Gaga performing Master Heartbreaker, Hollywood, Wonderful and Fever back in 2006

Elaine May born April 21, 1932-

American director Elaine May was born Elaine Berlin to theatre parents her owned a Yiddish theatre company, performing there from the age of 3. In university May became interested in improvisation and through mutual friends met Mike Nichols with whom she formed the comedy duo Nichols and May which dissolved in 1961, 4 years after they became popular. 

May wrote, directed and starred in her first film, A New Leaf in 1971 which was the first movie directed by a women to be made by a studio since Ida Lupino directed The Trouble with Angels in 1966. The studio did not allow May final edit on the film and she was deeply unhappy with it as a result, unsuccessfully suing the studio to have her name removed. The film was a critical success upon its release. In 1972 she directed the movie The Heartbreak Kid, which was also a critical success, earning her daughter an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

In 1976 May directed Mikey and Nicky. Because May took so long and spent nearly double the original budget completing the film she was blackballed from studio work. She did not make another film until Warren Beatty asked her to direct Ishtar in 1987 which also ran over-budget and was a critical and commercial flop ending her directorial career.  

May continues to write and act to this day. Aside from her 4 movies, the only other directorial credit to her name is a Mike Nichols focused 2016 episode of American Masters.   


Master Heartbreaker - Stefani Germanotta Band


These old performances are some my absolute favourites, just proof of her talent. Master Heartbreaker is one of the best things she’s ever written!


        I run a finger across the SAN FRANCISCO CENTRAL HOSPITAL text imprinted down its length. Prescription cigarettes. Doctor’s orders, yeah? I put it to my lips with trembling fingers and light it up. Close eyes. Take a puff. Gradually I lose myself in the clouds of blue smoke, waiting for the sweet, hallucinogenic effects to wash over me.

       June, with her long ponytail and her dark eyes that shine with hints of gold, serious and analyzing, always analyzing. I lean my head against my knee and close my eyes. Even the illusion of June is enough to send a stabbing pain through my chest. Hell. I miss her so much.

Just a little something for the most heartbreaking book ever, Champion by the master heartbreaker Marie Lu

(Note: I know Day and June aren’t white, but I’ve tried to find accurate gifs with no avail. Sorry. Gifs aren’t mine)


Voices that Will Not Be Drowned 

This is a masterful and heartbreaking fanvid made nearly three years ago by ♛ BlondieProduction ♛ for the unfinished Sherlock fic masterpiece, The Cold Song by @eldritch-horrors.  

I’m writing an autobiographical essay about my relationship with Sherlock fanfic for the Sherlock issue of my online magazine, Powers of Expression.  The Cold Song features prominently and I’m in the early stages of work with a Gifted Artist Who Shall Not Yet Be Named to illustrate said fic (and, by extension, said essay.) I can’t rec The Cold Song highly enough. (Do check the tags, however. It’s intense, dark, sublime and not everyone’s cuppa.) 

While we’re on the subject…

PoE Call for Work about Fanfic

If there is a Sherlock fic, or a selection of Sherlock fics that have changed you, and you’d like to write about that experience for PoE– let me know!  Sign Up Here. If you’re a fic writer or beta or podficcer who wants to do an essay about your craft, or what ficcery means to you– Sign Up Here. If you illustrate fic with images, video, etc. and you want to write about your process– Sign Up Here. Basically if you have anything to do with fan fiction and you want to write about it– Sign Up Here. We’ll consider all things written (essays, meta) or transcribed (interviews, roundtables) as long as every involved party (including fic authors) has consented to your proposal.