April Draws 2k15 Master Post
  1. Winged Cloud
  2. Link vs Argorok
  3. Sekhmet (nsfw - breasts)
  4. Chillin’ in the orchard 
  5. I suppose I coveted that wind.
  6. Tifa
  7. Someone’s lost their materia!
  8. Sword Practice
  9. Gone Fishin’
  10. Strifesodos (scarlet and gold)
  11. The Manxome Foe with Eyes of Flame (the Jabberwock)
  12. Zelda
  13. Lame attempt at lamest joke
  14. Barret
  15. Powers, let the basecom go. (for up-sideand-down’s fic)
  16. Zack
  17. Vincent Valentine
  18. Wherein bb!Cloud is a BAMF (also ficced by up-sideand-down!)
  19. Cid
  20. The frumious Bandersnatch
  21. Priscilla (and the venerable Mr. Dolphin)
  22. Nanaki & Seto
  23. (a dragon doodle)
  24. Elmyra and Aerith
  25. Zack Kills It (on the dance floor)
  26. Fort Condor
  27. The Lieutenant
  28. Platonic Sefikura
  29. Scars
  30. The Boys of Summer

rain--flames asked:

Casually tugs reapers closer and grins, running fingers through his hair and scratching lovingly at his scalp. "I have a theory to test out dear reaper, hold still for me~?" Even more casually leans down and gives his lover a gentle, affectionate smooch to each side of his cheek, and then one more to his lips, before pulling away slowly. "Mmh... just as I suspected."

“The hell kind of theory is a shark going to have–” Gig began to complain, already suspecting some kind of sneaky half-assed move from one of his favourite assholes, when said asshole lent down to grace his face with several kisses, the reaper immediately reddening at such unwarranted affection. Seriously, unless he’d actually done something to deserve it, who just wanders past and starts smooching the hell out of Death–?! 

“W-what…whattya mean, just as you suspect–the hell were you trying to suspect?!”


Backup Any Tumblr Blog (60%~100% pictures)

1. Download app Gettumblrpic

2. Online Anti-Virus Check files

3. Unrar and executes “Gettumblrpic.exe”

4. Enter Blog-Any-Name without “”

5. Pages 10~5000. Press “Get Links”

6. After 1~20 min. Close or Kill-TaskManager “Gettumblrpic.exe”

7. Open file “RealTime-result.txt”

8. Rename Package links “**_250.jpg” to “**_500.jpg” or  “**_1280.jpg”. Use replace string “_250.jpg”

9. Rename Package links “**_540.gif” to  “**_500.gif”.  Use replace string “_540.gif”

10. Use Download Manager (example: Download Master) with queue.

11. And download Blog :)

Problems: 60%~100% pictures

Posts with lots of pictures do not turn out so download. Links  “**_250.gif” not created in “RealTime-result.txt” :(