Check out this video clip made with the Replay XD cameras with some on-board or should I say on-horse footage of Mister Richard SpoonerJulia Otter and Sophie St Clair
Like always, check Richard Spooner’s hand letting know to his horse how great he was, real horseman! - David Sterckx

Magcon Preferences #4- You catch him jerking off Part 1

Cameron- You had just come home from the grocery store. You were really sweaty because it was like 5 million degrees in California so you decided to take a shower. When you entered yours and Cams master bedroom he was sitting on the bed watching OITNB. After you got out of the shower you heard grunting and moaning noises. “Cam? Are you ok- OH MY FUCKING GOD!” You said going back into the bathroom. You had just walked in on Cam beating his sausage. He covered himself up and said “(Y/N)” and you slowly opened the door. “Babe I’m not even sorry you’ve seen me like this before” he said with a wink and walked out the door.

Nash- It was really early and you had a massive head ache. Nash kept on asking if you wanted to cuddle with him even though it didn’t look like he was tired at all. He cradled you until you fell asleep. An hour later you felt some movement next to you. “(Y/N)… ooohh FUCK” he groaned. You knew what he was doing but tried falling back asleep. As he got closer to his release he jerked his hand faster and let out a moan of pleasure as he released on to his hand. “Have fun babe?” you whispered and turned around to face him. It was to dark to see his face but you could tell that he was beet red. “Yo-you saw?” he asked embarrassed. You couldn’t help but laugh and try to fall back asleep.

Matt- You were trying to study for your finals that were coming up in about a week. But all you could hear was the creaking of your bed upstairs. “Fucking shit Matt.” You said as you stopped and walked up the stairs angrily to see what the noise was all about. As you opened the door you couldn’t help but let out a little shriek. So this is what Matt does when I’m not home. “Oh, hey Pumpkin” he said while looking you in the eyes. “Yea could you keep it down? I’m trying to study for my finals”. You said slowly walking out the door. “Ok tell me when your done babe.” He yelled as you walked down the stairs still in shock after what you just witnessed.

Carter- “I AM SO SORRY!” you shouted at Carter as you quickly shut the door behind you. You had come home from Victoria Secret hoping to model some lingerie for your boyfriend, only to find him jerking off on your bed. You ran out the door completely embarrassed that you walked on him pleasuring himself. He walked into the living room with only a towel around his waist. “Now that you have seen me can you help me?” he said cheekily. You laughed “What No Carter!?” you said while covering your face. “Come on now that you’re here I don’t have to use my own hand. Let the fun begin.” he said with a wink and you ended up modeling for him anyway.

Johnson- You came home early from work so you wanted to spend time with Jack. “Jack” you called out, and you heard moaning from your bedroom. I hope he isn’t cheating you thought to yourself as you walked up the stairs. You opened the door, he was on his laptop jacking off to a video you sent him while he was on tour. He had his headphones one so he couldn’t hear you. You ran up to him and grabbed his dick and sucked on his neck. You jerked him fast and hard just the way he liked it. He was a moaning mess, he then moaned your name loudly. After he came he said “Now that your home can we finish what you started?” And you had sex the whole day.      

Gilinsky- You were changing because you were going out to have lunch with Mahogany. Jack was sitting on your bed staring at you. You were in your undergarments frustrated you said “Babe if you aren’t going to help me then get-” You turned around and saw him with his hand on him dick jerking off to the sight of your body. Even when he saw you he didn’t stop instead he went faster and looked you dead in the eyes. You rolled your eyes and got in between his legs, and grabbed his dick. You jacked him off squeezing the base and running your thumb over the tip. He was moaning your name and you kitten licked the tip. He twitched, and you took him into your mouth and you swallowed his cum. You looked at him and said “Babe, next time your horny just tell me.” you finished changing and left him there still in shock after what you just did.

A/N: I have no idea why he said he was beating his sausage 😂 I might post part 2 later with the rest of the guys. Send in requests if you want more.