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going to be without internet for three days visiting family so here’s some family

Take a moment to think of just
flexibility, love and trust

Just imagine it: Wright and Edgeworth in a retirement community.

God. Think of the calls Trucy would get.

  • “Your father has been banned from bingo night. He yelled ‘objection’ and accused another resident of cheating…again. For what it’s worth, he made a compelling case.”
  • “Your father and Mr. Edgeworth disrupted dinner for approximately four hours last night. Wouldn’t let anyone eat until they finished an impromptu trial they started…someone’s guide dog was the defendant? I don’t know. I heard he won. But anyway, can you ask him to…uh…not do that anymore?”
  • “Mr. Wright stole Mr. Edgeworth’s wheelchair again and now Mr. Edgeworth is hitting him with a cane. They’re both fine. Just thought you should know.”
  • “Sigh…your father…he convinced Mr. Justice he was dying in an attempt to ‘escape’ the community…Please come over immediately, preferably with Miss Cykes. Mr. Justice won’t stop crying.”
  • “Your father may or may not have gotten married to Mr. Edgeworth last night. It was really unclear.”
  • “Please tell Mr. Edgeworth to stop smuggling in dogs. And forcing everyone to watch that decades-old cartoon in the community space.”
  • “Your father went wheelchair racing in the streets and ran into a truck. Don’t worry; he’s fine. Kept laughing the entire time.”
  • “One of our residents passed away and your father and Mr. Edgeworth keep telling everyone it was a murder. Please tell them to stop.”
  • “Actually, it turns out they were right. Sorry.”


My Santa Cruz sisters and I…Dancing in the RAIN. Vibing With my Tribe (SC girls are unique beings of light..I have learned ha!).  Reminds me of my childhood days in South Africa where I could run free and be wild…one with nature. I adore this place.  I never thought it would feel like home….So many doubts and insecurities it has washed away… So welcoming and accepting it has been..Grateful. The redwood trees will always be my counsel and guides. 


How to dad?

Don’t ask Theo because he obviously has no idea.

  • Jay: Guys, I've been on the internet for a while now, and isn't it crazy how two best friends can drift apart and it's sad, but when two strangers slowly become friends, it's also sad because when you remember the older times, they weren't as happy?
  • Kai: Jay, it's 3 AM.
  • Cole: And where's the joke?
  • Lloyd: Jay himself is the only joke here.
  • Jay: I'm just gonna ignore those rude comments. Hey, Cole, remember how much time apart we spent back when Wu first found us? Now we're best friends.
  • Cole: ...
  • Jay: ...
  • Cole: ...
  • Jay: ...
  • Cole, whispering and wiping away a tear: Bro...
  • Jay: Bro.
I, Mind-Flayer

So I was reading something about the Alhoon (mind-flayer mages/liches) and there was the whole thing about how their use of arcane magic makes them outcasts among other Ilithids and it made me think of the episode of a Star Trek: The Next Generation called I, Borg.
For those unfamiliar the episode sees the crew of the enterprise discovering a lone borg drone (who is given the name Hugh by the crew) and it follows the journey of this drone from being just one of the collective to developing a personality and a sense of individuality.
So I thought; what if rather than starting out with a individualistic mind-flayer who used arcane magic for personal gain you instead start with a regular mind-flayer who got completely cut off from the collective and the elder brain and had to use arcane magic to survive without the group which leads to the development of a personality and individuality the same as Hugh the Borg in Star Trek and their whole quest has been getting back to the collective but when they do they aren’t accepted/don’t fit in because of how different they have become.
Could make for a fun NPC or monstrous PC, just a thought.