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So what if you’re not a complete master at something. It doesn’t matter if there are others that are better than you. The most important thing is that you give the very best that you can give.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Lone Rat and Cubs

my favorite thing about Splinter is how he’ll stop at nothing to protect his new family and do something with the second chance he’s been given. that’s such a beautiful message: finding a new purpose despite everything you’ve lost.

proof that sexy lounging was indeed part of the curriculum at the time lord academy:

We are all familiar with Exhibit A:

(Ninth Doctor, The End of the World)

Fewer of us may know of Exhibit B:

(Christopher Eccleston, behind the scenes, The Unquiet Dead)

Fewer still Exhibit C:

(Christopher Eccleston, behind the scenes, Revengers Tragedy)

And now we have Exhibit D:

(The Master, The Doctor Falls)

And Exhibit E:

(John Simm, behind the scenes, The Doctor Falls)

Proving that it’s not just a Nine thing or a CE thing, but also a Master thing and a Simm thing.  SCIENCE!

  • Saturn in the 1st: Capable of mastering the 'self' and loss of 'self'
  • Saturn in the 2nd: Capable of mastering the material plane
  • Saturn in the 3rd: Capable of mastering the mind and its talents
  • Saturn in the 4th: Capable of mastering the art of self reflection and knowledge
  • Saturn in the 5th: Capable of ultimately freeing the inner child
  • Saturn in the 6th: Capable of mastering ultimate health and wellness
  • Saturn in the 7th: Capable of mastering the art of self awareness
  • Saturn in the 8th: Capable of mastering invisible demons
  • Saturn in the 9th: Capable of mastering the Divine experience
  • Saturn in the 10th: Capable of mastering the human experience
  • Saturn in the 11th: Capable of mastering the realm of ideas
  • Saturn in the 12th: Capable of mastering spiritual and psychic intrusion

“In order for us to awaken, we must first deconstruct our imposed fragmented view of the world existing independently (out there) from our minds. This old, egoic paradigm of reality is what creates the illusory division of a ‘separate me’ vs ‘all that is not me’ experience. The only thing that fundamentally exists is the changeless background of undifferentiated awareness in which all perceptions appear.  -Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

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Okay but guys

What if Ventus has been having nightmares this whole time

Because he’s traumatized by all the stuff that happened in Birth by Sleep

And he’s been seeing reiterations of what happened so many times that they start to warp and they’re telling different stories

So now Ven doesn’t know what’s real or what to trust anymore, his dreams are slowly derailing further and further from the truth

Things like people’s actions and words start to get mixed up, was it Terra or Aqua who first warned him about Vanitas, did he really meet up with the others in Radiant Garden at all, how much did he enjoy growing up with Terra, Aqua, and Eraqus, again

Did Master Eraqus talk about eventually killing Ventus regularly or is that his imagination

Did Aqua leave him in Castle Oblivion to protect him or to make him a prisoner again


Martial artists must possess humility and selflessly serve others…. Bushido devoid of this spirit of humility is nothing more than violence.” -Shihan Ōtake Risuke

He is the master of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu -  Japan’s oldest and most traditional sword school - considered the pinnacle of classic Japanese martial arts. It was founded in the Muromachi era (1336-1573).
It is an amazing privilege that warriors can learn from centuries of unbroken Japanese tradition, and also that they have opened their doors to share with the rest of us.

The clip is from a full movie called ‘Art of the Japanese Sword’ by Empty Mind Films, that came out in 2010- available to watch on Youtube for under $5.

Thanks so much to Marc S. for sharing this with me!

Someone mentioned Severus Snape with a manbun.
Terrible cauldron/smoke is terrible. The clothing design is inspired by @lifeofapottedplant‘s amazing work.

I really don’t think his hair would manage to STAY in a manbun very well- it’d start out all nice and neat and then end up wisping all over the place. Still better than having all of it in his face while he’s brewing, though. 

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El Amor Verdadero

Por Thích Nhất Hạnh.

El amor verdadero consta de cuatro elementos que el maestro zen y pacifista Thích Nhất Hạnh describe de la siguiente manera:

BONDAD – Maitri : La bondad en el amor es la inclinación natural a hacer el bien ante todo. De acuerdo al Buda, la bondad es el elemento esencial del amor e implica compartir la alegría del corazón, la que a su vez nos provee con la capacidad de hacer feliz al otro.

Para ser bondadosos con nuestros seres queridos, el Buda recomienda observarlos de cerca pues allí radica nuestra capacidad para comprenderlos realmente. Observar al otro no es una acción física, con los ojos, sino una acción del alma y del corazón.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 7

Was it two years ago, perhaps? The flowers in the royal garden were so beautiful, so I moved them to the greenhouse. But they did not bloom the following year.  Only the stems grew. It was almost as if it was an act of rebellion. I assumed that it was because I uprooted them from the garden, and waited another year. But the flowers did not bloom that year, either. I grew tired of waiting and asked the gardener to look into it. He told me that this flower only blooms if it gets cold. To think that they couldn’t bloom because they were inside the warm greenhouse! Isn’t that fascinating?

Master List

Harry Potter Fanfics;

Young!James, Sirus, Reader- Nothing But Trouble

Neville X Reader-  Oops

Neville X Reader- It’s Been A Long Ride Without You

Young!Remus Lupin X Reader-  Dance With Me

Fred, George, Reader-  Girl Time

Newt Scamander X Reader-  A Caring Hand

Severus Snape X Professor!Reader (Smut)-  Firewhiskey Holidays

Severus Snape, Apprentice!Reader- Coming Back To Start Anew

Severus Snape X Reader (Smut)- I’ve Always Been Yours

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Severus Snape X Reader (Smut)- Bound To You

Draco Malfoy X Reader (Smut)-  Confidence

Marvel Fanfics;

Bucky Barnes X Reader (NSFW)- Show Me Your Soul

~This Bucky Fanfiction isn’t finished and it’s a slow update but I thought i would add it if anyone is interested. It is also on AO3 Not tumblr, not yet at least.~

Bucky Barnes X Reader (Drabble)- I’m Not A Villain

Bucky Barnes X OC- Painting The Sky; 

Part One   -   

Steve Rogers X Reader- Sign My Poster

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Tony Stark X Reader (Smut)-  Easy Peasy

Loki X Reader (NSFW)-  Private Book

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Bruce Banner X Reader-  Coded Green

(Will Update as I add more!)