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011: One of you sleeps on the sofa

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To the dear anon that requested this such a very long time ago, all I can do is apologise for how long this has taken me to write. I really hope that it doesn’t disappoint, and that you’ve still stuck around my blog so you see it!

Thank you all for your continued support, despite my absence. I don’t deserve you!

There is a swear (curse) word in Zayn’s preference.

“Are you done staring at Ashton yet?” Niall says bitingly, as he joins you where you are sat on your bed. “I can practically see the drool on your chin,” he adds, before you have time to drag your attention away from your laptop screen.
“I wasn’t staring at Ashton,” you defend yourself. “I was just watching the guys new video, it’s really good,” you explain and Niall just lets out a single chuckle.
“I know you fancy him, Y/N,” Niall says, acting cool. “You should just admit it, it’s no big deal,” he adds, but you can tell that he’s made jealous by the thought.
“Ni, I don’t fancy Ashton. Sure he’s cute, but I only fancy you,” you say, hoping this will cheer him up. You put your laptop aside and attempt to snuggle close to him.
“I told you, it’s really no big deal,” Niall says shrugging you off.
You sigh heavily as you realise that Niall is going to remain stubborn. Suddenly you remember the award show you attended with Niall last week, Ashton had been there too and you complimented him on his outfit.
“Okay, maybe I do kind of fancy Ashton,” you say, shrugging your own shoulders to join Niall in acting indifferent, trying a different tactic. You watch as his body stiffens and he suddenly looks you in the eyes, as if trying to read the level of truth in your statement.
“Yeah, well I fancy Laura,” he suddenly snaps. “I think she’s really gorgeous, and she’s so much fun to be around,” he adds, glaring at you, making you start to feel jealous.
“Good! Well maybe you can go and sleep with her instead!” You snap back, feeling hurt.
“Fine. Maybe I will,” Niall spits back before turning his back on you and heading out the bedroom door.
You sit there on the bed, seething at the way Niall has behaved. You listen out for the front door to slam shut behind him, but it never comes. Time passes with no sound from Niall and you assume that he must have plonked himself in front of the TV to watch sport. You wait for him to come back upstairs to bed, but after hours pass and there is no sign of him, you begin to accept that he probably isn’t.
After awhile you can’t keep yourself awake any longer and drift off into a restless sleep, waking only a few hours later. It is 3am when you awake and look at the time. You feel the empty space beside you where Niall has never come to bed and it makes you feel empty too.
Wrapping a blanket around yourself, you creep down the stairs and towards the sitting room. Pushing the door open gently, you see Niall fast asleep on the sofa. You move over towards him and watch as he stirs.
“Hey sleepy,” you whisper. You watch as his face is etched with confusion and then slowly he makes sense of where he is. “You should come to bed, darling. You need to rest properly,” you tell him.
“I’m sorry,” he suddenly croaks from the dark before taking your hand and leading you upstairs to your bedroom. Both of you snuggle into bed and Niall pulls your body close to his, until he is spooning you. “I’m sorry I got jealous, petal,” he whispers into your ear.
“M'sorry I said I fancied Ashton, Ni,” you reply, enjoying the feeling of being back in his arms.
“S'okay. I’m sorry I said I fancied Laura. I don’t fancy anyone else, because I have the most beautiful girl in world,” Niall whispers, kissing gently the sensitive spot behind your ear.
“I love you,” you say through a smile.
“I love you too,” Niall answers, and you can hear in his voice that he is smiling too, as you slip into a beautifully comfortable sleep.

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