Master of Malt’s single-cask bottlings of Bruichladdich with glass closures, April 2015

I’ve been working with Tunbridge Wells-based spirits company Master of Malt since the end of last year and they’ve just launched one of products I photographed on location recently. These are bottles of tasty whisky and they have inert glass seals instead of cork stoppers ‘cause just like with wine, you don’t want your whisky to be corked. Sound interesting? The guys at Master of Malt have a blog all about it over in this direction.

A big thank you to Gordon’s Wine Bar in London for letting us use the space for our shoot

Deleted scenes from The Avengers script #115
  • Tony:All right, everybody - Happy Thanksgiving.
  • All:Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Tony:Now let's all go around the room and we'll each say what we're thankful for. I'll go first. *I* am thankful for you, Pepper—
  • Pepper:I'm thankful for you, too.
  • Tony:—And this Master of Malt, 105yr.
  • Thor:*(passionately shoehorns sandwich into face)*
  • Loki:*(grimaces)* I'm thankful I'm adopted.
  • Thor:I, TOO, AM THANKFUL FATHER ADOPTED YOU! *(hugs him in a vice-like grip)*
  • Loki:*(wheezing)* Brother, I'm turning blue!
  • Bruce:I'm thankful for all of you.
  • All:Aww.
  • Loki:*(muttering)* Sentimental pea-hued peasant-beast.
  • Steve:I'm thankful for...just being alive.
  • Sam:*(smiles)* Me, too. So that we can help others.
  • Steve:*(smiles)* Yeah.
  • Fury:*I* am thankful that I did not have to cook this year!
  • Maria:I'm thankful for shopping malls.
  • Natasha:I'm thankful for good friends and good food. Clint?
  • Clint:Arrows.
How to make a malt

Hi people who are reading this

I like malts. You should too. If you dont, why are you reading this?

anyway, here’s how to make a hommade malt with three things.

step 1

get mug, spoon, ice cream of choice, and something to scoop the ice cream with if you’re not MAN ENOUGH TO SCRAPE IT OUT WITH YOUR BARE HANDS

step 2

Place ice cream into mug.

step 3

Obtain ovaltine by either legal or illegal means, and put on top of ice cream.

step 4

Get Milk and pour it in the mug

step 5

Mix thoroughly until the milk and ice cream have combined into a heavenly mixture of dreams. If it aids you in your mixery, imagine the milk and ice cream are the bones of your enemies. that should give the appropriate amount of kick you need to mix it well.

step 6


One thing to note, is that i didnt give specific amounts of each ingredient because the best part of these malts is making them EXACTLY how you want them. Try out different combinations of things. find your favorite.


Chocolate Milk

other flavor of ice cream

chocolate sauce

blood of enemies

tears of enemies


The Advent Calendar Filled With Gin

Drinks by the Dram, the people behind our beloved Whiskey Advent Calendar, are back with a new addition to the advent calendar line that isn’t filled with tiny, generally funny tasting chocolates. As you might guess, The Ginvent Calendar is filled with gin. Each of the 24 windows hides a different 3cl sample of gin from a collection of market leaders, craft distillers, new brands and even hard to find gems. If you really want to ruin the surprise that each day of December before Christmas will hold, the full list of gins is available on the Master of Malt site.


The Balvenie Malt Master, David Stewart, is one of the most respected and longest serving in the whisky industry. To celebrate his remarkable 50 years with the distillery, The Balvenie released an extremely rare 50 year old. The sculptural wooden cylinder is creafted from forty nine slices of native Scottish timbers, and the fiftieth ring is brass engraved with the story of fifty years of the Balvenie Malt Master’s career.

Glenfiddich 50 Years Old

A true legacy whisky, this extraordinary expression has been created from some of Glenfiddich’s rarest and most precious family casks. Exclusively handcrafted for DFS Masters of Wines and Spirits, this is a whisky like no other. After five decades spent quietly maturing in oak casks, Malt Master Brian Kinsman deemed it had reached a patient perfection. Bottled at cask strength, only two hand-numbered decanters will ever be created, its rarity and individuality available nowhere else in the world, and celebrated in every precious drop. As you would expect from Glenfiddich, each luxurious decanter is cast in the  nest Baccarat crystal, hand-blown by expert craftsmen. It is crowned by a stunning triangular stopper in very rare red crystal. The final touch is a deep red hand-stitched leather box. The owner will also receive a leather box containing two 5cl bottles of the precious liquid.


A Rolling Boil

Boiling is an important step in the brewing process. It stops enzyme conversion, kills any bacteria that may have been living on the grains, and concentrates the wort. Homebrew recipes usually call for an hour long rolling boil, maybe ninety minutes or two hours. Any longer seems like overkill.

But every year, Gigantic Brewing makes Massive! barley wine by boiling a single mash for nine hours. All day boils aren’t a new thing. British brewers would boil their strong ales for hours. Ancient farmhouse ales sat in the kettle much longer than today’s saisons. (But farmhouse breweries used a lot of fishy equipment so the temperature probably fluctuated wildly during the boil.) That extra time rolling around the kettle gives Massive! it’s distinctive ruby red color and thick body.

Massive! is a master class in malt flavor. It’s sweet and syrupy, but dry and crunchy. It tastes like candied pecans. Hints of molasses and licorice skirt around the edges. And somewhere in the nose I detect a jar of strawberry jam. It’s huge, but balanced. I’m super excited to try the barrel aged version.