mastercard memorial cup


the one thing I hate about loving junior hockey, every single year, is the raw pain and devastation on the losing team. whether it’s in the memorial cup final, in a league final, or even in the memorial cup semifinals, there’s always only going to be one winner.

hats off to the windsor spitfires. you guys played a hell of a series and were just as deserving champions. honestly? they were the better team. the best team in the tournament. and they all deserve to be champions tonight, and forever.

and to my dear, darling otters, you cannot be ashamed of how you played. you fought. you battled. you pulled ahead. sometimes the better team wins, and sometimes it can’t be you. you’ll always think what if. what if alex hadn’t hit that post in the dying minutes. what if you hadn’t taken so many penalties. what if you hadn’t given up the lead. I can’t imagine what you are all going through right now. but know this, that you are all going to be better off for having gone through this, and you’ve made 23 new brothers and bonds for life. thank you guys for making this season one for the memory books.

ottos forever. 💛


“It’s fun to come back and be able to see it especially with Erie you know be able to see what those guys have done this year, Stromer, DeBrincat, Raddysh, you know, playing with Taylor when he was just a sixteen-year-old and to see how far he’s come, it’s so fun to watch.”

Sea Dogs v Spitfires | Mastercard Memorial Cup | May 19, 2017


“It wasn’t fun; it was pretty stressful. As much as you can say you don’t pay attention to it or you don’t really care about it obviously you do so, a lot of stressful nights, especially out west because you get to see them play first. You know, Crosby’s got three points, [other players have] three points, it’s like ‘what am I going to do tonight?’ so. It was a little bit interesting and it was fun to be with the guys, you know, playing with Leon, he was chasing down a little bit of bonus money, so it was fun to do that together.”
 – on the points race and the players chasing him in the run to the playoffs

Sea Dogs v Spitfires | Mastercard Memorial Cup | May 19, 2017