master rook

  • Jyn: That's ridiculous. Cassian doesn't have a crush on me!
  • Bodhi: Yes he does.
  • Baze: Yes he does.
  • Chirrut: Yes he does.
  • Shara: Yes he does.
  • Kes: Yes he does.
  • Leia: Yes he does.
  • Han: Yes he does.
  • Luke: Yes he does.
  • Cassian: Yes I do.
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Rodrick Heffley x Reader

It Feels so wrong, but So Right part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

Silent Night, No-so-Holy Night


The 100:

Bellamy Blake x Reader


Unity Day Fun (Jasper Jordan x reader + Bellamy)

Jasper Jordan x Reader

Dirty Talk


Unity Day Fun (Jasper Jordan x reader + Bellamy)

Jealousy Gets You Somewhere

Chipped Jasper Smut DUBCON


Sweet Boy

S3verse Jasper x Reader 

Join Me

Not Yet Pet part 1 part 2

John Murphy x Reader


Rogue One:

Bodhi Rook x Reader

Warm Welcome


Bodhi Rook x Pregnant!Reader

You’re Bodhi Rook’s Girlfriend part 2 part 3 part 4


Rogue One - Elements Aesthetics

Jyn Erso - Water = the element of change.

Cassian Andor - Fire = the element of power.

Bodhi Rook - Avatar = master of the elements.

Chirrut Îmwe - Air = the element of freedom.

Baze Malbus - Earth = the element of substance.

K-2SO - Companion = droid buddy to the Avatar and their team.

[HP Houses.] [x MCU.]

Jealousy (Jacob Frye x reader)

Synopsis: Jacob gets jealous after seeing you and a fellow Rook talking and laughing together and gives you the silent treatment.

Relationship: Jacob x female reader

Genre: Angst/fluff

Warnings: None

Word count: 2,315

 (This story is inspired by a dream I had a few nights ago. The beginning and end parts are made up, and the middle part is based on the actual dream. This is my first Jacob fic/drabble so hope it’s okay!)

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Big Gay Adventure character concept sketches

Sam Rooke:

“You know how your arm is supposed to bend like that? Yeah, its not bending like that.”

 A gifted prodigy magician. After breaking all conventions at his arcane academy he was heavily fought over by the greatest mages of all time to have him as an apprentice, each master proving to pale in comparison to his raw power. At the age of sixteen he graduated from his studies with literal flying colors, becoming the youngest magician in history to be granted ownership of one of the 22 leyline hotspots, The Spire of Fortune. However, less then a month into his residency, years of stress and expectation caught up with his naive world view and complete lack of experience, causing the Spire to drain his powers instead of amplify them. Completely “empty” by his and the magical community’s description, Master Rooke was exiled from the community and reduced to a normal un-special dude with nothing but broken ambitions and a laughably low work ethic. 

Gully Briar: 

“Did I fucking stutter?”

She’ll kick life’s ass, she’ll kick your ass, she’ll kick her own damn ass if thats what needs to happen. A proud alumni of the “Hard Knock Academy of Tough Learning”, everything Gully is she’s had to fight tooth and nail to be. Parentless and penniless from the very cradle, she’s hopped from place to place as a seamstress, a cook’s maid, a pickpocket, and in a particularly dark chapter of her life an acrobat in a circus. It was there that she met Dove and Lonan, the latter taking her in as a squire and forming the first generation of The Tumbling Brotherhood. Though she considers herself a jack of all trades, it is her current goal to become the world’s greatest swordsman. A venture she is so sure will be successful, she has already stitched the title into all her handkerchiefs.

Devonne “Dove” O’Shae: 

“Oh what the heck? Throw in a trainwreck!”

No one is completely sure what happened to this poor woman to make her the insane husk of a human being she is today, but the general consensus is “everything”. Prone to accidents and perpetually ill, she is such a lightning rod for misfortune that many often wonder how she has made it to her (relatively) old age. Despite this however, Dove is determinately kind and loving to everyone she comes across, be it friend or foe. Her endless chronicle of unfortunate events has hardened her to all but the most dire of circumstances, and given her a comparatively optimistic outlook on life. This has also caused her to develop a somewhat morbid sense of humor, and will often share her horrific adventures with her friends between fits of laughter. 

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Imagine you and Donatello are experts in the art of puns. You either surprise each other with some amazing puns, or make everyone else groan as you both say the same pun at the exact same moment - usually at inappropriate punning times! 

The pair of you often engage in pun wars and today is no exception. You each go round to friends and allies either in person, or by text, and try to tell the best pun you can. Safe to say, by the end of the day, nobody can stand to be within yelling distance of either of you, but you don’t care. Puns are great! 

i respect your opinions but:

here me out: Poe Dameron was not obsessed with Cassian Andor. He was obsessed with Bodhi Rook. 

Yeah, Cassian is this amazing intelligence agent, but Bodhi. Bodhi. Bodhi Rook is a master pilot. Bodhi Rook was an imperial pilot, and was brave enough to see the empire for what it truly was. He’s the one who ran for his life to deliver a message for Galen Erso bc he knew it was the right thing to do, and bc he wanted to make up for everything he’d done with the empire. One of a million cargo pilots, he still felt responsible enough to find Saw Garerra (a known terrorist extremist) on a hostile planet, and when that didn’t work? After the mind fuckery and the torture? he joins the fucking rebellion and goes to get the death star plans on a suicide mission. 

so yeah, cassian andor is amazing (worth adoration of his own) but for Poe? He saw a stormtrooper take off his mask and show a real face - a scared face on someone who was supposed to be his enemy. maybe he was thinking about Bodhi Rook, hero of the rebellion and pilot of Rogue One, who defected the empire all those years ago. maybe this is why he was willing to take that chance

Dance Rules :: Rook & Baby

Baby hopped from one foot to the other in and out of the marble tile squares. He was excited to see the dancing and also to see Master Rook. He hadn’t seen the Dominant since he’d shown the man around the Estate. It felt like that was so long ago… before Master Owen had left, before he’d given his body to Master Ki. But he’s not thinking about any of that, he’s just excited and exuberant, dressed in the best clothes he has which granted is just his jeans without holes and a button up shirt that he’s managed to sew buttons on for each and every hole. He feel dressed up and that’s what matters, because he’s about to go dancing in this wonderful alive place with a handsome nice Dominant. What else could he ask for. He spins around and jumps landing in one square tile with a giant grin on his face.