“I have disturbing news, Knuckles. Sonic is evil and wants to steal the Master Emerald.”

“I’m not sure about that, Eggman, you’ve told me that before… Are you lying…?”


“I’m not lying.”

“Why would I lie?”

“You know I am an honest man.”

“This is a face you can trust.”

“Okay, I believe you. Now tell me where Sonic is so I can kick his ass.”

“By the way doctor, am I really an android…?”


Master Emerald reference in today’s new episode of Sonic Boom, “Give Bees a Chance”

Aw yeah baby, here we have the re-invention of an otherwise rather lame character. Evil Sonic in the past was, no matter how much Ken Penders built him up to be a true baddie, a wannabe from another dimension with a leather gear and dark sunglasses, who so desperately wanted to be part of the blue blur’s rogue gallery. He was so unimposing he was even nonchalantly beaten by Antoine once. Pre-brave Antoine of all people.

But thanks to Ian Flynn’s writing, he has for the most part ‘evolved’ into a character who’s more than just an evil version of Sonic, and you’ll see just how much he means business as the issues go on.


like can we talk about him for a second 

✰ he punched the chaos emeralds oUT OF SUPER SONIC
✰ he’s a treasure hunter (with a cool hat)
✰ chillest level music 
✰ protects the master emerald, BY HIMSELF 
✰ made shadow take off his rings one time because he’s so strong
✰ a good friend i would be his friend and eat grapes together 

I drew some SonOuge for a friend. She really likes meaningful/deep things so I decided to put something like this together. Basically it’s Sonic and Rouge talking about how things are and just anything that they can’t really reveal to anyone else in their friends/allies circle.