drake-rex asked:

Ok, if each member had a spin off game (tails, rouge, knuckles, amy, etc) what genre would you give each game? :3

I love this question! I always think in terms of movies and video games so this is gonna be fun :D

I would make Rouge have a stealth based video game, like Hitman. You’re playing as her during her spy adventures so not only are you stealing jewels and stuff but you’re being given missions to take people out or secure situations.

I’d make Knuckles be a capture-the-flag kind of game. You’re having to defend your territory (the Master Emerald) while also trying to capture the other emeralds (flags). Obviously fighting would be involved, but yeah it’d be a good defense, strategy game.

I think Tails would probably be a puzzle or strategy game. Something where you have to obtain your goal but you have to be really clever and think ahead, or have to figure out really complex puzzles. He’d be an intellectually challenging game for sure.

As for Amy… It’d be really really cliché to give her those girly baking or dancing games, but tbh it does kind of fit her ^^; She’s a really smart, powerful character but she DOES love doing fun, sweet, innocent things as well so honestly I wouldn’t mind Amy having a spinoff game like Just Dance or Cooking Mama.


Basically Knuckles’ entire existence in 11 seconds.