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i can't wait for part 2 of the recent jumin cheating fic pls rip my heart out with angst okay adios i love u

Author’s note: it’s 4am || Is this enough heartbreak?? Yes?? No?? Idk??  part one here !!

Part 2 (of 2)

It’d been a week since that day.

You snapped your head in the direction of the moan. What the hell was that?

Your body felt heavy as you forced yourself to investigate the noise. You found yourself staring at the closed door of the master bedroom.You glared down at your trembling hands. 

Stop itthere’s no reason to be afraid.

But, if that was true, what was stopping you from bursting through the door? Your fingers tightened around the cold knob. 

Jumin loves me. 

In one short moment of insane courage, you twist the handle; He loves me, you reassured yourself again before entering the room.

“MC? Are you awake?”

Jaehee’s voice pulled you back into reality. Instead of responding, you rolled over, facing your back toward her.

“I understand you don’t want to talk, but it’s 3 in the afternoon and you haven’t had anything to eat.”

You remained silent. Jaehee had been kind enough to let you stay with her, yet here you were, repaying her with a cold shoulder.

“…I’ll go get something for the both of us. I’ll be back soon, MC”

As soon as Jaehee shut the door, you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in. You closed eyes, and let your mind wander again.

He loves me.

Numbness spread across your body like a wildfire. It was like a bad car accident, it hurt to look at, but you just couldn’t turn away. Except, instead of cars, it was your fiancé fucking another women on top of the bed you once shared. The air smelled like a mixture of cheap perfume, sweat, and Jumin’s cologne. There were clothes scattered everywhere, and two empty wine glasses on the floor, decorating the room like a cherry on top of a Sundae. 

Not that you noticed any of this. You were still telling yourself it was all just a horrible nightmare. After hearing another pleasured filled moan from Ms. Jhang, you didn’t even know her first name and here she was ruining your life, you felt a rush of emotions hit you.

You tasted blood, and that’s when you realized how hard you were biting your lip, attempting to keep the bile from rising up past your throat. You tried to back out of the room, but your feet were cemented to the ground. How have they not seen me? How much time has passed? It felt like eons to you, but in reality, it had only been a couple seconds.

“Shit, MC?”

Ah yes, your ex-lover had finally noticed you. You wanted to open your mouth and say something, say anything, but I guess your voice was another thing Jumin had taken that night. He had moved closer to you, almost an arm’s length away. You looked up and saw his mouth moving. Has he been talking this whole time? Closing your eyes, you tried to focus on his voice, hearing nothing but a low buzz.

When you opened them back up, you focused on the floor instead of his eyes. You saw his feet continue to move forward, as if he was trying to suffocate you with his closeness. Something caught your eye and you tilted your head. The navy blue tie. My favorite.

Your body was on autopilot when you bent down and picked up the fabric. Running the silk between your fingers, you looked back up at Jumin.

“Did she take this off of you?”

You were taken aback by the strength in your voice, and by the look on Jumin’s face, so was he.

“MC, I’m back with food! Also, Zen’s with me, he wanted to visit you again.”

If your eyes weren’t so puffy, you would’ve rolled them. When you heard your stomach growl at you, you wrapped a blanket around your body and slipped out of bed. You peaked out the door, but squinted when the light hit your eyes.

“Why is it so damn bright in here, Jaehee?”

She turned around with a giant smile on her face. “You’re up! Did you come to eat?”

“Is there any beer?”

“…Zen brought some.”

You held out an open hand, expectantly waiting for a cool drink. Instead, Zen handed you a hot plate of fried rice. The smell was tempting, but it wasn’t what you wanted.


Zen took sunglasses out of his back pocket and slipped them over your eyes. “These are for the brightness, and I’m not giving you any beer until you finish your food.”

The plate was starting to burn your hand so you looked for a place to set it down. Walking into the kitchen, you took a seat at the dining table. You got another wave of delicious aromas from the rice, and your stomach begged you for a taste.

“Okay, okay, calm down. I’ll eat it.”

Pushing the rice around a bit, you finally decide on what portion you wanted to nibble on first. When the first spoonful entered your mouth, you happily sighed.

“Has she told you exactly what happened?”

Zen was trying his best to whisper, but his stage voice betrayed him. You could basically hear Jaehee shaking her head no. The only people who knew what went down in that room were you, Jumin, and Ms. Jhang.

“C-come again?”

You held up the navy silk. “Did Ms. Jhang remove this tie from your neck?”

If you hadn’t been so determined on getting an answer, you would have noticed that a certain long-haired woman had gathered her clothes and tiptoed across the cold hardwood floor, right out the door. Of course, you were too blinded by your emotions to know the, still no first name, Ms. Jhang had left.

His messy hair bounced around as he nodded up and down. “She did.”

You felt laughter bubble up in your stomach, and you tried to refrain from smiling. I put that tie on him, and she took off. If that isn’t some damning symbolism, I don’t know what is. Your emotions were swirling around inside of you, so when you finally opened your mouth to respond to him, you had no idea what to expect.


Well, you weren’t expecting that.


And neither was he.

Jumin stepped right in front of you grabbed your wrist, pulling you into his chest.

“Stop it, Jumin.”

He slowly placed a hand on your chin.

“Please, I-I can’t breathe.”

He tilted your head up and looked you in the eyes.


When he started to lean in, you felt a steady burning in your chest. Was that from all the anger? The sadness? The pity?

Whatever it was, it gave you the power to shove Jumin away from you. “Did you not hear me? I said STOP. As in, ‘Don’t ever touch me again,’ you ASSHOLE!”

The shock on Jumin’s face was priceless. Heck, it would’ve even been funny, given the right circumstances. The man you fell in love with was now a teary eyed little boy, quivering in front of you. In another life, you might have even been sorry for him.

It took all of your strength to turn around. You tried to take a step, but something stopped you.

Not something. A voice.

“Please don’t leave me.”

You barely heard him over the sound of your own sadness screaming out in your head. There was a new feeling in your chest, not a burning one, but a hollow pain. A pain that spread to your fingertips, to the back of your neck, and to the bottom of your feet. A pain that consumed you. A pain that whispered, ‘take him back.’

You focused your eyes on the door. Like a toddler just learning how to walk, you mentally told yourself, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. Your hand caught on the door frame, as if your body was trying to fight your decision. Swallowing every single feeling you had, you turned to look at him. He was not going to have the last word.

“Leave you? No. You’ll always have a piece of me, Jumin. And on those nights when you think that tiny piece of me is enough for you, I want you to remember, you could’ve had it all. You’re a fool for doing this, but you’d be an even bigger fool to not realize what you’ve lost. Goodbye, Mr. Han.”

Your sweaty feet stuck to the wood floor, but you couldn’t hear them over the sound of his cries. Not that you cared anymore. You didn’t even realize you were outside until you saw your ragged breath turn into fog. Shaky hands held your phone up to your ear.


“Jaehee, pick me up outside of Jumin’s place as soon as you can.”



She must have heard the strain in your voice because she hung up without saying another word.

“Quit playing with your rice.”

You shook your head, zoning back into the real world. “I’m full.”


Zen held out a hand to stop Jaehee. He cracked open the fridge and pulled out a beer. “As promised. Drink responsibly, MC.”

You grabbed the cool glass out of his hand and popped the lip off on the table. “Thanks, mom.”

The familiar burning of alcohol flowed down your throat and you smiled. You looked at your two friends and sighed. “Come on you two,” you stood up and gestured them to follow you.

Jaehee furrowed her eyebrows. “Where are we going?”

You turned to them, your eyes glazed over from lack of sleep.

“I’m going to tell you what happened after I caught Jumin cheating.”

You had never seen the two of them move faster than they did at that moment. Zen nearly tripped over himself trying to get past Jaehee. The three of you settled in the living room and you leaned back on the couch. Taking one long, last sip of beer, you set the bottle down.

“Jumin’s father once gave him advice on where different business clients’ meetings should be held-”

“Mr. Chairman’s number one rule,” Jaehee interrupted.

You nodded. “-But from the way he treated me a week ago, I’d say Jumin learned a lot more than business from his father.”

Shattered - Part 2

|Prologue| |Part 1| 

Member: Taehyung

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1654

Summary: Time breaks relationships, but it can also rekindle them.

A/N: Guys, it has been a tough week, but I managed to finish this second part. If it’s lacking in some areas, I’m sorry. I’ll try to add some more interesting components to the plot in upcoming sections. I hope you enjoy Xx 

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“Goodnight Jaemin.” You tuck your son into bed and turn on his nightlight.

“Goodnight eomma!” You shut his door and make you way to the master bedroom.

As you enter the room, you see your husband sitting on his bed while typing away at his laptop. Your apartment was not too big, but you thought that it was enough for a family of 3. However, there have been numerous times where Hanseok would complain about not having his own office and having to do work in the living room.

“Yeobo what are you doing?” You sit down next to your husband on the bed.

“I’m writing this report for work can’t you see?” You husband said in a harsh tone.

“Oh, I’m sorry to bother you. I’ll just go to the living room to watch some television then.” You slowly start to get up, but your husband sighs and closes his laptop.

“Ahh Y/N come here.” Hanseok places his laptop to the side and greets you with his arms open wide. You give a small smile and cuddle next to him. “I’ve been really stressed recently, I’m sorry if that sounded harsh.” He kisses you on the forehead.

“That’s okay Hanseok. I understand, you don’t have to apologize for anything. I’m just glad we can still spend some time like this.” You say as you place your hand on his chest.

“So, tell me about your day. What did you do with Jaemin? He seems extra cheery today.” He has always been this cheery you thought to yourself.

“Well, when we went to the toy store today, I bumped into my childhood friend Taehyung. I’ve told you a little bit about him right?” Hanseok nodded.

“So we just spent some time catching up and talking about —” Hanseok’s phone began to ring. He grabbed his phone from the nightstand and looked towards you apologetically. You nodded and started to make your way out of the room to let him take the call.

This wasn’t the first time that things like this happened. Actually, you couldn’t remember when exactly things have started to become like this. Ever since Hanseok got promoted, he became a lot busier and devoted more time in his work rather than his family. You were understanding of it since he was pretty much providing for the family. You were a stay at home mom. There were many times where you wanted to get a job, but ever since Jaemin was born, you had to take care of him. Hanseok has offered the idea of letting Jaemin go to a daycare so that you could work as well, but that idea didn’t sit well with you.

Now that Jaemin is 5 years old, he is attending kindergarten which should give you a chance to look around for some part times. You took out your phone and started searching for any open opportunities that would fit your schedule. Suddenly a notification popped up.

Hi. Is this Y/N? It’s me Taehyung. Immediately you saved his number on your phone and typed in your reply.

Yup, it’s me, Y/N

Okay, that’s great! Just making sure you gave me the right number and not some random one that would lead me to a 65 year old man. Not that there’s anything wrong with old men… just you… You could imagine Taehyung laughing behind his screen.

Ahh Taehyung, you haven’t changed at all. You’re still that little boy I remember. You couldn’t help but smile.

Excuse me, if I remember correctly, I am two years older than you. Anyways, why are you still up so late?

You looked at your clock and realized that it was already 12: 30 AM.

Oh my! I didn’t even realize it was so late. I was searching for some job openings because now that Jaemin is going to kindergarten I have some spare time.

You looked towards the master bedroom and noticed that the lights were turned off. Hanseok must have fallen asleep already.

Are you having any luck with that? I think the company that I’m working at might have some open spaces. I could try asking for you.

Really?! You would do that? yes please~~~ If it’s not too much work. I honestly don’t know where to even start looking.

Haha of course! It’s no big deal. For the most part the jobs will be managers for an artist or vice manager. You know, all that fun stuff.

You haven’t reconnected with Taehyung for a day, yet he’s already helping you out so much. You couldn’t be any more grateful.

Thank you so much Taehyung. Really. I’ve been wanting to work so long, but I couldn’t because I had to take care of Jaemin since Hanseok is busy with his job.

Don’t worry about it! I’m sorry Y/N, but I must sleep now. You should as well. Sleeping late isn’t good for your health or your skin. Again, you smiled at his words.

Of course, take care Taehyung

You turn off your phone and make your way to the master bedroom. The lights are shut and just like you thought, Hanseok was already asleep. Quietly you made your way onto the bed and tried to fall asleep. No matter how much you adjusted your position, you couldn’t fall asleep. Instead you ended up staring at the ceiling. After a while you looked towards your husband who was sleeping with his back towards you. Hanseok was always so occupied with work that you barely got to talk to him anymore. You missed the times when you and Hanseok spent hours talking about each other’s lives and pointless things. You missed the old times.

Beep, beep, beep, beep

Your annoying alarm had gone off. You turned it off and rolled over to the other side of the bed expecting to place your arm on Hanseok’s body, but instead you were met with the cold mattress. It would be a lie to say that you weren’t a little bit disappointed, but regardless, you got ready and made your way to the kitchen to make breakfast.

On the fridge, you noticed a small sticky note.

I won’t be home for dinner tonight.

You sighed. That was it. 7 words. No good morning, no names, just 7 words. You crumpled up the note and threw it away in the trash. Although it has become a normal occurrence for Hanseok to not come home for dinner, his notes were usually longer and contained more care. It was like he didn’t even try this time.

“Good morning eomma!” Jaemin stumbled out his room while rubbing his eyes.

“Ah good morning little one! How was your sleep?” You said while heating up the frying pan.

“Good! In my dream, my toys became real and we were all racing!” Jaemin came to the kitchen to give you a hug. “Where’s daddy?”

“He left to go to work. Hurry and go get changed. I already put your clothes on your bed.”

“Okay!” Jaemin ran back to his room with his bed head bouncing up and down. So cute.

“Alright Jaemin! Have fun at school today and tell me about all your adventures later!” You kiss him on the forehead and he ran off into the building.

As you were making your way back to your car, your phone starts ringing. The screen flashes the name, “Taehyung-ie”

“Hello?” You hear a lot of chattering in the background.

“Ah Y/N! I have some good news for you. I know it’s quite early in the day, but I already asked some of my bosses and they said that they would like to meet you for a job interview! How does that sound?” A job interview already? Wow. Taehyung must have worked some sort of magic.

“That sounds great, but what position exactly am I supposedly applying for? I need to get my resume ready. I don’t even know if I have enough experience for this.”

“Oh don’t worry about that! I told them that you’re a close friend of mine and that you’re one hundred percent qualified. The position vice manager, so you will be in charge of 2-3 members of the group. If you want you can prepare a resume to show, but after what I told Bang PD-nim, my boss, he seems to be on board with all this.”

“Really? This is amazing! Um, is it alright if I do the interview tomorrow? I need some time to prepare everything.” You laugh nervously.

“Yeah! No need to rush. Bang PD-nim is really understanding and I told him that you have a son to take care of, so he’s really lenient.” You couldn’t believe this right now.

“Thank you so much Taehyung. I really owe you so much and we’ve only just saw each other again yesterday. This is so surreal. I can’t thank you enough.”

“If you want to make it up to me, bring Jaemin out sometime so I can see him. I would like to get to know that little kid some more, he reminds me a lot of someone I know.” You knew Taehyung always had a weak spot for children. You are also so relieved that Taehyung isn’t looking at you differently for having a kid.

“Of course! I’m sure my little Jaemin would like to see you again as well. Yesterday he asked me to tell him the story of how we met.”

“Ah he’s too precious! I would love to stay and talk, but I must go back to work now! See you tomorrow Y/N for your interview!”

“See you, and thanks again!” You hung up and did a little jump. If the interview goes well, you’ll finally have a job again. You spent the rest of the day preparing your resume and choosing the perfect outfit for the next day. This was truly unbelievable.

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i get seething mad when people on house hunters complain about the paint colours. like??? if you hate the sky blue master bedroom so goddamn much then maybe you could idk PAINT IT? i've literally seen burnt orange in the dining room used as an excuse to not buy the house and i wanted to jump thru the tv

ME!!!!! like i realize that it’s probably a normal human reaction to comment on the color of a room when that’s…basically all that’s in the room. esp when it’s something Different or Drastic, but when they’re going over the houses trying to pick one and the husband’s like “but the bedroom was rly green so idk ://” i’m like for the love of god y’all have a $700k budget i think u can splurge on a couple gallons of flat beige. 

Master Niche via Michael Rex Associates:

“Mountain Lodge Eclectic
Mill Valley, CA
Completed: 2011

This residence and guest house for a young family is nestled into the hillside around Mt. Tam capturing dramatic views of the San Francisco Bay and beyond.

Photo Credit: kee sites”