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SwanQueen - Broken Arm

Emma entered the manor quietly, unsure if Regina was even there. Nobody had seen Regina since the incident, really, and Emma had only managed to wait half a day before setting out to confirm that Regina was okay. Honestly, she would have gone earlier, but Snow and Charming had been insistent on her remaining impartial.

She couldn’t show favoritism by checking on Regina, unless she was willing to check on Leroy, too. She wasn’t. She definitely wasn’t.

That drunken miscreant had attacked Regina–and while Snow was certain that he had his reasons, Emma wasn’t willing to believe that. Regina had been a model citizen for years, and she didn’t find it logical to go after Regina for a grievance long past.

“Regina, you here?”

After a long silence, Regina responded from the second floor: “Remove your shoes before you come upstairs, Sheriff.”

Emma kicked her boots off and headed for the master bedroom, where she found Regina reclining with one arm clutched to her chest. She stood awkwardly in the doorway until Regina spoke again.

“Come to get my statement?”

“No,” Emma replied quickly. “Just. Come to see you, I guess.”

“I’m fine.”

“No offense, but you don’t look fine.”

Regina glared at her but didn’t deny the statement. “Is he pressing charges?”

“He attacked you.”

“Yes, but the people of this town do love to blame me.”

Emma chuckled and moved closer. “Is your arm okay?”

“I’m mustering the energy to fix it.” Regina flinched away from Emma’s hand as it reached for her elbow. “It’s broken, so don’t touch it.”

“You want me to lock him up?”

Regina shook her head slowly. “I would rather a broken arm than a mob. Better to let them get their anger out in small doses, hm?”

“So, you’re just going to let him get away with assault and battery.”

“Yes.” Regina met Emma’s gaze squarely. “Leroy is liked by the community, while I am at best tolerated. I know how to pick my battles.”

Emma shifted her hand to Regina’s shoulder. “At least let me lend you some magic to heal this up now. It’s gotta hurt.”

Regina accepted the offering without a word. Emma closed her eyes and felt tendrils of her magic slipping into the other woman. They’d done this before, and each time felt more intimate than the last. A moment later, Regina gasped with relief, and Emma looked at her now-healed arm. Acting on impulse, she kissed the limb and flushed.

“Thought I could kiss it better,” she said by way of explanation. “Rest up, okay? I’ll have a talk with Leroy, even if you don’t want me to arrest him.”

Master Niche via Michael Rex Associates:

“Mountain Lodge Eclectic
Mill Valley, CA
Completed: 2011

This residence and guest house for a young family is nestled into the hillside around Mt. Tam capturing dramatic views of the San Francisco Bay and beyond.

Photo Credit: kee sites”