Revers by master tailor Giovanni Barberis Organista

Okay but imagine this: Shimada Bros. Princess and the Pauper AU

Hanzo is the firstborn son of a king and queen, destined to rule next as heir. However, his parents have been getting into some shady business with the criminal underworld to keep up their wealth. The kingdom ends up in so much debt that the royal family has no other choice but to give up their second son, Genji, to the leader of the mafia in order to repay it. Genji ends up given away to one of the mafia’s many front businesses as a tailor under master seamstress Satya Vaswani, working his whole life to save up enough to run away while his brother lives a life of luxury, each oblivious to the fact that the other exists.

Fast forward to when Hanzo is about 22, and Genji is about 19. The kingdom is having money troubles again, but the Shimada family has learned their lesson with the mafia and what that can lead them to. They instead decide to marry Hanzo off to a princess from a wealthy neighboring kingdom, one Angela Zeigler. Problem is, Hanzo is in love with palace guard Jesse McCree, a peasant he knows his parents will never allow him to be with. As a treat, Jesse takes Hanzo out into the village surrounding the castle in order to experience a first (and last) taste of freedom before he marries Angela. There Hanzo meets Genji. The two are shocked at how similar they are in both appearance and desire for nothing but freedom from their inescapable duties. They concoct a plan; Genji will pose as the prince for a few days to finally have a taste of life out of indentured servitude, while Hanzo will take Genji’s tailoring job and finally learn how life is like outside of the castle walls.

While this is all happening, the captain of the palace guard, Gabriel Reyes, has been secretly embezzling money from the royal family, which is why they are in so much debt that Hanzo must be married off. Gabe, along with his two henchmen Amelie and Sombra, plan to strongarm the royal family into marring Hanzo to Gabriel and then “getting rid of” them all so Gabe can usurp the throne. However, when Hanzo is promised to Angela, the three are forced to change their plan. They plan instead to kidnap Hanzo, get Angela to leave since there is no prince to marry, and then return the prince and be hailed a hero. They all believe that the family will be so grateful that Hanzo has been returned that they will give him Hanzo’s hand in marriage out of joy that their only son has been returned to them.

Cue shenanigans with the Shimada Bros. learning how each other lives, finding out they’re brothers, peasant Genji falling in love with princess Angela, Hanzo and McCree already head-over-heels for each other, the Talon trio attempting to usurp the throne, and everything else that comes with this absolutely beautiful Barbie movie that I know way too much about.

James Williams of “A Stylish Way Of Life” wearing a double breasted suit that was made for his father in 1971.  The suite was re-cut for him by Master Tailor Halim over 10 years ago.  James is the owner of “A Stylish Way Of Life” which produces Made-To-Order (All Handmade) Linen, Wool and Cashmere pocket squares.   


Fortela SS18 Collection - Pitti Uomo 92 Preview

The brainchild of acclaimed entrepreneur and menswear icon Alessandro Squarzi, Fortela keeps on delivering a cohesive take on tailored workwear-inspired garments. An accurate materialisation of Squarzi’s personal interpretation of style, the label manages to deliver a surprisingly versatile range of relaxed staples suitable to virtually any wardrobe.

Heavily inspired by both vintage and military universes, two of its founder’s passions, the collections incorporate an array of field and military jackets, utility vests, denim and heavy duty chinos, made from army deadstock and Japanese fabrics and carefully assembled by master tailors in Italy. The result is an eclectic, yet extremely contemporary approach to menswear that embodies multiple inspirational sources in an ode to the polished workwear movement.

If you’re in Milan be sure to drop by their newly inaugurated store to check Fortela’s latest offerings.

Miguel Amaral Vieira


stewartchristie_co We were very honoured this week to have a special appointment with the extremely handsome and charming actor Sam Heughan who came to visit us for a bespoke suit fitting.This year, the man of the moment, has been proudly selected by the National Tartan Day New York Committee who announced that Sam will be the Grand Marshal in the 2016 Tartan Day Parade which will take place on Saturday, April 9th. We will be there supporting him and celebrating on 6th Avenue. The fitting went very well and Stewart Christie will be hand delivering the 3pc bespoke tweed suit which he selected carefully for a premiere and press tour of Outlander in NYC. We look forward to sharing his profile and seeing him looking dapper on the red carpet. Sam Heughan is seen here wearing The SC Great Coat // Hand-tailored by our master tailor in our very own atelier, and the first of many historic Stewart Christie patterns we are bringing back to life.

Faervell Bael’nar

Appearance -

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Sin’dorei
  • Height: 6′3″ (I think)
  • Eye Color: Fel Green
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown/Blackish?

The Facts -

  • Name Day: Sometime in the Fall
  • Occupation: Co-Owner of the Bael’nar Silks, Dawnward of the Suncasters, and Proveyor of Curses and other fine tuned spells delving into darker magics.
  • Sexual identification: Pansexual
  • Romantic identification: His wife, Esme.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Criminal History: Following Kael’thalas was probably a bad idea… Along with all those people he killed and tortures. But who’s to know anything about that. It’s fine!
  • Relationship Status: Married.

Favorites –

  • Favorite food: Manly meals full of protein and carbs. No greens allowed.
  • Favorite drink: Juice
  • Favorite artist: He has more than a few good friends that are excellent tailors and masters of their craft that he thinks are the best. He goes to them any time that he needs or wants a new outfit.
  • Favorite scents: Fresh rain, a warm morning, The smell of the sea clinging to his wifes hair, the smell of a candle freshly burnt out, spices or the sort used for aromas in incense or the various herbs he smokes.
  • Favorite person(s): Esme Sunshard, Ciaragan Bael’nar, Elleynah Stormsummer, Cynel Sunfire

Randoms –

Ten facts about your muse:

⚫  He sells silks, but does not create the outfits. Many people approach him asking for outfits of the sort, though usually he has to either redirect them to an actual tailor or do the order himself if they’re particularly useless rich customers.

⚫  Ciaragan and Faervell are technically identical twins.. Although they grew into their looks in vastly different ways, not to mention they’re completely different genders. 

⚫ Faervell is an addict in the strongest sense. His largest vice is fel and he does not go a single day without a minimum of three or four crystals to keep that little itch scratched. He also smokes and actually likes to collect pipes for such an occasion.

⚫ Faervell is actually very skilled in herbology and alchemy, to the extent that he’s found it necessary for his spellcrafting and own needs. 

⚫ While he was never a mage, Faervell and his sister both displayed incredible skill and genius when it came to the Fel and Demonic arts. They learn at a very fast rate, though Faer does not see himself better than all the mistakes he’s made through it all. 

⚫  Faervell cannot swim. He just fucking can’t. Esme has tried to teach him, and to her success, she’s gotten him comfortable enough to float, although it is a struggle to get over the fear of water he has.

⚫  While Faervell is very charismatic and flirtatious with nearly anything that breathes, he is dedicated and absolutely loyal to Esme. If anyone even mentions her in a manner to get him started on talking about it… woooo boy, you best be prepared, because he will go on and on about it.

⚫ Faervell is a very jealous and possessive man. He struggles with it often. He has gotten himself into fights over those he’s loved, and particularly is possessive of his sister. He would kill a man that would think to do something to her… And goodness, if you even think about looking at his wife in a manner that even seems promiscuous? He immediately get’s upset.

⚫ Hates trolls. Really just fucking hates them. And undead. He does not much care to work with them, though he will tolerate their existence.

⚫ He is haunted by the trauma both from his experiences and the demon that he still fears possesses a part of him. He dares not ever admit it to Esme, for fear of worrying her or appearing weak in any way, but it constantly looms within his mind.

Five Things -

Things they like:
- Reading or being read to
- Walking around and just allowing time to think
- Sex
- Spending time with the people he truly loves to be around
- Working

Things they dislike:
- Making mistakes
- Failing or causing a major loss
- Being alone for long periods of time, especially when Esme goes out on her ships.
- Dealing with incompetent mages who think they are the shit.
- Not having Fel

Good habits:

- Patient
- Detailed
- Charming
- Thoughtful
- Willing?  

Bad Habits:

- Stubborn
- Jealous
- Judgmental
- Slutty
- Hypocritical
- Demanding

Personalities they gravitate toward:

- Sharp
- Challenging
- Confident
- Charming/Friendly
- Intellectual
- Fun/Humorous

Personality types they avoid:

- Annoying/Loud
- Holier than thou
- Antagonistic
- Insincere
- Frail/Weak sorts


- Making one too many mistakes and killing himself and proving that his teacher was correct in how worthless he truly was.
- Drowning
- Esme’s affections waning or changing at some point and her leaving him.
- Loss of Control
- Losing his sister

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With its fitted bodice and full skirt, Jolie’s dress, designed by Atelier Versace master tailor Luigi Massi, looks every inch the traditional bridal gown – from the front. The back tells a different story: that of the family’s adventure-filled life, as drawn by the couple’s six children and hand-sewn into the gown and veil. Close to Jolie for years, “I have watched the children grow up, and I loved creating with their drawings,” Massi tells People.



Tailor CAID is Yamamoto-san, a master tailor based in Tokyo, who specializes in American Ivy Style (think Mad Men) but is also very capable of other styles. He is a bespoke tailor in the truest sense of the word, tweaking every detail specifically for each individual customer. He excels in creating drape in the chest of his garments, bringing every jacket to life.

I shot some photos to illustrate the gamut of what Yamamoto-san can do:

On the left, an American Ivy Style three button suit. It features a slim lapel, straight, cutaway quarters and a soft shoulder. It has no darts in the body, making the silhouette  This particular suit was made in a royal blue herringbone. This suit is designed for business use, eschewing sporty details, such as swelled edges at the lapel, and keeping it simple.

Second from left, an American Ivy Style three button suit but made-up in a much sportier cloth and with details to match. The cloth is a very textured grey herringbone tweed. The lapels, while the same size as the business suit from earlier, have swelled edges and the pockets are done as patches with flaps. The suit is great for everyday use and the jacket and vest can be split off for use on their own in more casual outfits with denim or odd trousers.

In the center, a 30’s style peak lapelled suit. It has wide, straight lapels with a large collar. The chest is draped and there are darts in the body, giving a very defined silhouette. The cloth is a medium weight wool mohair in navy. It is a perfect suit for occasions and events.

Second from the right, is another 30’s style, known as the “paddock jacket”, later popularized by John F Kennedy. Paddock jackets are two button jackets with both buttons designed to be buttoned at the same time, rather than the commonly seen middle button only configuration. The cloth is an unusual design, a country pattern but in cooler, city colours.

All the way to the right is a suit in the same configuration as the grey herringbone tweed but in an aubergine wool/cashmere mix. The jacket was done as a typical sport jacket, with swelled edges and patch with flap pockets. The jacket alone could be worn very beautifully with grey flannel trousers. Not the most practical suit in the world, but certainly unusual and beautiful in its own way, as you’d expect from bespoke!

Tailor CAID’s overcoat is distinctive as well, based on the box coat from the 50’s. It features distinctive details such as swelled edges, a forward-set ticket pocket and turnback cuffs. The length extends to below the knee. It is a dramatic coat, beautiful in motion. It works well as a casual coat in heavy tweeds as pictured or it could be a serious workhorse in navy wool herringbone.