[OOC Meme] Gospel Gestalt

Full Name: Gospel Gestalt
Gender and Sexuality: Male - Heterosexual
Hyur, Midlander?
Birthplace and Birthdate: Sharlayan 31st Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon

Guilty Pleasures: Affection, Fishing, Baking, Sparring
Phobias: Abandonment, Claustrophobia, Crowds

What They Would Be Famous For: Being a master Dollmaker that has made himself known throughout Eorzea for his craft, having an affliction with his left eye that seemingly has no known cure.

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: Is still currently wanted for being rumored to have delved in necromancy, conspiring with the void for power, grave robbing, and using living people as experiments for his twisted hobby.

OC(s) You Ship Them With:

Vynka Lanore | Madam Seraphine

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:

Many people but the most likely would be;

Orenji Kharn | Madam Seraphine

Favorite Book Genre:
Choose your own adventure stories
Least Favorite Book Cliche:  Choose your own adventure stories

Talents and/or Powers: Gospel is a well learned mage from the now abandoned city of Sharlayan. He is a master Dollmaker who can create living golems to do his every bidding, he is also well practiced in necromancy, black magic and summoning. His left eye when used allows him to siphon aether from his surroundings and use it in a similar fashion that black mages utilize aether to weave their spells. He is also able to easily read and understand most lethal types of magick. Most of his offensive magick technique would be similar to how the mages of Mhach fought in the 5th era.

Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s mysterious, well-mannered, shy, blushes easily, self-sacrificing and always places others before himself. Despite his attire, he is a very easy person to approach and would never harm a flea. Even if he had to, he would at least try his best to avoid violence? He loves everyone, even the flea!

Why Someone Might Hate Them: He’s neutral, too kind, easy to think he has ulterior motives, can be rather selfish at times. Far too willing to hurt himself for something trivial and well he’s a rumored necromancer.

How They Change: He’s always had a tough life and it seems to never really get better for him. His whole life has been a series of one loss after another and when he thinks he can finally let his guard down it happens again. Because of all this, Gospel has slowly become more and more paranoid throughout the years. Starting as a simple dollmaker; he became a necromancer, has fought in a war, witnessed the 7th calamity, was a teacher for a time, and currently is an advisor for a group of air pirates known as The Rising Claws.

Why You Love Them: I love him because Gospel is a god damn roller coaster! This poor baby only wants to be happy and have a family! He’s strong, cool and a total sweetheart! Will he ever find happiness or will he fall into darkness? Who knows!?

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A reminder that Bob Ross was a goddamn wizard.  

He painted fluffy pretty white clouds.  USING THE COLOR RED.

Most important though?  He was nothing if not very encouraging to anyone willing to try.  That’s what made him the best.


Happy 70th Birthday to a man of astonishing talent, Itzhak Perlman.


No matter your opinion of him, you cannot deny that George Carlin was a fucking wizard with words.  




Johnoy Danao

Maliban sa aking gitara
Ikaw lang ang tanging nais makasama

Nais kong maging kumot
Sa katawan mo ako ang babalot
Kapag nanunuot na ang lamig, hihihi

Gawin mo akong unan
Ang sarap-sarap mo lang pagmasdan
Alam kong nagtu-tulugtulugan ka lang

Nadadama mo bang bumibilis ang pintig
ng puso kong nagpapahiwatig
Nakikita mo ba ang mga mumunting kidlat
Tuwing sa hugis mo ako ay lalapat

Yan ang utos ng…

Ulan, ulan, wag ka munang lumisan
Ulan, ulan, dalasan mo ang minsan
Ulan, ulan, wala kaming nais puntahan

Pagka-inip ay di uso
Walang plano ngunit sigurado
Wala na ‘kong hahanapin pa

Ikaw at ang aking gitara
Pinagkukunan ko ng ligaya
Pakinggan mo ang aking kanta

Hindi na kailangan magbitaw ng salita
Ano mang tumatakbo sa isipan
Pinamigay na yun ng ating mga mata
Dinggin ang paanyayang sumayaw sa aking kama

Sa saliw ng ulan…

[repeat chorus twice]

Wala kaming nais puntahan

Wala kaming nais puntahan

Wala kaming nais puntahan

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How about Underfell?


1. UF!Sans is an anxious wreck beneath his aggressive, cruel front.

2. Everyone in this AU can be more than bit mellow dramatic from time to time

3. UF!Papyrus used to Bully Undyne when they were kids. Pap doesn’t remember, but Undyne does and she has grudge against him for it. He’s more that capable of being a royal guardsman but she wont let him in out of spite.

4. UF!Sans has a crack on his skull. He got it from Gaster 

5. Monster Kid wants to watch Undyne beat you up.

6. Alphys favourite shows are Gundam Seed and Seinfeld

7. MTT can be controlled remotely by Dr.Alphys

8. Papyrus is a master chef. He set his mind to learning the craft when Undyne told him he wasn’t allowed in the royal guard until he becomes one, as a joke because she assumed she was setting him on a fools errand. He did it though. She still won’t let him in. 

9. Toriel didn’t have a problem with Asgore killing children so she stayed with him

10. When Chara died and Asriel took their soul, Asriel was the one who wanted to destroy humanity and Chara resisted.

11. Gerson is fucking dead

 ‘Comish - Master of His Craft’

Cell-Shaded Waist-Up Commission of a nature dragon wielding his light-lightning magic!~

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My good friend @zoecristdamascus got an awesome write up in Blade Magazine this month! Zoe is a master of his craft and a really cool dude to boot 👍🏼 His steel and experience help my work stand out, I’m always excited to get to use his materials and pick his brain. Congrats again brother and thanks for letting me hitch a ride with a photo 👍🏼


Just before Christmas we were proud to deliver our first order to Timothy Everest’s MBE new store on Redchurch Street. A beautiful light industrial extension of his Spitalfields Atelier.

Two weeks ago we were lucky enough to have a visit from Jim Marsden Timothy Everest’s photographer who is documenting some of the brands that the store stocks. A true master of his craft, Jim shoots on medium format film, using a 1954 Rolleiflex. We had an excellent day with him and his agent Jody Juba drinking tea, eating cake and talking denim. We wanted to share some of these images with you.

Date Night With Dean Ambrose

This is my latest Date Night With Dean Ambrose. Just thought I would share here. Yeah, Triple H won the Royal Rumble (which in a way made me roll my eyes) but I was so proud of Dean! He was one of the final two this year! And that was AFTER working his butt off in an incredible show stealing Last Man Standing match with Kevin Owens earlier in the night AND still retained his IC championship! So so proud of Dean and proud to be a Dean fan! He always works his butt off and is an incredible wrestler and manages to be entertaining at the same time. Thank you, Dean Ambrose for always giving it your all!!! You will never know how much the fans appreciate it. I have said it before and I will say it again….the sexiest thing to me about Dean Ambrose is his love and his passion for his wrestling craft! The man is a true master of his art! Just love this man!

The complete series (so far) of my Date Night With Dean Ambrose memes can be found on my Twitter if anyone is interested.