Lego Batman Head-Canons

So, here goes a series of my own head-canons for this utterly lovable movie/fandom… Sorry for all the Bruce&Dick focus, but I’m pretty family-obsessed.

1. Eventually, both Bruce and Dick have fun addressing each other as “Dad”/
“Son” in as many languages as they can

2. With each first time that Bruce sees Dick sleep-deprived/sick/hurt/sad, he buckles down further as a ‘proper’ parent and instills changes to give Dick a more normal lifestyle… while still balancing the hero roles, of course

3. Dick makes such a big deal out of Father’s Day and makes Bruce feel so lucky in his new life that the next day, he immediately investigates all he can about Children’s Day in order to make that day just as special for Dick

4. Dick will be the ONLY Robin/child of Bruce… However, missions soon become filled with a younger generation as practically each hero of the Justice League recruits a sidekick and/or child of their own (Superman will have Conner and Supergirl, Flash will have Kid Flash, Wonder Woman with Wonder Girl and so on…)

5. As wary as the villains naturally are of Batman, they grow terrified of any misstep they might commit in actually harming/endangering Robin. They know they have to somewhat pull punches with Boy Wonder or else Batman will lose his almost-suave/casual approach of vigilantism and actually become a merciless fighting machine that will not stop even with the police sirens signalling that arrest is necessary (NOT relentless beatings)

6. When Robin falls asleep during movie night, Batman actually grows to enjoy the ritual of carrying him to bed and tucking him in. On some occasions, Alfred and Barbara offer to help by carrying the youngest batfamily member, but Bruce always insists he do it because his muscles are perfect for the job (and secretly, he sees it as a parental privilege he wants to hog all to himself ^_^)

7. Batman opens up a whole new wall for family photos, especially those of him teaching Dick something, such as: riding a bat-cycle, swimming with the dolphins, master-building… *wink wink* :3

8. Robin loves dress-up parties as much as his Dad does, so he keeps sneaking into all the wardrobes in the house. Bruce tries to repress his fond smiles as he watches Robin on his ever-monitoring computer, gazing at the too-long sleeves and bulky uniforms on the smaller form of his son.

9. Dick is completely unaware of how much he has Bruce wrapped around his finger. All he has to do is say “Please” or any variation of “Dad” while flashing puppy eyes to get his father to agree to practically anything he wants. He’s also confused by the contained laughter around him (usually coming from Alfred or Barbara, but in some cases, it’s also with the Justice League members) as Batman finally caves and makes up an excuse for retracting his previous refusals

10. Eventually, when he’s more comfortable in his role as father, Bruce doesn’t wait for Robin to fall asleep in order to drop a kiss on the boy’s forehead and wish him a good night’s sleep, sometimes even tenderly calling his son by Dick’s favorite new moniker: baby bird (a nickname that instinctively sprung up when Batman was trying to console a sobbing Robin for the first time)


Smile Mermaid Story Summary Part 1


Posting the direct link of this is ok, but not the content!

Sorry for the wait everyone!!

@showta0811aoi ^^

Ok so this “Summary” ended up being not a summary, BECAUSE I DON’T HOW TO MISS OUT CHUNKS OF INFO. I did try OTL

Note: Dialogue is NOT word for word perfect and content is not completely in order.

I used “….” to divide the scenes.

Opening begins with Marina floating on a swing (to imitate her swimming in the sea) and singing Endless Song.

From time to time she swung her legs back and forth imitating a swimming mermaid~


Kento, the Prince, plays with his dog, Pablo.
Kento tells him that he doesn’t want to do what his father wants, he wants to be free and do what he wants to do. Kento said he wants to see the world and even go out to the sea to to find things that no one has discovered before.
He asks if Pablo will stay with him even then.
Pablo responds with a happy (of course!!) bark.


Marina, the heroine Mermaid Princess is pure and innocent and is loved by everyone. She does not understand what love and “true” happiness is.
Her father Poseidon and Mother Juju, King and Queen of Laguna Kingdom, engages her to Ruka(or Luka?), the Shark Prince, believing that this will give her true happiness.

She sits and worries by herself, wondering: if this is meant to give her true happiness then why doesn’t she feel happy.
Dolphin the servant comes in and she seeks advice from him, asking what is “love”? What is “true happiness”?
He told her, she needs to find what makes her happy, if she just follows what the King and Queen wants that’s not happiness.

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