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Ninjago confusion:
  • Lloyd: I just don't know...why am I the leader?
  • Jay: Hey yeah, why ARE you leader again?
  • Wu: Because he is the green ninja, and destined to lead you all.
  • Kai: Really? That's kind of weak, and I'm not just saying that because of my Red Ranger complex.
  • Cole: Honestly we've all taken the role of leader and saved the day time and time again, maybe we don't really HAVE a leader?
  • Jay: Also we were all his teachers once, now he's in charge? That's weird.
  • Wu: It is his destin-
  • Nya: Shut the fuck up old man, we're still mad at you for fighting Acronix alone!
  • Jay: Seriously, you're old and barely have powers, we're young and have SEVERAL powers...not...nearly as much as in season 1 for some reason, but its something!
  • Nya: And while we're questioning things, why can't I be Samurai X AND the water elemental? Hell, why do I have to be a ninja at all?
  • Wu: Uh, well you see-
  • Cole: And what idiotic strategy is fighting alone? There's literally over a DOZEN elemental masters in action, and you didn't call any of them, including us?
  • Skylor: Do I still have my powers or don't I? ITS CONFUSING!
  • Kai: Are we still a thing? Why haven't we pursued that?
  • Jay: What happened to my parents?
  • Kai: What happened to MY parents?
  • Moro: Why can't I come back as a ghost?
  • Garmadon: Why can't I come back period?
  • Misako: Why do the writers insist on acting like I'm in love with Wu, when it looks more like I'm his nursemaid?
  • Lloyd: How could I have even been born 10 years ago when logically my mom is just as old as you and couldn't logically bare a child?
  • Scales: Where the hell have I been?
  • Pythor: Why do I still think I can take over the world despite sucking so much?
  • Zane: If elemental powers are passed through bloodlines, how am I(a nindroid) an elemental?
  • Echo Zane: Does Zane still know I exist? Am I an elemental?
  • Pixal: Why can't Borg industries make me a new fucking body?
  • Borg: Why can't I make myself cybernetic legs like that chick in Arrow everybody hates for no good reason?
  • Master Chen: How is it I'm the most despicable and cunning villain so far, yet somehow look hilarious and stupid? Also vaguely racist.
  • Kai: And those are just SOME of the many questions we have.
  • Wu: All good questions that I will *ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*
  • Kai: Friggin dammit, not again.
im gonna rate ninjago villains

longass post, basically i go through ninjago villains and r8 them out of 10 (dont take it too seriously)

Fuck as soon as I saw him I knew I was gonna love him. nobody ever listens to him except on the very rare times when his ideas are actually bad so he gets blamed for bad stuff but never thanked for his good stuff?? honestly. dont hate him. also A+ redemption and best dad honestly he’s just an all-around good snake king 9/10

Loki-esque cannibal snake fucker? He’s def an interesting villain but tbh I’m still bitter that in day of the departed he was the MOST USELESS… literally showed up and yelled a lot and then jumped off a cliff… very relatable tho. Also that whole anacondrai cult thing was very good, defend your culture son (despite… eating them) and good job calling baby lloyd out on his manipulative shit 7/10

Master Chen
straight-up the most entertaining villain. like clearly he has NO potential for redemption but he isnt the kind of boy you hope does? literally he was just there to make things fun and HONESTLY he delivers. buttons man. hell yeah 8/10

he started off as an acceptable villain with that whole garmadon hating backstory and all that dark magic and knowing spells and stuff (and also i love his giant snake pet? id die for her), but then skybound happened. “you conniving deVIL” as if you didnt fucking know thats what was gonna happen dumbass. for fuck’s sake clouse you’re better than this 6/10

Krux and Acronix
this is another literally-made-to-be-entertaining villain set but holy SHIT does it work well, they’re competent but the whole “back in my day” vs “THE FUTURE” thing? fuck man that’s brilliant. honestly every scene they had was a gem to watch. not that i want them redeemed by any means (straight up i hope they die actually) but still 8/10

General Kozu
WHY DOES HE GET NO LOVE. the only stone warrior to speak english and dont come at me saying he didn’t know what Bequeath meant he straight-up KNEW those were ninja the entire time but didn’t care he was so sick of this shit. literally his entire army (probs family?) can get controlled by whoever puts a fucking hat on TELL ME that’s not sad as fuck. wasted potential tbh i hope he’s okay 9/10

what happened here. the first half of the season set him up as this really sad boy who just wanted his friends back and then wanted to avenge his DEAD DIMENSION and honestly that’s SO GOOD? and then in the second half of the season he just started yelling about marriage. personally i theorize that the sword corrupted him but yknow. 10/10 in the first half of the season, 2/10 in the second half, overall 4/10

what the fuck is this 1/10

he fucking WORKS as a villain just to be a villain man. like. literally evil incarnate but he’s INTIMIDATING. he also has one of my favorite villain designs from the entire series? he loses points for consistently wheezing tho like do you need an inhaler or smthn man 9/10

I… i still dont know why yall like him. like yeah he’s redeemed but how? what happened? like if kai had a heartfelt conversation with him while he was possessing lloyd about like, how sometimes youre not the green ninja and that’s fine, then i wouldve understood, but this is…. why. he looks like hes never seen a shower 3/10

this doesnt even need explanation 10000000000/10

Another question. What does the Ninjago fandom consider the best villain to be?

I’m gonna do a full analyze of all the ninjago villains and rank them best to worst but I just want to know what the fandom thinks of them first.

The contestants are:

Lord Garmadon:


The Overlord:

(wow a lot of purple)

Master Chen



and The Time Twins

My mom saw until season 5 of ninjago and she already has headcanons:

- Skylor’s mother died when her daughter was young so Chen had to teach her to be a woman (and forced Clouse to do it too)(my mom is sure that Chen was a Drag Queen in another life)

-Garmadon is the kind of father who dresses his son like him because Lloyd looks tender (and she also said that practically he is Maes Huges of Full Metal Alchemist)

-Misako should practically have lost custody of Lloyd long ago

-Wu should die because practically everything bad that happens is his fault (she hates him since the first season)

-Cole thought to pluck his eyebrows at least once or Jay / Kai tried it while he slept

-Kozu has a degree in languages

-Kai has shouted “IM AN ETERNAL FLAME BABY” … also when riding his fire dragon shouts “ DRACARYS”

-Crypto has the Norton antivirus installed

-Edna should teach“how to be a good mother”to Misako

- Morro does not wear pants

-Garmadon is still brushing his teeth with a knife

-Jay is the electric power source of the house (or rather ship)

-Does not understand why they did not use a stone army against the false anacondrais or against the ghosts

-If when Morro possessed Lloyd had been taken to court it would have sounded like child abuse and not as a phantasmagorical possession

-Zane sings “ Hello my Baby” (zane humor switch song) to Pixal (cute)

-Basically Wu has exploited Lloyd, he has stolen his childhood, he has put his life in danger and he was still going to put it to work in his tea house and she is very sure that he has not been vaccinated either.

- Making a body to Pixal would be very expensive, and the Destiny Bounty does not have many rooms.

-Lloyd never finished elementary school

- Think that when Lloyd was in Darkley; Garmadon was like a shadow to parent-teacher meetings

-Zane is a beautiful angel who deserves the best and there’s nothing wrong with him


Character donghua design

1.   Ye Xiu (Team Happy)
2.   Su Mucheng (Team Happy)
3.   Tang Rou (Team Happy)
4.   Bao Rongxing (Team Happy)
5.   Chen Guo (Team Happy)
6.   Qiao Yifan (Team Happy)
7.   Zhou Zekai (Team Samsara)
8.   Han Wenqing (Team Tyranny)
9.   Zhang Xinjie (Team Tyranny)
10. Wang Jiexi (Team Tiny Herb)
11. Sun Xiang (Team Excellent Era) 
12. Huang Shaotian (Team Blue Rain)

in-game character donghua design

Lord Grim (current owner: Ye Xiu)

One Autumn Leaf (current owner: Sun Xiang)

Vaccaria (current owner: Wang Jiexi)

   Swoksaar (current owner: Yu Wenzhou)

(low quality - screenshots were taken from the animation trailer)

Lego Ninjago Movie: Headcanons.

- Either Kai and Nya’s parents aren’t missing in this universe or Wu is the one taking care of them.

- Show Misako is Wu’s ex-wife and Morro is their adopted son. Morro is four years older than Lloyd (21)

- Morro can still control wind and has a disturbing interest in necromancy. He doesn’t HATE Lloyd but their relationship is pretty weird due to Misako pitting them against each other to see who would be the Green Ninja. Wu and Koko stopped it when they figured out what was going on but it was waaay too late by that point.

- Morro is a kind of Anti-Hero (Think Red Hood). The Ninja call him MOW (Master of Wind). He hates it.

- Misako is Koko’s older sister. 

- Misako isn’t a villain but she’s a very openly toxic person to be around. 

- Movie Wu tells the Ninja EVERYTHING. He holds nothing back.

- Master Chen is the owner of a chain of restaurants and runs a criminal empire. He is Garmadon’s unofficial rival. Garmadon thinks that they’re best friends and the rivalry is playful. It is not and Chen hates him.

- Clouse is the high school Magical Theory teacher. Students are terrified of him and the orb he keeps in a turtle tank and refers to as ‘Overlord’. It occasionally speaks in ancient demonic tongues.

-  Cyrus Borg is the same as he is in the show. 

- Pixal is pretty similar to Zane in a lot of ways except she is far less awkward and more poised. She becomes Samurai X.

- Echo Zane is Zane’s younger brother (9) and Dr. Julian is his father. He sent his sons to school to see if his AI tech works. Dr. Julian is the only parent besides Borg who actually likes Lloyd.

- Skylor is still the master of Amber and is a jock.( Plays volleyball). Her father uses her to spy on Lloyd and his friends. She eventually becomes a Ninja.

-Dareth is a senior and head of the Ninja fan club. Sometimes he’s nice to ‘The Dork Squad’ and sometimes he’s an asshole. 

- Ronin is the senior who sells contraband to the kids in the school. He’s on friendly terms with Lloyd and his friends and has a soft spot for Nya. Will violently defend Lloyd if he has to.

- Nadakhan and his friends are a group of the ‘bad kids’.  Nadakhan has some type of magical powers and has a monster crush on Nya who looks like a girl from his old school. Nya does not appreciate this.

- Harumi is a cheerleader and a secret Garmadon fangirl. 

- Cole is the oldest in their group.

- Jay is the second youngest after Lloyd.


This is the greatest thing to come out of the Tournament of Elements. Hands down.

Just a Thought…

So, remember how during s4 (Tournament of Elements), Kai ended up going crazy from the power of Chen’s staff?

He couldn’t handle the power that came with possessing all the elements.

And at the time, I figured it was just because of the staff. It’s too concentrated. Maybe he wasn’t physically or mentally capable of possessing all that power, or something. Until I stumbled upon this line today:

This was said by Wu to Lloyd, while the ninja were training him at Dareth’s dojo.

Normally I gloss over this line as the usual cryptic stuff that spills out of Wu’s mouth.

But… this time, I thought of what happened with Kai during s4. Lloyd is the embodiment of that staff. He, technically speaking, possess and could harness all of the elements - he was just never trained to.

I guess the point of this post was:

Is it possible that what happened to Kai when he wielded the staff could have potentially/could also happen to Lloyd?

Season 7 Zane Theory

Sooooo, Hands of Time is started to get noticed by everyone now and a lot of people have a lot of different questions. I think the point of unnecessary spoilers has been crossed so I’m going to talk about this season. Now most of the questions people have been asking about this season are mostly relating with Wu, Cole, and Kai and Nya’s parents, but the one thing that has been really itching at my mind is:

What the fuck is with Zane???

After everything we’ve seen, I think it can be safe to assume that elemental powers are passed down in generations where the parent gives their power to their offspring. Even if that’s not the case, It’s fairly certain that the powers our heros have are a genetic thing. But then… how could that be with Zane? He’s a robot with no biological parents so how could he have elemental powers? Well after the information this new season has given us, I think we have enough information to come up with a decent theory. This rant post is going to feature my personal theory about Zane, and how I think he got his elemental power of ice.

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