In Dark Souls, Great Grey Wolf Sif guards the grave of Knight Artorias and attempts to stop the player from trespassing in the area. Sif is not a villain, he is merely protecting the grave of his beloved master. When getting him down to critical health, he begins to limp and perform attacks with VERY noticable fatigue. The fight is very emotional, especially for players who love dogs.

Then the DLC happened.

We came to find out that Artorias willingly gave up his greatshield to protect the baby Sif from the Abyss, leading to Artorias’s defeat at the hand (ahaha) of Manus, and his corruption.

Now, there are two ways this can play out. You can save Sif from the surrounding enemies, which he seems to be eternally grateful for. When you eventually face Sif, he is clearly against fighting you, but does so to fufill his Oath. The impact of having to defeat Sif under these conditions is enough to make me quit the game.

You can leave (or simply not find) Sif, presumably to solitude. This implies that Sif was trapped, alone, possibly awaiting Artorias’s return the entire time. With no-one to ever interact with Sif except possibly Alvina, Sif possibly being afraid of the surrounding enemies the whole time. This outcome is just as heartwrenching to me as the above scenario. The idea of Sif all alone and afraid, awaiting his beloved master Artorias, the only thing between him and the cold and corrupt void of the Abyss being Artorias’s shield.