What if when Vlad was in the hospital he wasn’t close to any windows. So practicing his powers he used them to create his own stars. Also i really like the idea of Danny doubting if Vlad is really a bad person. He’s done bad things but that’s because he has no one to guide him. So is he really bad, or is he just lost?

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‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning…  

captainwindmark-observer  asked:

In the last year since I haven't been in school I've kind of been in an art slump and I've wanted to make some cool things and like you've been a massive inspiration to keep me going and seeing you post old art gives me a lot of hope that I can improve and hopefully do well and I'm so happy that you share art with everyone and are positive and encouraging, so thank you

AW geez, that sucks about the art slump! but something to remember is that we aren’t machines, and low areas of creativity will come and they too shall pass

but that’s something so important, too–seeing transformations. that’s something that always inspired me, and still does. artists that are constantly at work are not staying the same. it’s a constant level of improvement with no ceiling. just last night i redid a piece from…i think, early 2014? and the difference/improvement is pretty prominent:

and i thought then i was as good as i was gonna get. i know a lot of artists get rid of their old work, but i adore seeing old pieces. like, yes, they can be embarrassing, but they’re also mile markers!

i love seeing people try to push their boundaries and strive to create!! so thank YOU! i hope you’re keeping up with it!! ♥♥♥

thescottishmcrdragon  asked:

Can you do some head canons for if Nico had a phase where he couldn't stop making puns?

phase? what phase? that boi always be making puns it’s not a phase mom

  • and always with the straightest face and most casually serious tone like it just some normal thing to be coming out of his mouth
  • and it trips people up all the time because there’s no vocal tell that there’s a pun. Just nico talking in his regular voice like it’s regular shit
  • so many skeleton puns So MAny
  • he’ll be fighting some monster and Nico will casually let a “looks like someone’s got a bone to pick with me.” even if no one is there to hear it
  • Percy approves of the puns most of the time, hell i think most of the crew appreciates seeing Nico feel good enough to make jokes
  • until they get used to it and then Nico’s puns sometimes pull groans from his friends and he’ll stay straight faced but later when he’s alone he’ll just grin super big 
  • people get used to Nico’s puns, and they start coming more frequently because it’s fun to annoy people with bad puns
  • and then Percy starts cracking out the water puns and everyone is so done but do they stop? ofc not.
  • the puns never stop. Nico’s sense of humor is at least 60% puns