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I low-key head-cannon this so hard.


Martial artists must possess humility and selflessly serve others…. Bushido devoid of this spirit of humility is nothing more than violence.” -Shihan Ōtake Risuke

He is the master of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu -  Japan’s oldest and most traditional sword school - considered the pinnacle of classic Japanese martial arts. It was founded in the Muromachi era (1336-1573).
It is an amazing privilege that warriors can learn from centuries of unbroken Japanese tradition, and also that they have opened their doors to share with the rest of us.

The clip is from a full movie called ‘Art of the Japanese Sword’ by Empty Mind Films, that came out in 2010- available to watch on Youtube for under $5.

Thanks so much to Marc S. for sharing this with me!

Open To Interpretation: Negan x Reader

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A/N: Ya’ll. I’m so fuckin’ swamped in responsibility. I feel a lil guilty about coming back with something non-Rami but fuck it. Some other things I wanna say: Send me anything. Send me asks. I wanna answer you guys’ questions. Be nosy as hell. Also, I have something you might be interested in coming up after my birthday which is in like 2 weeks. Please feel free to request more Negan stuff, I’m branching out bitches.


Warnings: Inappropriate teacher/student relationship (student is of legal age in the US and UK), smut, the usual. Also, I wrote the character a little more like myself bc I feel like I keep writing the same kind of reader and its getting tedious. Hit my inbox if this is you af. ALSO HIT MY INBOX IF YOU’VE EVER HAD ANY KIND OF TEACHER/STUDENT RELATIONSHIP? SPILL THE TEA I’M NOSY.

Word count: 4448  

“Preserving innocent life, orderly living in society, worshipping god, educating children, and reproducing.” His deep, gravelly voice fills the lecture hall. All his students are enraptured, a rare thing for many teachers. He pauses before continuing. “What are the issues with these precepts that Aquinas put forward?”

You bite your lip anxiously. Answering questions in class isn’t an issue for you, in fact your teachers often tell you to give the other students a chance, but your Philosophy and Ethics professor makes you somewhat nervous. Tall, late forties, gorgeous black beard with silver streaks and piercing hazel eyes. The recipe for a crippling medley of anxiety and attraction.

Despite this, impressing him and getting your grade is often the reason you manage to pluck up the courage to respond to his queries, his opinion of you is something you are very conscious of. You glance around the room to see no one has raised their hand. You decide to take one for the team, slowly lifting your arm from the desk.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 7

Was it two years ago, perhaps? The flowers in the royal garden were so beautiful, so I moved them to the greenhouse. But they did not bloom the following year.  Only the stems grew. It was almost as if it was an act of rebellion. I assumed that it was because I uprooted them from the garden, and waited another year. But the flowers did not bloom that year, either. I grew tired of waiting and asked the gardener to look into it. He told me that this flower only blooms if it gets cold. To think that they couldn’t bloom because they were inside the warm greenhouse! Isn’t that fascinating?

Four Bedrooms


Based on this story told at Jibcon 2017
3.7k words

The thing is, Misha’s a liar.

He stretches the truth when he knows it’ll be to his advantage. He flatout lies when he thinks the truth will upset someone more than he’s willing to deal with.

So when he offhandedly invites Jensen and Jared to his rented house for the duration of filming the season 12 finale, he doesn’t expect them to take him up on the offer until after he’s already told them it’s a four-bedroom house.

It’s not a four-bedroom house.

The downstairs consists of a cramped living room with a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, a small kitchen with enough counter space for exactly one cutting board and a sitting area with a wooden table and three chairs instead of four. The upstairs is one hallway with a master bedroom on one end and a much smaller bedroom on the other end. The spare bedroom barely has enough space for a full-sized bed. There’s one bathroom upstairs, between the bedrooms.

“Uh, you sure this is the right place?” Jensen asks as he sets his duffel bag down on the small couch in the living room.

“I might’ve…stretched the truth a bit,” Misha replies sheepishly.

Jensen turns to him, hands planted on his hips, unimpressed glare on his face. “I’m not sleeping on the couch.”

As Misha opens his mouth to respond, the door bangs open and Jared comes in with a whistle.

“Wow, Misha,” Jared says as he looks around the small room. “This is as awesome as you hyped it up to be.”

“I never said it was glamorous.”

“You also didn’t say it was the size of a broom closet,” Jared replies as he throws his stuff on top of Jensen’s. “Where are we sleeping?”

Jensen and Misha share a look before both turning back toward Jared. Misha says, “We can worry about that after work tonight I guess.”

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Some “friendly” reminders about Mick Rory for y’all:
  • He was orphaned in his teens
    - “Last Refuge” (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • His father was verbally threatening
    - “I’m gonna kill you.” “You sound just like my dad.” (1x12)
  • He has a history of self-harm
    - “You think by hurting yourself, it’s gonna make you feel better?” (1x12)
  • He has burn marks on over half of his body
    - “Revenge of the Rogues” (The Flash)
  • He feels generally out of place and alone in the world
    - “I don’t know who my people are anymore.” (1x06)
  • He was effectively betrayed by the only person he trusts
    - (Len disarming him for his own good) (1x06 + 1x07)
  • He spent lifetimes being brainwashed at the vanishing point
    - “Left Behind” (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He was recaptured and subjected to their brainwashing
    - “Destiny” (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He lost his partner of over 30 years
    - “Destiny” (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He was seen drinking large amounts of alcohol after his partner’s death
    - Season 2 (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • The Time Masters continuously violated his mind
    - “Camelot/3000″ (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He started hallucinating his dead partner
    - “The Chicago Way” (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He was able to take down an entire army with his traumas
    - “Camelot/3000″ (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He got punished for betraying a team that hardly ever treated him well
    - “Doomworld” (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He saw his partner coldly kill an alternate version of himself
    - “Aruba” (Legends of Tomorrow)

Feel free to add to the list.


Ziggy Marshall, magician!

I had a Mattel Fashionista Zigzag Curvy hanging around, the cool WOC with half cornrows and half rooted blond curls. I also recently acquired a Wolf King Female Joker, mostly for her cool clothes, a reinterpretation of the Joker’s from Batman Begins. The two-tone hair on the accompanying sculpt put me in mind of Zigzag, whose head I liked more. I decided to make a person cosplaying the Joker.

Of course, that’s where my idea started, but Ziggy took it in her own direction. At first I thought I could pop her head on the Wolf King body and just paint the neck to match, then hide the rest with clothes. Well, it turns out that paint don’t stick to those #%&%@$ squishy bust bodies, so I hacked off the Curvy’s bust. I removed the arms and reamed out the inside of the bust with my Dremel, then glued it over the Wolf King framework. Then I had only to cover everything else up with clothes, which I did. Ziggy’s pink socks prompted me to keep her BRIGHT PINK lips and then add some more pink in the form of the hair covering her original rooting area.

Anyway, folks, here’s Ziggy Marshall, the Maestra of Mystery, the Magical Master…Maestro of Mistress… Fuck it. The title is still a work in progress, apparently. Anyway, she’s a stage magician. She can juggle pretty well, but her specialty is scrying, which is cold reading with an acrylic juggling ball as a prop.