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Do you have any spare time in your life to help curious learners give some lessons on art? I mean, however bad you think you are in teaching others, you can still be some aid, at least by sharing what you experience during creating art

I dont really have time to do that, im sorry…  im not an art teacher, and i feel my experiences are of little value. so instead i hope this list of resources made by others can help you more than i can:

Art Youtube Channels:

Free Online Courses on a ton of subjects (including art!)


Inspiration & Stories:

Archives & Free Resources:






*“Art of” Books:

Remember, a resource post is nothing if you dont use it. You can watch videos and click links all day, but nothing replaces putting the time in to draw. You get best at what you do most. Draw the most, and you will get good at it. I promise.

good luck!!!

ISU Challenger Series: Nebelhorn Trophy 2016

Ladies – medal ceremony



3 Gabrielle Daleman SP FS EX



Mens – medal ceremony

1 Alexander Petrov SP FS EX



4 Julian Zee Zhi Jie YEE SP FS EX

5 Liam Firus SP FS EX

Pairs – medal ceremony





Ashley CAIN / Timothy LEDUC SP FS EX

Ice Dance – medal ceremony


2 Madison CHOCK / Evan BATES SD FD EX





**video credit to all users**

adapted from this response

1. Write your notes in a way where you can test your retention and understanding. 

Many people write notes that do a great job summarizing their materials but their notes are not designed to promote learning, retention or diagnosis of their weaknesses. But my notes can – and so can yours.

Simply put my notes can be used like flashcards because I write them in a form where I separate a “stimulus” from a “response.”  The stimulus are cues or questions (think: front side of flashcard), while the response is the answer to the cue (think: back of flashcard).  But the stimuli are to the left of a margin, while the responses are to the right. The key advantage of this is that just by putting a sheet of paper on top of your notes, you can hide the responses, while leaving the stimuli visible. You can have multiple margins and multiple levels of stimuli and response for greater information density. When you get good at this you can write notes in this form in real-time. To get some idea of what I’m talking about google for “Cornell Notetaking method”. My notetaking method is a variant of this. I usually use completely blank paper to do this because regular lined paper has too small a margin.

To give you an idea of how powerful this notetaking method can be, I learned several courses just hours before the exam and still got an “A” in all of them during a difficult semester where I had too many competing priorities to spend long hours studying. Had it not been for this notetaking method I don’t think that would be possible.

2. Develop the ability to become an active reader (this is the perhaps the most important advice I have to share). 

Don’t just passively read material you are given. But pose questions, develop hypotheses and actively test them as you read through the material. I think the hypotheses are part of what another poster referred to when he advised that you should develop a “mental model” of whatever concept they are teaching you.  But a mental model can be much more than simple hypotheses. Sometimes the model resembles a story. Other times it looks more like a diagram.

But what they all have in common is that the explain what is going on.

Having a mental model will give you the intuition and ability to answer a wider range of questions than would be otherwise possible if you lacked such a mental model.

Where do you get this model? You creatively develop one as you are reading to try to explain the facts as they are presented to you.  It’s like guessing how the plot of a movie, before it unfolds.

Sometimes you have to guess the model based on scarce evidence. Sometimes it is handed to you. If your model is a good one it should at least be able to explain what you are reading.

Having a model also allows you to make predictions which can then be used to identify if your model is wrong.  This allows you to be hypersensitive to disconfirming evidence that can quickly identify if your model is wrong.

Oftentimes you may have two or more models that can explain the evidence, so your task will be to quickly formulate questions that can prove one model while disconfirming the others. To save yourself time, I suggest focusing on raising questions that could confirm/disprove the mostly likely model while disproving the others  (think: differential diagnoses in medicine).

But once you have such a model that (i) explains the evidence and (ii) passes all the disconfirming tests you can throw at it then you have something you can interpolate and extrapolate from to answer far more than was initially explained to you.

Such models also make retention easier because you only need to remember the model as opposed to the endless array of facts it explains.  But perhaps more importantly, such models give you intuition.

Of course, your model could be wrong, but that is why you actively test it as you are reading, and adjust as necessary. Think of this process as the scientific method being applied by you, to try to discover the truth as best you can.

Sometimes you will still be left with contradictions that even your best models cannot explain. I often found speaking to the professor after class to be a time efficient of resolving these contradictions.

I discovered mental modelling as a survival mechanism to pass my studies at the University of Waterloo – where their teaching philosophy is misnomer because their teaching philosophy is to not teach as well as they could.

You can see this from their grading philosophy. Although they don’t use a bell curve or other statistical grade adjustment, they make their exams so hard that the class average is usually between 68 (C+) and 72 (B-) in spite of the fact that their minimum admission grades are among the highest in Canada (you need more than A+ to get into several of their engineering programs).

The only way they can achieve such low test averages from otherwise high performing students is by holding back some of what they know, and then testing what they didn’t explain well in lecture on their exams; or by not teaching to the best of their ability.  

This forces students to develop the ability to teach themselves, often from materials that do not explain things well, or lack the introductory background knowledge needed to understand the material.

I realized I could defend against such tactics by reverse engineering the results into theories that would produce those same results; i.e. mental model induced from scarce facts.    

Then when I got to MIT I found myself in a place with the opposite teaching philosophy. Unlike Waterloo, if the whole class got an “A” the MIT professors would be happy and proud (whereas at Waterloo an “A” class average would be the cause for a professor’s reprimand).

The mental modelling skills I developed at Waterloo definitely came in handy at graduate school because they enabled me to learn rapidly with scarce information.

3. Be of service to your fellow classmates.

I’ve personally observed and heard anecdotal stories that many students in highly competitive programs are reluctant to share what they know with their peers; a good example being the vast number of students in a top ranked science programs competing for the very few coveted spots in med school. I’ve seen people in such situations be afraid to share what they know because the fear it could lead to the other students “getting ahead” while leaving them behind. I would actually recommend doing the opposite: share liberally. You can’t expect help from others if you are unwilling to help others yourself.

I spent hours tutoring people in subjects I was strong in. But, conversely those same people were usually happy to help me with my weaknesses when I needed it. I also found it easier to get good teammates – which is essential to getting good grades in team-based classes. I found I learned a LOT from other people. And their questions helped me to prepare for questions I may not have thought of – some of which would appear on the exams.

4. Understand how the professor grades. 

Like the real world, the academic world is not always fair. You need to understand who is grading you and what they are looking for. Oddly, if you actually answer questions as written, you won’t get full marks from some teachers. Some professors expected more than the answer. Some only accepted the answers taught in class as opposed to other factually correct answers – which coincidentally can easily happen if you rely heavily on mental models. Some expected you to not even evaluate whether the answers to their multiple choice answers were true or not; only to notice which answer choices aligned or did not align with the theories taught in class.  Some highly value participation in which case you ought to have a mental model of what they are teaching based on their assigned readings. The sooner you know who you are dealing with, the sooner you can adjust to their way of grading. Thankfully I considered the vast majority of my professors to have graded in a fair manner.

5. Get involved in research while still in undergrad.

Academics is a means to an end. To me that end was “solving problems” and “building stuff” specifically systems and organizations.  Depending on the school you apply for, your research may be just as important, if not more important, than your grades. In fact if all you have are good grades your chances of getting into a top ranked CS program with a research component (e.g. MIT, CMU) are slim to nil; though you might still be able to get into a top-ranked courseware-based Masters (such as Stanford where there is no masters thesis).

I did an Artificial Intelligence research project in undergrad and posted it on the internet. Not long after it was cited in three patents from IBM, AOL and another inventor. Then 40 other people cited my work. I feel this helped me get into MIT because they saw that I could come up with theories with practical applications. It also led to internships with top research teams whose work I am still in awe of. This research also helped my graduate application. None of this would have been possible if I didn’t do research in undergrad.

6. Attend classes.

I do not understand the students who claim they did well without attending class. Many professors will only say certain things in class. Many classes only present some of the material in class. If you don’t attend class you simply won’t get that material. You also won’t be able to ask immediate follow-up questions. I also found speaking to the professor after class was an efficient way to resolve contradictions I had found with my mental model.

7. Time management is key – especially in undergrad. 

In my competitive undergrad program I once learned that a friend who achieved top 5% status actually timed how long he ate.

While I do not suggest going to such extremes I offer this modest advice. I suggest spending no more than 30 minutes trying to solve a problem you can’t solve by yourself before appealing to office hours or another knowledgeable student. I also suggest you ask questions of your professor during or after class as opposed to leaving the class confused. This reduces wasted time in an environment when time is a very precious commodity.

8. Going out and having fun is conducive to good grades. 

In my early undergrad years I studied as hard as I could. And I thought this meant putting in as many studying hours as possible. But I later realized that going out and having fun refreshed the mind and increased grades. Unfortunately it took at least 2 years for me to understand this lesson.

9. Learn how to do advanced Google searches.

This is an essential skill that enables you to answer your own questions, quickly. At a minimum I suggest you learn how to use the following Google search operators  ~, -,*, AND,OR, and numeric ranges via the double dot (“..”) operator.  The “site:” operator is also often helpful. I also found adding the word “tutorial” to a Google search often yields great introductory materials. 

10. Turn weaknesses into strengths.

While studying for standardized exams I learned the importance of addressing one’s weaknesses as opposed to ignoring them.  If you make a mistake on a question, it is because of a weakness within you. If you do not address that weakness it will follow you to the exam.

I learned this lesson when studying for standardized exams. I was able to legally buy 30 old exams and thought the best approach to studying for the exam was to do as many old problems as possible. But as I completed each exam I kept getting the same score  (+/- 5%) over and over. I had plateaued!

But then I made a tiny tweak and my scores kept going up. Specifically, after each old exam, I would identify my weaknesses that led to each wrong answer, prioritize the weaknesses according to the degree to which they affected my score, and would address them in that order.  When I did that, my scores increased steadily all the way to the highest possible percentile (99%).

I later realized that such standardized tests are designed to provide consistent scores (if the student does not study in between the subsequent exams to address their weaknesses). In fact that is one of the statistical measures used to measure the quality  of a standardized exam and it’s called “Reliability”  (Google for “psychometric reliability” to see what I’m talking about).

Tea (and such)


Using Wild/Local Herbs

(please don’t go eating/drinking random things you’ve found in your yard or park, do the research and save yourself a hospital trip; a lot of these require special preparation so please look into that before potentially harming yourself)


Tea Supplies

DiY and Upcycling

Buy Herbs/Tea/Dried Flowers/Ect





This is what has come out of saving websites to my drafts for later use. 

A masterpost based off of tea.

Updated Resource Masterpost

Astral Projection

Beginner Witchcraft



Candle magic



Cosmic Witchcraft


Cultural Appropriation


Deity Related (not Pantheon specific)


Green Witchcraft

Hellenic Polytheism

Kemetic Polytheism

Kitchen Witchcraft

Norse Paganism

  • Altars (possibly helpful for people who aren’t Norse pagans also)

Offerings and Devotion for Specific Deities [Mostly Hellenic ATM]

Other Masterposts


Secret witches

Sigil Magic


Spirit work/Necromancy

Tarot cards

Urban witchcraft

Witch Tips

Water Magic Master Post

For fertility, female reproductive health, eyesight, and beauty
Condenses each night from mist onto leaves, grass, etc.
Commonly used in beauty spells, and is said to be more powerful at dawn on Beltane

Pond or Lake Water
For peace, relaxation, and self-reflection
Use for meditation to achieve inner peace and tranquility

Creek Water
For purification, harmony, and cleansing
Good for cleansing certain crystals if not contaminated with chemicals

River Water
For cleansing, moving forward, protection
Placing an item in running water will remove magical charges

Sea Water
For health, magical power, and manifestation of goals
Good for cleansing and purification spells

Spring Water
Traditional “pure water”
For growth, cleansing, and prosperity

Some hot springs have high sulfur content, which is good for banishing spells

Well Water
For healing, wishes, and intuition
Also Depends on the mineral content of the water
For example, if copper is present, it will do well in love spells

Swamp Water
For banishing and binding
When stored in a sealed jar, it can be used to attract negativity to a designated area and away from another

Rain Water
For energy, protection, and cleansing
Use for revitalizing and growth spells

Images found here.

Learning Japanese Master Post #01. 

Here’s a master post for the first 50 video lessons in the Learning Japanese video series, all view-able for free on YouTube! That’s right, each topic gets its own episode! All arranged in order and linked below. Check out all 200+ video lessons at the official YouTube channel hereAnd so, the journey of learning Japanese starts with lesson one, mastering Hiragana:

  1. Intro to Japanese - The Hiragana Syllabary, Vowels, Pitch Accents, and More
  2. The Katakana Syllabary
  3. First Person Pronouns, or, Ways to Say “I” in Japanese
  4. Second-Person Pronouns, or, Ways to Say “You” in Japanese
  5. Basic Phrases (How-to Greet, Thank, Introduce Yourself and More)
  6. XはY(です/ではありません) as “X is/is not Y”, Noun Modification with の, も as “also”
  7. Existential Verbs (Aru, Iru, Irassharu/ある、いる、いらっしゃる)
  8. Locational Markers へ, に, で
  9. The Particle に as an Object Marker and Indirect Object Marker
  10. The Particle で as an Instrument Marker
  11. ね and よ as Final Particles
  12. Introduction to Verbs, Dictionary Form, ます-Form
  13. VERBing Alone with 一人で (hitori de) and Together with と一緒に (to issho ni)
  14. Expressing “From X to Y” (Time and Space) with から and まで
  15. Pre-ます Form + ましょう as “Let’s VERB” or “Shall we VERB”
  16. Noun Verbs/Verbal Nouns
  17. Polite Past Tense Form of Verbs (ました-Form) 
  18. How to say “I intend/plan to VERB” with VERB + つもりです
  19. How-to say “Won’t you/Would you like to VERB?” with Pre-ます Form VERB + ませんか
  20. X は Y があります as “X has Y”
  21. X から Y as “because of CLAUSE X, CLAUSE Y”
  22. How-to say "Why is that?” or “How come?” with どうして
  23. Listing Nouns Indefinitely with NOUN X や NOUN Y など
  24. もう as “already” and まだ as “yet”
  25. Negative ない Form (Verb Conjugation)
  26. How-to say “Go/come/return to do VERB” with Pre-ます Form VERB + に + (行く/来る/帰る)
  27. How-to say “I can VERB” with Dictionary Form VERB + ことが出来る
  28. Answering to Negative Yes-No Questions
  29. Introduction to Adjectives (い-adjectives and な-adjectives)
  30. Basic Introduction to the Particles は and が
  31. X でYがある as “There is Y (an activity) in/at X”
  32. Introduction to Adverbs - Common Degree Adverbs 
  33. The Particle が as “But/However”
  34. X は(どう/いかが)ですか as “How is X?”
  35. XはどんなYですか as “What kind of Y is X?”
  36. Kochira (こちら)/Sochira (そちら)/Achira (あちら) as “this/that way”
  37. Introduction to the て-Form (Verb Conjugation)
  38. How-to Say “Please do VERB” (て-Form VERB + 下さい/下さいませんか)
  39. How-to Say “am/is VERBing” (Ongoing Action) (て-Form VERB + いる)
  40. The Particle まだ as "still”
  41. How-to say “I like/love/hate Y” with X はY が(好き/嫌い)です
  42. How-to Say “X is good/bad at Y” - XはYが(上手/下手/とくい)です)
  43. X にする as “decide on X”
  44. How-to Request an Object with X を(下さい/くださいませんか)
  45. た-Form VERB +ことがある as “have VERB-ed before” 
  46. かかる as “it costs X/it takes X time”
  47. ぐらい and ごろ(に) as “about/approximately”
  48. Comparing 2 Objects/Entities (XとYとでは、どちらの方がAですか) 
  49. Comparing 3 or More Objects/Entities (XとYとZとでは、Xが一番A) 
  50. Modifying Nouns with Clauses

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This video series is presented by becauseofdreams

Applying & Freshman Year


In Your Classes 

Studying & Essays



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22 Times Harry Styles Was a Little Shit

In honor of his 22nd birthday and also in honor of possibly the greatest Little Shit moment (aka The Tweet to end all Tweets “feeling 22″TM) of his life.

There are literally hundreds of moments to chose from, but here are moments where Harry Styles was a little shit to those around him. I feel personally attacked,

22) Poor Gemma is the long suffering victim of much of Harry’s Little Shit-ery

21) After he added the echo of “done done” to Stockholm Syndrome and made this face because he knew everyone’s reproductive bits just burst into flames.

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Pro-life Master Post

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of repeating myself when it comes to debates about abortion. I’ve created this master post to provide links that refute the most common pro-choice arguments.

But the fetus isn’t even a life. It’s a clump of cells. It doesn’t matter.

3 reasons why a fetus is a human being

Straight from the embryology textbook:

A zygote [fertilized egg] is the beginning of a new human being. Human development begins at fertilization, the process during which a male gamete … unites with a female gamete or oocyte … to form a single cell called a zygote. This highly specialized, totipotent cell marks the beginning of each of us as a unique individual.

Even more proof that life begins at fertilization

What is the unborn?

Okay, it’s a human, but it’s not a person.

The shockingly bloody history of legal personhood

From Personhood:

A criterion for personhood that depends on certain functions of human activity implies that individuals who perform the chosen function more excellently should have higher human value. Individuals suffering from severe Alzheimer’s disease or under general anesthesia, who may not be self-aware or able to create future expectations, could no longer be considered persons. We know, however, that the human under general anesthesia retains his personal identity despite his temporary lack of self-awareness, so his personhood must cohere in his underlying nature. Legally speaking, “persons” are guaranteed the fundamental rights of individuals, including the right to life. Historically, abuses of personhood have led to the genocide of groups deemed “non-persons” by more powerful political or social groups. For example, up until the 14th Amendment, African-American slaves were legally considered three-fifths of a person. Native Americans were exploited because they were treated as less than full persons. The racial distinctions used to label these groups as “non-persons” were conveniently invented to justify the violation of human rights.

Justifications for abortion are inherently ableist

What makes human valuable?

But it’s basically just a parasite!

Why the embryo or fetus is not a parasite

You’re just against it because you’re (religious, Republican, conservative, etc.), but I’m not (religious, Republican, conservative, etc.).

Secular Pro-life

Life Matters Journal

Feminists for Life

Pro-life OBGYNs

Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians

Democrats for Life

Pro-life Humanists

New Wave Feminists

Pro-life Pagans

Pro-life Socialists

Why should non-Christians care about abortion?

But if you make abortion illegal, women will die! Haven’t you heard of back alley abortions?

The truth about back alley abortions

More about the coat hanger myth

Refuting the back alley myth

But what about cases of rape or incest?

Rape and incest victims reject abortion

Hard cases, exceptional choices

An honest look at the rape and incest exceptions

A pro-life answer to the rape question

Answering the rape exception

Inside the world of anti-abortion activists who were conceived in rape or incest

While on the topic, the pro-life community must rally in support of the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act

What if the woman is going to die?

Is abortion ever necessary to save the life of the mother?

What about the health of the mother?

What if the child is going to have a short life anyways?

Hard cases: Jeannie Wallace French

Hard cases: Tracy Haugen

Hard cases: Diane Simoni

Hard cases: Angelica Talavera

Abortion is needed to prevent overpopulation.

Simply stated: no. It’s not.

Women don’t regret their abortions!

Silent No More awareness campaign

Testimonies from post-abortive women

Abortion Recovery

Abortion workers regret their experience in the industry

Well, if you’re against abortion, why aren’t you against [insert other human rights injustice]?

We are against all forms of aggressive violence. That includes, but is not limited to: unjust war, abortion, euthanasia, slavery, torture, rape, embryonic stem cell research, human trafficking, abuse, sexism, racism, police brutality, suicide, etc.

Check out organizations like Life Matters Journal (read the most recent issue here!)and Consistent Life to find out more about this consistent approach to human rights issues.

That being said, not every pro-life organization is against all of the above. Dismissing their arguments against abortion because they happen to not be against some other form of injustice is an ad hominem fallacy.

Why ad hominem fallacies derail conversations

If you’re gonna be against abortion, you better be doing [insert some charitable action].

This is similar to the previous argument. Dismissing someone’s argument because you feel that they aren’t “doing enough” is another ad hominem fallacy. 

That being said, pro-life organizations do a whole lot to support those in need:

Catholic Charities USA (which is obviously against abortion) is #13 on the Forbes list of the 50 largest US charities.

Pregnant on Campus supports pregnant or parenting students and provides them with resources.

Abortion Recovery helps men and women who have been affected by abortion.

Project Rachel also helps post-abortive women.

Option Line provides free counseling for pregnant women.

Pregnancy resource centers provide free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, STI screening, parenting classes, and material assistance.

Pro-life organizations also assist in the adoption process.

You can’t be a feminist if you’re pro-life! Being pro-life is anti-woman.

That’s a straw man argument. Straw men make for poor arguments.

Besides, try to tell that to our feminist foremothers who were anti-abortion.

And finally, the most popular pro-choice argument:

My body, my choice!

Why “It’s my body, I can do what I want!” won’t do

De Facto Guardian and Abortion

Why pregnancy is not comparable to forced organ donation

Again, you can’t compare pregnancy and forced organ donation

Dismantling the “bodily rights” argument without using the responsibility argument

From secularprolifeprofamily:

When you realize why the political pro-life/pro-choice divide truly exists, the whole “bodily autonomy” argument falls apart.At its core, it’s not merely about protecting fetuses or not. It’s about whether abortion should be a legally sanctioned medical procedure.And the right to bodily autonomy doesn’t guarantee any sort of medical procedure no matter what.In most jurisdictions, no practitioner will legally give breast implants to an underage girl. Surgeons refuse to amputate the limbs of BIID sufferers. Are those infringements upon bodily autonomy? Of course not. Nobody is fundamentally entitled to procedures that may be irresponsible or unethical.

The False Strength of the ‘Bodily Autonomy’ Argument for Abortion


Hello Everyone~! I’m starting up an Undertale collaborative zine project! But this isn’t just one zine, ITS TWO!

In this project, artists will have the option to be apart of 1 of 2 zine editions; SAVE or ERASE. Those in the SAVE edition will create art centered around the more positive Pacifist/Neutral route of Undertale. While those in the ERASE edition will create work themed around the Genocide route.

This project is open to everyone and best of all its FREE. I want to do something for the Undertale community and at the same time resect Toby Fox’s wishes, so upon release these zines will be available for digital download free of charge.

Those interested in joining the zine simply read through the submissions guideline post here and send an email to with all requested information

Be sure to boost/share/reblog this post to help spread the word and


It’s finally that time again! Each October I post about haunted historic places and creepy artifacts so I’ve made a summary here of my most popular posts from 2012 to 2014 for you. Also, I’ll be making plenty of new Haunted History posts throughout October in addition to my regular history stuff so keep an eye out. Happy Halloween and thanks again for following me! :) Here are the links:

The Birthplace of Halloween

The Real Dracula’s Castle and yes, it’s haunted!

An Ancient Ghost Story by Pliny the Younger

Roman Skull with a Charon’s Obol

The Phantom Roman Army of Flower’s Barrow

Ghosts of Corfe Castle, Dorset

Egyptian Effigy ‘Voodoo’ Doll

Hecate, the Goddess of… Trick or Treating?

The Celtic Coligny Calendar: The Origins of Halloween

Ireland’s Gate to Hell: Oweynagat (The Cave of Cats)

The Pendle Witch’s Cottage with a Bricked-in Mummified Cat

Haunted Hadrian’s Wall: Milecastle 42 Roman Fort

(There’s many more tucked away below…)

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Feel Good

The Dawn Room- Get and Receive kind words.

The Thoughts Room- Watch your thoughts dissolve into space.

The Quite Place- Escape the world for a bit.

It Will Be Okay- Get some words of reassurance.

Soundrown- Extremely relaxing white noise.

Virtual Shower- Take a Virtual Shower and Relax.

Calm down- Nice music and background to clam you down.

Weather- Control the weather from sunny with birds to a thunderstorm.

Snowy Mood- Listen to the soft crunching of snow.

Self Harm alternatives- Don’t hurt yourself, baby, try these.

Feel happy- 10 thins to do when you feel crappy.

Stressed?- 99 coping methods for stress.

Take a break- Do nothing for two minutes and listen to waves.

Having a Bad day?- Things to keep in mind when you are.

Angry?- then look at these cute animals.

Need a hug?- Just click on it, guys.

Make every thing Okay- Press a button and make it all okay.

Was Someone Mean?- “talk” to them and get it out.

Important Mental Health posts- Take a look at these, it’ll help.

Encouraging posts- These are what you need.

Hotlines- Listed in order of hotline.

Re-hydrate- Cute app that grows a plant when you drink water.

Mental Heath and coping- Huge masterpost on multiple disorders and abuse.

Cramps- Yoga for Period cramps.

Napping- When to and how long to nap.

Bad day?- List of cute things to do to f=make you feel better.

Self care- 25 self-care tips to help out.

Need a Compliment?- Get an Emergency Compliment.

Relax with Sea creatures- Have cute babies follow your mouse.

Comfort Box- Make a box for your bad days, and be prepared.

Cut this and not yourself- Click and drag across the screen.

Open a window

14,000 things to be happy about for .16 cents

Watch a randomized tree grow

Therapy Coloring printables

Sexuality Definitions

Tips to Fall Asleep Fast

How to get up in the Morning

Fake Self Confidence

My Friend Needs Help

Panic Attack- My friend is having a Panic Attack.

Self-Harm- My friend self-Harms.

Addiction- My friend is addicted to drug or another substance.

Eating Disorder- My friend has an Eating Disorder.

Suicide- My friend wants to kill them self.


Color Collective- A collection of colors and photography.

Skintone Swatches- 2 great references for skin color.

Skin detail- Adding quick detail to skin.

Blending tutorial- Article and Video.

Concept Cookie- Huge collection of Concept art and tutorials.

Hair palette- Hair colors and mixes chart.

Draw the Booty- Mini tutorial or drawing the booty.

Clouds- Realistic clouds tutorial.

Bubbles- Look at these beauties.

Grass- Video tutorial on Grass.

Portrait- How to draw a portrait in Photoshop.

Lighting- An ADVANCED video on lighting in Photoshop.

Underwater- Beginners Underwater tutorial.

Color Zones- Color Zones of the face and head.

Eyes- Really basic eye tutorial and face sections.

Heels- Basic tutorial For drawing heels (shoes).

Self-taught Artist?- Try this website for tips you may not have known.

Hands- Really useful hand sculpture, first three aren’t hands, but keep going.

Poses- List of useful human poses and such.

Sitting Poses- Poses used for drawing sitting humans.

Understanding anatomy- Chart of Human Anatomy.

Great Pintrest Boards- inspiration, Ideas, Illustration, Draw, Fanart, Concept.

Lessons- FREE, i repeat FREE, art lesson websites!

Psychology of Color- Explanation and charts of color stuff.

Mixing skin tones- Mixing of multiple of colors and ways of skin tone.

Color palettes- make sure you get your colors right.

Contour and Highlights- C and H of the human face.

How to draw: Hoods- Quick tutorial on hood proportion and placement.

How to Draw: Boobs in a shirt- Really helpful do’s and don'ts.

How to Draw: Hair- Long and short beginner hair tutorial.

How to Draw: Cartoon Faces- Basic faces and eyes, nose, and mouth.

Face Placement- Easy to read face placement chart.

How to Draw: Cartoon Hands- Quick Gif tutorial.

Hot to Draw: Cartoon Mouths- Helpful gif for mouth stuff.

Expressions- Awesome Facial Expression chart.

How to Draw: Arms- Great gendered arm reference.

Clothing- Neat do’s and don'ts for clothes.

Hair- Basic hair styles and colors.

Eye- Nice eye drawings to go off of.

More Clothes- Literally Clothes for EVERYTHING.

Kissies- Face positioning and mouths and stuffs.

Programs- A ton of FREE art programs to draw with and such.

Pixels Galore- Beginner guide at pixel art.

Tutorial Masterpost- Huge masterpost on drawing stuff and things.

Glitch Effect- This Hella cool thing oh my gosh.

Draw your Hand in 3D

Writing (*Cracks Knuckles* My Specialty)

Falling Out of Love

Character building

Make your own family history

Plot a complex novel in a day

Punctuating Dialogue(English)

Tips for writing Smut

Naming Characters

Pixar’s Tips for writing a Story

Insecure about your Writing? Read this.

Make a Likable Protagonist

Character Motivations importance

Body Language

How to Write: Flashbacks

Is your Chapter Good?

How to Write: Action Scenes

Writing Multiple Point of Views

When not to Write(Important)

Constructive Comments

Writing a Series


Subtle signs of Love

Are you ready to get Published?

Genera Characteristics

Is that Plagiarism? Better check!

Looking for that word?

Writing exercises

Illegal Information

Amazing Masterpost for writers reference

Fill your Journal up

Writer’s Block? Try this.

750 Words a Day

Fancy Last Names

Greek Mythology Database

Writing Jobs you may not have known about


Planner- Neat print-out planner.

Prioritize and Stick to it tips- studying tips and habits.

Manage Exam Anxiety

Apps to control Procrastination

Be a master Note Taker

Find the right place to Study

Study daily, don’t cram before the test!

Planning an Essay

Dealing with School related Stress

Effective Studying Techniques

Manage your Time

Reading and Researching

Google Citations

Googling Tips

When Study Breaking(Three)

How to: Pull an all-nighter

School Supplies Masterpost


Orisinal- Absolutely adorable games to relax to.


Make- Burgers, Ice Cream, Pancakes, Pizza, and Tacos.

Piano Keyboard

Adventure Time Princess Maker(Awesome)

Lots of Pokemon

Trivia Galore

Free Indie Games(that will occupy you for hours)

Make a squid(Mine is so cute)

Dress up game masterpost

Make awesome Sand art

Flow(Kinda like spore)

Fly Guy


Draw a stickman and go on an Adventure

Make some Plants

Coma(Really cute, Kinda confusing)

Alter Ego(This game is so amazing, Please play it)

Terrifying irl games

Akinator(Actual Magic)

Chain Reaction(addictive)

Silk Art

Space Invaders

Balance some stuff

Go through a maze with your mouse

Holy mother of Pacman

Surround the cat

Portal knockoff(But it’s still good)

Sticky blobs

Free Cards Against Humanity

Cookie Clicker

Free Plants Vs. Zombies

Neat Color Game

The End(Really Cool Platformer)

Machinarium(This is so amazing)

Psychological RPGs that mess with you

RPG Games with Description(all free)

One and One story

Vocabulary Game


I saw her standing there(It has Zombies, guys)


Paint a Nebula

Pointer Pointer(check it out)

Light and shadow thingy

Paint with some Fire

Infinite Line

Play with a Blob

Shakespearean insult generater(for some laughs)

Interactive Movie

Make awesome figurines and buy them

go for a walk, or run, or fly…

Get your anger out and have fun

Try and stop watching this

Music Catch 2

Choice of a Dragon

Online Lego Builder

100 Best Free PC Games

Jelly Cannon

Kaleidoscope spinny maker Thing


Hungry Blocks



Ways to tie a scarf

Visual guide to a shitton of stuff

Vintage and Indie- 1 2 3 4 5

Punk/Grunge- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Ten dollar Mall(where has this been all my life?)

Lily’s Boutique

Tons of Cat shirts

How to: Were X thing

Cheap and cute clothes(Sammydress)

Use the code “ThankU15” for 15% off

Flower Crowns cute and cheap clothes

Cute, Cheap, and free shipping to the U.S

Lingerie under 5 dollars!

T-shirts all under 10$

Cute ass skirts under 10$

Jewelry under 5$

Like 2$ Skeleton Tights

Skull sweatshirt for 20$

Lacey Thigh-highs for 2$

Cute Anti-Duck masks for 8$

6$ self defense Key Chain

Clothes from that TV show you liked

More Cute Ass leggings for 8$

Another Dust mask for 15$

Weird face Dust Mask(again) for 3$

Cool teeth printed Dust Masks for 5$

Red and Black under bust Corset For 18$

Just My size

Pastel Goth(Adorable asf)

How to thrift shop


Lazy Girl Workout

Yoga poses at your desk

Ultimate Booty workout

27 Squat Variations

Back on fire, back workout

Easier Push-ups for people who can do zero(like me)

2 Minute Pre-Shower Routine

Increase Flexibility

Tighten your abs

Before you go to school or work yoga

Workout Ideas Masterpost

Yoga Masterpost

DIY spa


Blueberry Yogurt Mask

Cucumber and Parsley Mask

Mango aloe toner

Apple Honey Acne Facial

Indian Cleansing Milk for Oily skin

Lavender Oatmeal Mask

Avocado Facial Mask

Peppermint Lip Scrub

Sugar Lip Scrub


Hair Color Booster

Protective Hair Mask

Hydrating Hair Mask

Avocado Hair Mask

Love Potion #9-Hair rejuvenation

Strengthening Hair Mask


Wake up Scrub

Dry Skin Creme

Almond Body Scrub

Sunburn Solution

Rose water body lotion


Overnight Foot mask

Foot Soak

Cracked heel treatment

Beach Sand Scrub


Hand Peel

Gardeners’ Hand Scrub

Lemon and sugar scrub

Lavender Hand Creme


Homemade Bath Salts

Tea Balls

Tub Tea

Bath Fizzies

Neat ass Rose Water

Sage and Fennel Bath Melt

Bubble Bath Paint(Woah)

How To: Make your Own Bath Bomb


How to: Hot Towel

Meditation- You can also go to your smarthphone’s app store and buy some guided mediation apps. Of course, you can always Google Meditation for Help.


Complete Text of Shakespeare’s plays

Read Any Book

Color based on the time

Some some books for .1 cents

Live Animal feeds!

The hobby masterpost

Watch a movie with an internet Friend

Pun Generator

How to: make a glitter jar

Masterpost of interesting Links

Masterpost of spooky stories

Look at 100,00 stars

Who do you write like?

Orca follows your mousse

Live porn search feed- seriously just click it

That spinny thing from when you were a kid

Check your Post Limit

Open Sea Cam

How to: Origami

Sleep calculator

Cute OTP things

How to: Blanket Nest

So many Documentaries

Adventure Time Masterpost

Wind currents of the earth RIGHT NOW(Really Neat)

Click to make rectangles

Listen to Wikipedia getting Edited

Acrobots(so much fun)

Cheap fidget toys- good for anxiety

Cheap ass books

Cool Fact Generater

Find Reaction Gifs(three)

One second on the Internet

Make a note that will self destruct after read

Make your Dream Home

Puppy licks you screen

NoSleep Reddit Forum

Urban Legends

Cheap posters

Dots move to your mouse

Buy your own groceries, you chair


Make your Pens as Beautiful as you are

How To: Not even give a Fuck

Funny Bloopers- 1 2 3

Crafts Gone Horribly Wrong

99 Life Hacks

How much of X food/drink would it take to end you?

How to: Pick the Perfect Video Game

How things have changed since you were Born

Have an out of Body Experience Tips

A Washcloth Getting Wrung out in Space

You can Actually Beat Snake 


Ramen Noodle Recipes:

Ramen Noodle Stir fry

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chili-Cheese Ramen

Egg drop Ramen

Spinach and Ramen

Ramen Spaghetti

Ramen Alfredo

Ramen n’ Cheese

Stuff in a mug:

Cheesy Eggs

Cheese and broccoli eggs

Mac n’ Cheese


Nutella Cake



Chocolate Chip Cookie



Corn on the Cob

Scalloped Potatoes

White Rice

Fried Rice

Baked Potato

Chicken Casserole

Garlic Chicken

Chicken Soup Casserole

Soft Chicken Tacos

Microwavable Pancakes

no-bake energy bars

vegan french toast

banana pops breakfast wrap

vegan pancakes

spinach and eggs  

baked eggs with red sauce and greens

honey butter chicken biscuits chocolate waffles  

pizza omlette

cinnamon sugar french toast sticks  

cheesy bagels whole wheat greek yogurt pancakes  

pizza bites

parsely pesto pasta stuffed aubergine boats

sausage and mushroom risotto  

tortilla soup deep dish chocolate chip cookie  

crab cakes blue cheese drop biscuits

coconut chicken soup  

cowboy steaks

asparagus white bean pesto pasta  

spice up your hot chocolate  

butterbeer recipe 100 cal snacks  

sweet potato fries

peanut butter milkshake  

strawberry banana ice cream  

cinnamon carrot chips with honey yogurt dip  

parmesan roasted broccoli  

greek salad skewers dressed up popcorn buffalo chicken dip  

baked apple chips fried sweet plantains

coconut milk whipped cream  

zuccini + cheese  

fruit dip  

ice cream sandwich  

magic cocoa recipe

triple chocolate mousse cake

cake batter ice cream  

mini chocolate chip muffins  

easy baked doughnuts  

chocolate pie  

almond joy smoothie milkshake  

raw strawberry cheesecake white chocolate mousse cupcake  

toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies

cinnamon rolls (gluten free)  

mini pumpkin cheesecakes more cupcakes  

red velvet chocolate swirled brownie bars chocolate and pomegranate cake



Face Brushes

Eye Brush cheat sheet

Brush 101

Sponges and uses for ‘em


Routine Flow Chart

Even Skin tone

Contour your Face Shape

Right Blush for your Skin tone

Applying Liquid Foundation

How to use Concealer


Tips for the Smokey Eyes

How To: Winged Eyeliner

Bridal Eye Makeup

Fall Makeup Ideas

Perfect Smokey for your Eye Shape

Mascara Hacks

How to: Mascara

Using Mascara as Eyeliner

How To: Apply False Lashes


Grooming and Shaping Tutorial

Tips and Tricks 101

Eyebrow Tutorial(more)

7 Tips


Nude Lipstick Guide

MAC Lipstick Dupes

The Red Lip Rule Book

17 Perfect Lips Tips

Perfect Pin for your Skin Tone

Perfect Orange for your Skin Tone

Ten Commandments of Lipstick

Do’s and Don’ts of Dark Lipstick

Some YouTube Tutorials:


Tanya Burr


Lauren Curtis




Michelle Phan



Your Probably Washing it Wrong?

Longer, Thicker, And Sexier Hair

The Perfect Ponytail

Lazy Girl Hairstyles

5 Updo Hairstyles

29 Inspiring Hairstyles

Perfect Messy Bun

Ways to Braid

Three Braid Updo

no heat curls

straight hair with no heat

5 hairstyles for medium hair

5 ways to wear a beanie

Crafts (May have overdone this a bit)

Homemade Crayon Lipblam

Tissue Paper Flowers

Cloud Nightlights

Calm Bottle

Jellyfish in a jar

Craft on a Low Budget

Crochet for Beginners

Knitting for Beginners

Free Knitting Patterns

10 Other Uses for Nail Polish

DIY rainbow welcome Mat


Make your own Rock Candy

Unicorn Fart Vials

Tabletop Ice Hockey

Origami Paper Nesting Cats

Pixie Dust Pendent

Sparkly ass silly putty

Birthday Candle Crown

Glow in the Dark Water Balloons

Felt wire Crown

Oceanic Crafts

Sail Ice Cubes

Pipe cleaner Princesses

Origami Blinking Eye

Diamond Pipe Cleaner Tutorial

Melted Snowman Ornament

DIY Mustaches- One and Two

DIY Desktop Sandbox

DIY Glitter Tattoos

Hairstyle Doll with growing/shortening Hair

Googly Eye Flip Flops

Lunch bag Drawings

Pom Pom Necklace

Wooden Gem Illusion

Bread Tag Monsters

Cardboard Loom(I’ve done this and can definitely say to try it)

Blessing Bag

Tin Can Lanterns

Leak-Proof Water Blob

20 Uses for Cupcake Liners

Hanging String Balls

Make Stuff Out of Cereal Boxes

Turn an Old Hardcover Book into a Notebook 


What Kind of Nerd are You?

Are you more like Sam or Dean Winchester

Adventure time Character based on Diet

What LEGO Movie Character are you?

What Makes you Hot?

Can we Guess your Favorite Color?

What Teen Titan are you?

What Big Hero 6 Character are you?

Which Invader Zim Character are you?

Which Scooby-Doo Character are you?

Which Titanic Character are you?

Which Full House Character are you?

Which Walking Dead Character are you?

Which Grey’s Anatomy Character are you?

What do People Always Underestimate About you? 

I’ll Update as often as I can with new stuff so stay tuned! 


Magickal Household Plant Master Post

Since I’m on a plant kick today because I’ve decided to give my green thumb a try, I’m creating this master post relating to household plants. This is especially useful for witches like myself who don’t know the first thing about taking care of a plant inside the house besides watering and letting the darn thing get some sun! So, here we go:

Common TOXIC (as in you may not want to get these if you have kids or pets) household plants and their properties:

*Aloe (toxic to pets, not toxic to humans) - wards against evil, protection from intruders and household accidents, brings good luck (also great for burns and good for your skin)

*Lillies, as well as the Peace Lily - love, comfort, harmony

*Ivy - protection, drive away negativity, promote fidelity and fertility

*Poinsetta - purity, celebration of winter holidays

*Snake plant (aka Mother-in-law’s Tongue) - long life, prosperity, beauty, health, strength, intelligence

*Dumb cane - for keeping secrets and starting gossip (not recommended for a magickal household)

*Arrowhead plant/vine - brings luck

*Myrtle - love, fertility, youth, peace, money

*Mistletoe - protection, love, hunting, fertility, health, exorcism

*Amaryllis - hidden or platonic love, friendship, retirement

*Gardenias - love, peace, healing, spirituality, psychic awareness

*Fig (aka weeping fig, fig tree, ficus, ficus tree) - divination, fertility, love, prosperity, guards against poverty and hunger if placed in kitchen, aids in restful sleep if placed in bedroom

Common NON-TOXIC household plants and their properties:

*African Violet - love, protection, promotes peace and spirituality

*Lavendar (can be toxic If your pets ingest a lot of it) - love, friendship, calm, protection

*Spider plant - protection, healing, absorb negativity while improving the energy and air quality of your home

*Bamboo -  protection, luck, hex-breaking, wishes, protection, helps with depression

*Orchid - love, power, charisma

*Ferns (some ARE toxic, however the Boston Fern is not) - protection, luck, can aid in summoning rain 

*Ti plant (can be toxic If your pets ingest a lot of it) - good luck, can be used to attract money if you place a coin under it

*Succulents (hens and chicks, burro/donkey tail, etc.) - love, abundance

*Palms - spirituality, good vibes, protection from unwanted spirits, ghosts, astral entities

*Cacti (non-toxic, yet can still be painful for kids and pets if they touch the spines) - protection, strengthens will, increases sexual stamina if juices are added to a love potion, guards against intruders if a cactus is placed in the North, East, South and Western points of your home

*Jasmine - love, money, prophetic dreams, seduction

*Other plants and veggies that can be grown indoors

***I’ve recieved a lot of feedback on this post stating that most of the NON-TOXIC plants I have listed are in fact toxic. I’ve made a few notes and changes, but let me just add that many plants can be toxic to animals if they eat a bunch of it. Vomiting, diarrhea, and depression are side effects that your pet may exhibit if they’ve eaten too much of a plant that can be considered non-toxic or mildly toxic. It’s always best to seek medical attention for your pet if they show these sympstoms, just in case. Otherwise, try to keep your plants out of reach of your pets, please!

Use your best judgement on which plants are best for your household. I’m not an expert, these are just some of the things I have gathered through research. If you’re afraid your pets are gonna eat your plants and get sick, then maybe you should get a different plant that is edible or otherwise in no way a danger to the animal.

You can refer to the ASPCA’s website on toxic and non-toxic plants if you’re unsure, but please keep in mind they do not mention the severity of the toxicity of the plants they list, so you can do a simple google search to find out for yourself, but AGAIN please do not replace any information you find on the internet to actual medical care! Consult with your veterinarian if your pet it sick!

Plant Spells:

*Magickal Soil Spell

*Spell to Speed the Growth of Your Plant

*Plant Growth Spell

*Plant Enchantment

Plant Sigils:

*”Pests will avoid my plants” by @sigilcrafter

*”These plants are free of pests” by @sigilathenaeum

*”My plants will survive and thrive” by @sigilathenaeum

Crystals Good for Plants:

*Moss Agate (aka the Gardener’s Stone) - prosperity, vitality, helps plants thrive and will assist plant growth, wearing moss agate while planting/gardening will increase your green thumb and give you energy, assosciated with nature spirits

*Green Jasper - aids in luxurious growth of your plants

*Green Calcite - healing, can be used to soothe when the environment is too loud, associated with Earth spirits of woods and meadows

*Clear Quartz - aids in growth and vitality, grounding, can also be placed in a vase of freshly cut flowers to help them last longer

*Rose Quartz - especially beneficial for roses as it maintains their bloom longer

*Smokey Quartz - keeps pests away

*Tourmaline - healing 

*Amethyst - calms plants that are stressed

*Jet - can be worn to make plants flourish

*Green Fluorite - healing, especially good to use for a plant that has been injured or broken in some way

*Moonstone - fertility, encourages healthy plants and flowers, promotes a soothing, restful area


Plant and Herb Magic
Magickal Housplants
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