master ox


Yes Frozen is a crowning achievement in the animated world but you now what else is… this. Choreographing a fighting scene is hard enough but animating one sounds just a difficult and Dreamworks has made a beautiful, entertaining, and seamless job with the Kung fu panda films. I mean just look at this. The way that they use each others strengths,or the way that master ox uses his horns, the way that all of Po (which is alot of body to move around with)  uses his largeness to fight, and the way Hans Zimmer created a gorgeous soundtrack. It’s animation at it’s best

Every year, The Province random candidates from all over China, young or old, family or not would be chosen for the honor of representing their district in the Kung Fu Games. These Games were a reminder, a great reminder at that, of the horrors of Kung Fu and how it had once destroyed all of China. Thus the reason for the games… to show the horror that Kung Fu brought out in people.

Our contestants took a step on the pedastal and a glass tube encases them all. The sound of metal clicking and clacking before a thin piece of metal covers the glass and they feel themselves being lifted. They were going to the Arena. 

The world opens up to them all as their tube opens up to a grassy field with the center spotlight the Cornucopia. The time rolled, starting from 49…48… 

This was the beginning to the 1st Annual Kung Fu Games…

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