I put an offer in on the two-bedroom I just looked at. It’s not perfect, it’s not my dream place, but I could see myself there and I could see myself fixing everything wrong with it. (It’s all cosmetic, it’s just old fixtures and ugly carpets.) Big master bedroom, walk-in closet, lots of windows. 

The offer is low. It’s realistically what I can afford and the unit isn’t SO nice that I’m willing to pay more than I can afford for it. But I’m aware that it’s ridiculously low. We’ll see if they take it, and if they do I will definitely know it is haunted. 

I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t get it, but wish me luck anyway. I’m ready for this damn hunt to END. 

Master Niche via Michael Rex Associates:

“Mountain Lodge Eclectic
Mill Valley, CA
Completed: 2011

This residence and guest house for a young family is nestled into the hillside around Mt. Tam capturing dramatic views of the San Francisco Bay and beyond.

Photo Credit: kee sites”