master prints

Animated stereoview of the President’s Bedroom in the White House during the Hayes administration, Washington, D.C., c. 1878. At this point in time it was used as the First Lady Lucy Webb’s bedroom.

Source: New York Public Library.


Ome9asurpeme shows off a batch of our Titan Master faces and his own custom work in the process. Check it out!


Eternal Galaxy “Beast Wave” Preview

June may have marked the end of the Eternal Galaxy’s theme month, but it doesn’t mean the end of the figures. Vipronika the Serpent-woman, Dracolynn the Dragon-Maiden and Ifreeda the Fire Demoness are made with new heads and optional parts for the main Eternal Galaxy buck.

Once the 4th Beast Woman from the Planet Ferror rounds out the cast, they’ll be available for $10 and up backers to print.

Huge thanks to @thenimbus for providing photo reference.

So I maaaaaaay have been working on this for two weeks and I ended up botching it a little trying to fix it but once I get it scanned and tweaked in GIMP I can make a master print. (Adam, you will definitely be getting a print if you want! Thank you so much for humoring a weird lady who wanted to paint a portrait of a weird rogue time demon!) Apologies for the shit quality of my webcam.

The specs:

FIREBRAND (semper vigilo)

16x20 cold press Canson illustration board

black india ink wash