mastercard commercial

the signs as 5sos iconic moments
  • Aries: 5sos named worst band of 2015
  • Taurus: Kendall Jenner calling them 'One Direction' at the Billboard Music Awards
  • Gemini: Michael losing his Passport
  • Cancer: Ashton's bulge at the teen choice awards
  • Leo: Daniel the lion
  • Virgo: Lesbian farmer Ashton
  • Libra: 5sos target prank
  • Scorpio: Michael ending up in a MasterCard commercial
  • Sagittarius: When they climbed down a building wearing superhero costumes
  • Capricorn: 5sos ft kittens
  • Aquarius: 5sos in Japan
  • Pisces: ashton spanking calum

If I ever meet michael:

Me: “you look very familiar…”
Michael: “oh, I’m in this band called 5 seconds-”
Me: “-OH I KNOW! Your that guy from the MasterCard commercial!”

Samburu runners were famously portrayed in a late 1980s Nike commercial, in which a Samburu moran’s words were translated into English as the Nike slogan “Just Do It.” This was corrected by anthropologist Lee Cronk, who seeing the commercial alerted Nike and the media that the Samburu moran was saying “I don’t want these. Give me big shoes.” Nike, in explaining the error, admitted to having improvised the dialogue and stated “we thought nobody in America would know what he said.“