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Stevonnie Fusion Masterpost

From left to right: 

Titanium Quartz 2.5, Strawberry Quartz 2.5 & Blueberry Quartz 2.5, Cherry Quartz 2.5, Smoky Quartz 2.5, Rainbow Quartz 2.5, Tangerine Quartz 2.5 & Druzy Quartz 2.5

I literally had the best time designing these fusions over the past few days. Steven fusions are done so often, and other great artists, such as @artifiziell and @mrhaliboot have done a FANTASTIC job in doing so. But no one ever really does Stevonnie fusions so I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to. And to think this all started out from a simple Stevonnie and Pearl request lol

You may be wondering why I did not do a Jasper fusion and that is because I focused on the Crystal Gems as of now (I still consider Bismuth a Crystal Gem because she’s one of the originals) Jasper is not a Crystal Gem as of yet and I feel like this would be a horrible fusion for all three of them! I want them to be happy fusing with a gem, not miserable!

Please tell me who your favorite(s) are in the comments. I really want to know! (Mine is Rainbow Quartz and Druzy Quartz)


Yes, even you can master the smoky eye (with a little help from Michelle Phan) >> 

The signs as weird/funny shit that happened at my school (part 2!)
  • Aries: When one of my friends told one of my guy friends that he should get a girlfriend and my other friend responded by saying "oh, you mean a FUCK-BUDDY?" really loudly in the library and everyone stared.
  • Taurus: When some nerd in my AP US history class was trying to prompt the teacher to move the test to an earlier date (much to everyone's disdain)and the teacher went up to him, put a hand on his shoulder, and said "this is why nobody likes you."
  • Gemini: When one of my friends was able to swallow an orange in 6 seconds because we would literally have orange swallowing competitions during lunch, but had to stop doing those because someone almost choked.
  • Cancer: when we would yell "YOU GIVE ME CANCER" every time someone said something stupid during color guard practice but had to change it to "you give me arthritis" because someone told us the original one was potentially too offensive.
  • Leo: The girl in my choir class who claimed that she "mastered the smoky eye look" but actually just looked like she got punch in the face and had a black eye.
  • Virgo: We played a prank on our English teacher and he pretended to get pissed off and gave everyone detention forms to fill out, looking very serious. We were all really scared and thought we were actually in trouble over a prank. Then he finally lost his shit and we realized he was kidding. He pranked us back and it was savage AF.
  • Libra: When I was taking a math test and me and my entire class could overhear a really loud break-up argument happening in the hallway. My math teacher decided to interrupt them by shouting "JUST KISS AND MAKE UP" and slammed the door shut.
  • Scorpio: The obnoxious freshman fuckboy whose method of flirting with a girl was by asking "I've got a dick and a knife, which one do you want in you?"
  • Sagittarius: When one of my friends showed up to school wearing a giant red lobster costume and proceeded to take pictures with random people for the rest of the day.
  • Capricorn: When our band director threatened to put his "Jew magic" on the people who weren't playing their music right.
  • Aquarius: When some idiot made a snapchat story that said he was going to shoot up the school. The next day, word got out and only a quarter of the school showed up to attendance. Me, being the brave soul that I was, experienced one of the emptiest school days ever. Nothing happened and the kid was expelled.
  • Pisces: When my history teacher, a major germaphobe, stopped mid-lecture and kicked a guy out the class because he sneezed in her direction and didn't cover it.