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I’m not hating on the newest chapter of Fairy Tail

But I do understand some of the frustration. It seems like a lot of people are riled up over the fact that Makarov was resurrected. I LOVE Makarov and, if this were real life, I would want nothing more than for him and all the beloved characters who have died (few as they may be) to come back to life. But this is a work of fiction. And bringing Makarov back to life makes his “death” cheap and more of a “GOTCHA!” moment. It steals away a lot of the emotions during the chapter where he died doing what he loved: protecting the Guild, his children.

I’m not hating on Mashima! Not at all! I think that for a while, he’s been running dry on ideas and passion for Fairy Tail. It’s understandable, albeit a bit disappointing for readers. He’s been working on this story for over a decade, I think. For the most part, things are wrapping up nicely…a little rushed and cookie-cutter, but not bad. At this point, I think he’s just desperate to wrap up all loose ends in a nice bow and I suppose, for him, a loose end was a beloved character’s death.

So no, I’m not gonna rage at Hiro Mashima for doing what he wants with his own story…I understand. But Makarov…as much as I love you, you really should have stayed dead..

My shipper heart just hopes that Nalu, Gajevy, Gruvia, and Jerza all become canon in an irrefutable way :)….but especially Nalu haha

EDIT: But real quick, let’s focus on the main point of the chapter: Mavis and Zeref finally being at peace together <3 That scene where Mavis realized and allowed herself to love Zeref and quickly realized that she was killing him…heart-wrenching. Absolutely beautiful.

C’mon guys, let’s be positive! No matter what you feel about Makarov’s resurrection, you have to admit: Zervis dying together and finally escaping their curse was beautiful <3

something that really sucks about “hard work versus talent” though is privileged people are often going to look “more talented” because they (we, i can admit) fundamentally have more time to hone a trade. that doesnt make them “better” than you. if youve got the magic in you but youre working 2 jobs or raising a kid or otherwise unable to spend time pursuing your passion, youre amazing and i hope you’ll be recognized for what you’ve got, and that you’ll hold onto that love and be able to pursue it even in small moments

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