master reproduction

Do you think Caleb Dume ever approached Depa Billaba with “Master, what’s sex?”

One day, Caleb is being all inquisitive as usual, 

“Master, why are droids programmed to feel pain, that doesn’t make them inefficient?”

“Master, why does Yoda speak in constant riddles that take time to solve. Couldn’t he just cut to the chase and give us the answer to make things go faster?”

And then,

“Master, what’s sex?”

“Oh, young Padawan, um, either of the two categories in which species are divided according to their reproductive functions.”

“Master, what’s sexual intercourse?”

And being that the Jedi might ironically have no Sex Ed in the Jedi Temple (or basically just tell them No Romance and expect them to go along with it) Depa might sweat nervously and go, “Ummmmmmm”.

She might just enlist her old master Mace Windu, Kanan’s great-master in a sense, to tell him. And it really isn’t any easier for him.

“Well, you see, young Dume, my former Padawan Depa put me up to give you the lowdown on sex, sooooo, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…”