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Hello, I would like to try a planted tank, but i have no clue how to start. I've been doing some research but i keep coming across terms like root tabs, water collum and substrate that I dont know. I have a 10 gallon tank that will have a betta after everything is planted and good. Any tips or help you can offer?

Hey @justanothersortasmartfangirl​! :p Hopefully these explanations of the terms ‘root tabs’, ‘water column’, and ‘substrate’ help you out! :) If you need/want further explanation or need/want me to explain them to you in a different way, please let me know! :)

Root Tabs: small tablets or capsules of plant fertililzer that can be put into the substrate, under plants, that slowly release nutrients. Usually they’re used in tanks with sand substrate, but you can add them to any substrate! You can buy them commercially, from hobbyists, or diy them yourself!

Water column: the water in your tank, basically….usually we refer to the tank’s water as the ‘water column’ because there are different levels of the ‘water column’: top, mid, and bottom. Some fish occupy the top level of the water column (like hatchets), some occupy the mid level of the water column (most school fish, like neon tetras), and others occupy the bottom of the water column (like corydoras). fun fact: you can usually tell what part of the water column a fish generally inhabits by looking at their mouth! Usually a fish’s mouth position determines where their food source is, and therefore where they spend a good amount of their time :) superior = top, terminal = middle, inferior = bottom. Another place that you might hear the term ‘water column’ is when people talk about cycling. A common myth is that beneficial (nitrifying) bacteria live in the ‘water column’ (aka the water in your tank), when they actually live on the surfaces in your tank!

Substrate: the ground cover at the bottom of your tank. Sand and gravel are ‘substrates’! There are also plant-specific ‘substrates’ like Fluorite or Eco-Complete or ADA Amazonia. If a tank has no ‘substrate’ then it is called a ‘bare-bottom’ tank :)

Planted tanks are awesome! I keep at least a few live plants in all my tanks! They help to take excess nutrients out of the water and look fantastic imo :)

Tidbits for Planted Tanks:

  • If there’s a specific substrate that you want / prefer / need: pick plants that work with that substrate! (ex: don’t get dwarf hair grass if you want gravel)
  • If there are specific plants you want: pick a substrate that will work with them. (ex: if you want amazon swords, pick a nutrient-rich plant substrate)
  • Some plant substrates leach ammonia for a few weeks. I believe that this is supposed to help your tank cycle and to give your plants some extra nutrients. If you use a substrate that leaches, a fishless cycle is recommended.
  • If you’re on a budget: sand is going to be your cheapest option, root tabs optional (depending on the plants you want to put in your tank).
  • Not all plants need to be planted: Marimos and banana plants don’t need to be planted, and sit on top of the substrate. Mosses can be left floating or tied/glued to things. Frogbit and duckweed float on the surface of the water. These kinds of plants do well in any tank, whether the substrate is gravel, sand, plant substrate, glass stones, barebottom, etc.
  • Some plants are ‘ root feeders’, meaning that they take most of their nutrients from the substrate. You can grow root feeders (like amazon swords) in sand (though they seem to prefer / grow larger leaves in plant substrate) they’ll just grow…really long roots lol when i put swords in my sand-only tank, they used more energy to grow roots than leaves! i had 12″ roots on a 3″ sword after a month or so! Adding root tabs to sand is a good idea if you want plants that are heavy ‘root feeders’.
  • Some plants are ‘water column’ feeders, meaning that they take most of their nutrients from the water in your tank. These plants can grow floating (like duckweed and frogbit) or be left floating or planted (like anacharis: you can stick it in the substrate or you can let it float).
  • Most root-feeders do best with a plant substrate, such as Fluorite
  • Most water-column-feeders aren’t picky and will do well with any substrate
  • Some plants have ‘rhizomes’, which is like a big fat horizontal ‘root’ that the smaller roots grow down from and the stems/leaves grow up from. Anubias and java ferns are popular rhizome plants! These plants can be superglued to stuff, tied to stuff, or planted. If you choose to plant your rhizome-plants be sure to bury only bury the roots, burying the rhizome may kill the plant.
  • Mosses can be left floating, superglued to stuff, or tied around stuff. Moss-covered driftwood is pretty popular!
  • Not all plants require fertilizer, but it usually doesn’t hurt to have some! Seachem Flourish is what I use, but there are probably quite a few more liquid fertilizers that are popular in the hobby. If you add inverts like shrimp to a tank, make sure that your fertilizer is safe for them!
  • Not all plants require CO2 (a tank that has CO2 (and usually high-lighting and lots of fertilizers) is referred to as a ‘high-tech planted tank’, a tank that has no CO2 (usually low to medium lighting, ferts optional) is referred to as a ‘low-tech planted tank’), but some plants (like dwarf baby tears) require CO2. Plants that require high light and CO2 aren’t usually recommended for beginners, but if you find that you really really really want a tank with a nice ‘carpet’ (some plants stay small and spread until they cover the whole layer of substrate; these plants are referred to as ‘carpeting plants’. popular carpeting plants include s. repens, dwarf baby tears, and dwarf hair grass.) and some other high-needs plants then do a ton of research and go for it! :)
  • Some plants require lots of one specific nutrient, like iron! Red plants and swords usually need more iron :) You can buy nutrient-specific supplemental fertilizers like Seachem Flourish Iron or Flourish Potassium.
  • Plants are usually labelled as ‘high-light’, ‘medium-light’, or ‘low-light’. Plants that grow under nearly any standard bulb or low-output LED light are usually ‘low-light’ plants (anubias, marimos, most mosses, anacharis). Some plants prefer a brighter light (like amazon swords), like a plant-specific light (like a finnex stingray or something like that). Others require very high light to survive and thrive. 
  • The rating of a light (low, medium, or high) is usually measured in PAR (photosynthetically active radiation). 
  • You may also hear about a certain light fixture’s “temperature”, which refers to the color spectrum of a light (some lights put off more blue or red light), which is measured in ‘Kelvin’. 
  • You may sometimes hear lighting in terms of “watts per gallon”, which was a popular standard of measuring lighting output when most people used T5/T8 lighting (those long tube bulbs). As we’ve moved more and more into LED lighting, PAR has become a much more accurate way to measure light rating! 

Handy Dandy Linkeroos:

Aquarium LED Lights (priced low to high):

Liquid Fertilizers:

  • Seachem Flourish Line (Flourish, Flourish Excel, Flourish Iron, Flourish Potassium, etc.)
  • Aquarium Co-op’s Easy Green (i’ve been wanting to try this out for a while…it’s on my aquarium wishlist! i’ve heard great things and another youtuber who grows and sells plants and was developing his own fertilizer formula said that the Easy Green Formula was quite close to his. If anyone has tried it, please leave a mini review!)
  • API Leafzone (I’ve seen some people on here who use it, but I haven’t personally used it. If you use this, please leave a mini review!)
  • Brighwell Aquatics’s FlorinMulti (I have some, but I haven’t used it yet. If you’ve used this product, please leave a mini review!)

Hopefully this info helps you out! :D Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to clarify further! :) Feel free to share how your planted tank turns out!! :D

If anyone else has anything to add (posts, corrections, helpful tidbits), please do!


Apparently, Gohan never played a ranked Overwatch game…


Tina Turner at her home in View Park, California circa 1972.

The mid-century home features front door handles that are molds of Tina’s hands. The Family Room includes a waterfall with a pond and a wet bar with a built in fish tank. The Master Bedroom has an elevated pedestal for the bed with multi colored overhead lighting. The Turners sold the home in the late 1970′s after their separation. The house was so well-preserved that it was used for the filming What’s Love Got to Do With It (1993), a film loosely based on Tina Turner’s life. 

Tidbits from the PAX Q&A

- DoL/DoH will be streamlined similarly to DoW/DoM at seventy .

- They are working on something Krile-related for the shop (yay!).

- Regarding seasonal events: they want to re-utilize existing assets for events, like the 2016 Halloween (No Halloween!) event.

- Jumping puzzles… I don’t know how to feel about that one…

- “What’s the status on the male bunny outfit?” Yoshi-P pretends to walk off stage. Roegadyn and Hyur are done, though. The other races are on hold, because Stormblood. “Hyur one was pretty nice, pretty sexy.”

- Any plans for raid tier set bonuses? No.

- Plans on expanding on old clan lore, e.g. Duskwight? There might be something, but he can’t say if and what. No spoilers here, obviously. “If I say something about that to the lore team, they’ll say: We want to make another lorebook, so…”

- Weapon/Armor racks for interior furnishings? Will be done within 4.X.

- Will there be a diving log/underwater sightseeing? Maybe, needs to doublecheck.

- Any new tank class, like a puppet master tank? (What, why this question?) “If we add one now, I’ll die, the dev team will die, then there’ll be no Stormblood. We haven’t even finished that yet. Please play through Stormblood first.”

EDIT: NA datacenter will be moving and the servers will be expanded/upgraded! ETA middle of May, before the SB launch. Official notification will come in time. Stay tuned for more details.

Centurions are a type of Space Marine heavy infantry equipped with Centurion Armour. Essentially walking tanks, Centurion units are commonly divided into two types of squads.

A Centurion Warsuit allows a Space Marine to stride into battle with the firepower of a battle tank and the protection of thick ablative plates of ceramite, making him immune to all but the most powerful of weapons. Named for the Space Marine leaders of old, the Centurion STC design was unearthed in the aftermath of the Age of Apostasy and after sanction by the Adeptus Mechanicus, they found their way into the armories of almost every Space Marine Chapter.

Centurions are brutal specialist weapons tactically deployed as line breakers and besiegers - where haste is less important than durability. The suits themselves do not interfere with the Black Carapace of a Space Marine, and they do not need to be surgically implanted within the warsuit as is the case with a Dreadnought. Battle-Brothers learn to pilot Centurions as part of their vehicle training, and pilots are not chosen from the 1st Company. Instead, they are chosen from the Chapter’s Assault and Devastator units. The most frequent explanation of this is that a Centurion’s role requires a Space Marine to be fully immersed in a particular style of war, while the bulky exosuits lack the degree of tactical flexibility that the Chapter’s Veterans require.

Space Marines are trained extensively to pilot Centurion troops, in particular to deal with a Devastator Centurions enormous weapons recoil and the complexities of using a siege drill under fire while operating an Assault Centurion. Only after a Space Marine has mastered operating tanks and aircraft will they be permitted to pilot a Centurion suit.

Beneath Your Beautiful

You had a love/hate relationship with your natrual hair. Growing up in a affluent area as one of the few black families, throughout your childhood  you had your hair pulled and straightened to hide your natrual curls from pre school to your high school graduation. 

Nowadays, you wore a sew in weave, wanting to hide your real hair. You had bought into the idea that they weren’t something to applaud, that men wouldn’t find beautiful, that you weren’t  beautiful. 

Your boyfriend, T'Challa found you to be ‘the most beautiful person he’d ever met’ - his words, not yours and was sad to see that you didn’t see what he saw all the time. The biggest insecurity he found you had was with your hair.

He saw you wearing your weaves as some sort of wall not just between the two of you but between who you wanted to be and who you really were and while he saw some of who you really were through your personality, he wanted the real you.

He approached you while you were in your master bathroom, in your tank top and shorts you wore to bed, standing at the sink moisturisingyour face.

He wrapped his arms around your torso and peppered kisses on your shoulder and neck.

“Hey baby” You greeted in tired voice. He hummed in response. 

“You know how much I love you, don’t you?” You nodded silently and he turned you to face him so you were leaning on the edge of the sink, his hands resting on your hips. 

“I love everything about you but what I don’t love is that you are only showing me part of you” You stiffened slightly, knowing what he was talking about but you remained silent “I want you to know that when you are with me, you can be you, emotionally” He then brushed a strand of hair out of your face"   “And physically. I can’t tell you what to do, I will respect whatever decision you make and will love you as always but for what is worth, I would like to see the woman underneath”

T'Challa kissed your forehead and before he left said: "Just because your beauty is not mass produced that does not mean it does not fill every space you enter"


You awoke early the next morning. You lied, eyes wide open, still thinking over the words of your boyfriend team night before. You looked over at the shirtless prince who was fast asleep, chiseled chest rising up and down slowly. He said he would love you no matter what you did but after around half an hour of thinking, yourmind was made.

You slowly got up, not wanting to wake him and slipped into the bathroom, closing the door behind you. You looked in the mirror, and bent your head slightly to see where the weave was sewn in and grabbing a metal tailed comb, you began to get it out of your hair. 

When it was out you sighed in…relief. You felt free as if you were undoing rope that had been binding you for years. You started on another and another and did not stop

T'Challa woke up and rolled over, expecting you to be there but was surprised to find your side of the bed cold. He rubbed his eyes before standing up and streching before turning around and what he saw next surprised him.

You walked out of the bathroom, head bowed shyly as the two of you made your way to each other. Your hair was no longer the wavy weave you had chosen but a small afro of curls that you had hidden away for so long. You looked up at him to find him smiling softly at you.

He gently pulled at a curl, watching it bounce back, causing you both to chuckle. His hands then cupped your face.

“Nice to meet you, (y/n)” T'Challa said 

“Nice to meet you two” You replied before he pulled you into a loving yet intense kiss. He then kissed your hair, all over, triggering a delighted giggle from you before he pulled you into a hug.

“I love you” You said, kissing his shoulder then resting your head on it.

“I love you too” T'Challa replied. And you always knew he did.