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[1/?] Favorite Squads (in no particular order) → Jade Palace fam

“We are the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five, and we’re here to bring you to justice!”


Tipo Prompts #2

Sorry this is late, everyone, I didn’t get home for a while. Someone gave me a four-leaf clover as a tip because he didn’t have any money. I’ll post some pics of that later, it’s been a weird day. So here are some Tipo prompts for everyone, remember, these are free for everyone to use in your fics and fanart, just make sure to credit the base prompt back to me.

-         The first time they kissed wasn’t particularly romantic, Tigress had been knocked out and accidentally pushed into a well. Lucky for everyone, Po knows CPR. Tigress later says “The next time you kiss me, make sure I’m awake, okay?”  


-         Po and Tigress are NOT fond of fireworks. During the New Year’s celebrations they both go missing for a while. Everyone assumes their off banging each other or making out, when they’re actually just hiding under a blanket deep in the library reading to each other to try and drown out the loud sounds the horrible memories they bring.


-         A natural disaster outside of the valley of peace brings in an influx of refugees; these refugees include a lot of the creatures that the valley seems to look down on; lions, tigers, bears…. Including a rather suspicious tiger couple.


-         Tigress has a nightmare and crawls in next to Po.


-         Tigress walks in on Po bawling his eyes out. After a few minutes of worrying and questioning, it turned out he was just cutting onions for some soup.


-         The minute Po discovers that there is, in fact, as ‘master tiger’ living up in a Monastery in the Hajin province, he doesn’t hesitate to invite him to visit. Po then learns that tigers, and more specifically female tigers, are insanely territorial.

-         Mr. Ping walks in on Tigress and Po having a rather… intimate … kind of moment. He then takes it upon himself to baby-proof the Jade Palace and most of the surrounding village, much to the mortification of our two lover birds.

-         Tigress gets stuck with a poison dart, one strong enough to kill a rabbit, but only strong enough to make Tigress trip balls for the next couple of days. Po stays by her side the whole time so she doesn’t get herself killed.

-         In order to give the Panda Villagers better cardio exercise, they play a game called “kick the tiger and run like hell”. Wherein they kick a sleeping tigress to piss her off, and she chases them into the wild blue yonder.

-         Po gets depressed over his duties as spiritual leader stopping him from having as much fun with his friends as he used to. Tigress frequently stays behind from missions to keep him company.

-         Po teaching Tigress to dance in the training hall

-         The Five plus shifu, Mr.Ping, and Li Shan all worrying their heads off after Tigress starts to get pretty sick for the week following one of her dates with Po. Just before Mr.Ping, Shifu, and Li are going to confront Po about at least marrying her they finally realize that Tigress is allergic to milk and that going out for ice cream was a bad date idea.

-         Shifu possesses perfect pitch, thanks to those gigantic ears. So the Five waste no time in bursting into song randomly to irritate him. Po and Tigress sing a goofy-ass love song duet… and do so awesomely.

-         While on a longer mission, the Five team up with Master Ox and Master Croc once again. While camped out, Masters Ox and Croc are downright shocked to see Tigress using Po as a pillow. The Five don’t notice anything weird with this.

-         When Tigress does find out she’s expecting, she panics. She isn’t married and she’s worried not only what Shifu and the village would think, but what of the Emperor or Empress, the people basically giving her this job? Shifu freaks out, but only because the Jade Palace is filled with dangers that could hurt a baby and oh-god-not-this-again as he remembers trying to keep both baby Tigress and Tai from killing themselves on all the shiny weapons and artifacts. The villagers are a little more concerned with the logistics of it, how did she do that with a panda?! After she sends a letter to the Royalty, she receives a care package and a box full of cute mobiles from the Empress. That’s when people remember that Tigers usually give birth to litters of one to four kittens and there’s no way they’re going to know how many there’ll be until the day arrives. Panic ensues on everyone’s part.


Yes Frozen is a crowning achievement in the animated world but you now what else is… this. Choreographing a fighting scene is hard enough but animating one sounds just a difficult and Dreamworks has made a beautiful, entertaining, and seamless job with the Kung fu panda films. I mean just look at this. The way that they use each others strengths,or the way that master ox uses his horns, the way that all of Po (which is alot of body to move around with)  uses his largeness to fight, and the way Hans Zimmer created a gorgeous soundtrack. It’s animation at it’s best