Derek moves to Cali to open his diner and asks stiles to marry him.
(That’s all I got for now! Please add your own if you want!)

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okay but why won't you fix their marriage in the master chef au why do you enjoy making me suffer I just want to know if/how they decide to fix their marriage

this should help with the suffering a little

Although, lbr, they won’t really get straight back together after that, but they probably take baby steps towards getting better? Like they worked really well as friends, so Enjolras figures that if they could at least get back to that, he’d be…well, not happy, but literally anything would be better than not having Grantaire in his life at all.

Grantaire’s still working for Patron-Minette at the other end of the country, so they don’t get to see each other that often, which sucks, but they talk over Skype and on the phone, and it helps them to get better at communicating with each other? Sometimes Enjolras lets an I love you or two slip when they’re talking; it just comes out sometimes, he’s trying to keep from saying it, but it’s tough. Grantaire doesn’t ever call him out on it, doesn’t ever say it back, but his voice always goes a little softer after hearing it, and okay, that’s enough for Enjolras.

They probably just stay friends for a really long time, and they both pretend that they aren’t still technically married. Things probably don’t progress beyond that until Grantaire quits his job at Patron-Minette with the intention of opening his own restaurant. There’s a rumour going on in all the food magazines that Grantaire has plans to move out of the country for that, and Enjolras probably freaks out a little about it, until he comes home to find Grantaire sitting outside his door, duffel bag beside him, asking Enjolras if he can stay with him for a bit while he’s scouting locations for his restaurant.
good enough to eat - brokendrums - One Direction (Band), MasterChef (UK) RPF [Archive of Our Own]

Niall meets Harry on the set of Masterchef and is instantly attracted to him, even if he is a bit of a dick and far too smug for his own good. He finally cracks his determined exterior and a pretty mind blowing set of blowjobs later they start tentatively seeing each other, only Harry is far too invested in the competition and he just doesn’t have time for distractions like Niall

A MasterChef AU.

Masterchef AU:

Person A and person B hate each other and don’t think each other deserve to be in the competition.
A & B end up in the top three but only person A makes it to the finals, person A looses anyway.
Person B congratulates person A after the competition even though they didn’t win. Eventually they end up falling in love (or just become besties) and open a restaurant together.

There are many times in my life, when I could’ve thrown in the towel. Many times in my life when I was on the floor. And when you’re on the floor, never allow anybody to pick you up. It doesn’t matter how long you stay there, make sure you pick yourself up and dust yourself down. Whatever happens, whether you go home today or you don’t go home today, that’s irrelevant. What’s relevant, is you take the knowledge from the experience and you grow as a person.
—  Marco Pierre White, Masterchef Australia S06E30

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he would def convince Merlin. Merlin would love the look on Chester’s face as he watches a woman and a lower-class nobody compete

okay but i love the idea of Harry watching Eggsy cook and mumbling like “that’s not the way I was taught” not maliciously, just observant, and Eggsy is all “yeah, well I do it better”

and he’s totally right, he does it better every single time