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OH MY GOODNESS I love your art SO much! Have you ever drawn smol padawan Obi-wan with his master Qui-gon? I just love those two together >0<

“And the atmosphere here is thinner than on Coruscant,” Obi-Wan observed, studying his datapad as they walked. “But then, I expect you’re accustomed to that,” he added, before he could stop himself.

Qui-Gon stopped abruptly and Obi-Wan almost collided with his dark-cloaked back. His heart sank. What was Master Jinn’s idea of punishment for insolence going to be?

“Padawan, did you just crack the galaxy’s oldest joke about my height?”

“I did, Master,” he admitted miserably.

For a moment he thought it was a sound of choked outrage, but…. Master Jinn was… chuckling?

“And they told me you were so serious!” He draped his arm lightly over Obi-Wan’s shoulders.

Grinning, Obi-Wan lengthened his stride to keep in step with his Master.

Master list 2.0

WWE Imagine


These are not in any particular order other than by Wrestler, Originally I did each Fic as it came in, in order, but now I do what I waaannnnt, but no worries they will all get done! Love you guys! PSA: If you don’t specify if you want smutt or fluff, I will assume you want FLUFF.

 Edit: This is the new and improved master list. I will get this all done and will be posting more regularly after the 9th, as that is the end of my current semester of college courses and I will be able to take a break. I love you all thank you.

EDIT 2: This is new, new update, If your fic request requested more than one super star or I wasn’t sure which one it was about then it is in the misc section. Love you all thank you!

Roman Reigns:

 * Roman x Reader- Roman is Jealous, smut.

 * Roman x curvy Reader -He sees her in a crowded college bar and flirts, talking dirty lots of smut.

 * Roman x Reader- You are recovering from serious injury and want to have sex, but he is super gentle, smutt

 * Roman x Reader-  You block a attack from Seth in ring, then full on fight him, Roman pulls you off of him, and is super worried about you. ( There wasn’t a specific ask for smutt or fluff so imma assume you want fluff. )

 * Roman x Reader- Daddy kink- Part two to “Breakfast in bed”.

 * Roman x Reader- Your finisher goes seriously wrong and you are hurt, Roman breaks through a crowd of people holding him back to make sure you’re ok. ( Again, assuming FLUFF. )

 * Roman x Reader- You’re a singer who comes home early to surprise Roman ring side. ( Assuming Fluff.)

Dean Ambrose:

 * Dean x Reader- Dean in officer Roleplay. Smutt

 * Dean x Bayley- Bayley hears all the divas talking about sex and she hasn’t ever done it, so she goes to Dean and he gladly shows her what tall the ‘Fuss’ is about.

 * Dean x Jojo- Rough shower smutt

 * Dean x Reader- Y/N and Dean celebrating Championship win, rough daddy kink in front of the window in his house, public play, but no one sees.

 * Dean x Reader- Fluffy Dean, admits he wants you to not just be his best friend but be HIS. Flufffff

* Dean x Reader- Y/N and Dean have been engaged for a year, Y/N and him get into a huge fight, and right as Y/N is about to leave, he stops her, and shows her how much he loves her in a rough way.

* Dean x Reader- Jon Moxley one shot.

* Dean x Reader- Dean and Y/N have a on-screen relationship, Dean developes feelings for her irl, and when during a storyline Y/N gets attacked by a superstar, Dean confesses his feelings for her. Fluff.

* Dean x Reader- Dean sees your scars for the first time and in turn shows you his to make you feel better. Fluff.

* Dean x Reader- Dean and you are cuddling and eating brownies, you are rudely interrupted, my chose of why and ending.

Seth Rollins:

 * Seth x Reader- Fluffy Seth, you’re home sick so he takes care of you.

 * Seth x Reader- You are sick and Seth takes care of you, lots of fluff.

 * Seth x Reader- You and Seth are best friends, you end up fucking like animals in the hotel room, 3 moths later you tell Seth you’re pregnant and have sweet love making sex for the first time.

 * Seth x Reader- You are on a Total Divas episode with Seth, Fluffy.

 * Seth x Reader- Seth and you share a car, things get heated after he touches your thigh, and you have sex while he is still driving. Smut obv.

 * Seth x Reader- You had no idea Seth was coming back at Extreme Rules, and you are super shocked when you fins out. Smutt and Fluff.

* Seth x Reader- Seth and Y/N are staying at Y/N’s house, things get really handsey and flirty, Y/N’s brother stays the night one night and hears Y/N and Seth, long and detailed Please.

* Seth x Reader-  You are dating Seth but Finn is your roommate, and you take time off wrestling to take care of him after his surgery, everyone starts rumors that you are cheating on Seth and he acts faulty.

Shield and members of the shield Requests:

 * Shield- You are the fourth member of the Shield and all the guys come out to protect you when you get attacked backstage, Fluff

 * Roman x Seth x Reader- Super sexy threesome. Smutt

Finn Balor:

 * Finn x Reader- Super Fluffy/ Little Smutty Finn Balor fic, my choice on story.

 * Finn x Reader- Finn wants to claim you as his, super smutty and Dominant.

 * Finn x Reader-Y/N is Seth’s sister and Finn takes a interest in her. Smut.

 * Finn x Reader- Y/N has a crazy stalker and he is worried about her. Fluff

 * Finn x Reader- Y/N is ring-side and is the one who realizes he is hurt at summer slam

 *Finn x Reader-  Finn is staying with you while recovering, you have nightmare, and wake up screaming, he comes in to comfort you.

 * Finn x Reader- Finn kisses you on screen, and takes things further backstage. Smut
* Finn x Reader- You and Finn have sex for the first time, It starts lovey dovey but gets heated at the end. SMUT.

* Finn x Reader- You are taking care of Finn while he is injured, and you want him to heal but you’re also craving him really badly.

*Finn x Male Reader-  You meet Finn while covering a meeting with some of the WWE talent, and Finn is really feeling in the mood, smut.

Baron Corbin:

 * Baron x Reader- Super rough Smut outside a biker bar.

 * Baron x Reader- Sweet smut after a rough match

 * Baron x Reader- Bondage, rough Daddy kink. Smut

 * Baron x Reader- Reader is insecure smut

 * Baron x Reader- Baron in a suit looking all fine as hell bondage smut.

 * Baron x Reader- Fluffy, Baron is taking care of you cause your sick, and he will do anything to make you feel better, including cuddle under your favorite pink leopard print blanket and watch Disney movies.

Corey Graves:

 * Corey x Reader- You are on a episode of superstar ink

Xavier Woods:

 * Xavier x Reader- Things get super heated on UpUpDownDown, you and Xavier get Smutty.

* Xavier x Reader- You help clean cake off his face, Fluffy!

* Xavier x Reader- Starts with you in charge of  Smut, ends with him in charge. SMUT.

Aj Styles:

* Aj x Reader- Rough Daddy kink. Smut


* Jericho x Styles- Jericho feels protective of Aj, and gets in his face about taking unnecessary risks in the ring, ends in smutty smut.

Sami Zayn:

* Sami x Reader- Sami catches you masturbating when he comes home early from the road and finishes you off himself, super smut.

*Sami x Reader- Sami and reader are engaged and are both current champions, they go out to celebrate Y/N Birthday, birthday smut in Sami’s El Generico persona.

* Sami x Reader- Angry Sami, Y/N, Sami’s girlfriend, and KO are laughing and joking and Sami walks in on it, gets in a huge fight about it with Y/N, walks away muttering about how if she thinks he is so funny she should date him, then after a couple days, he apologizes for how mad he got, make-up smut.

Johnny Garango:

 * Johnny x Reader- a passionate massage after his first match leads so sweet smut.

Enzo Amore:

 * Enzo x Reader- Y/N gets on a plane and realizes it is half full of wrestlers, She finds her seat next to Enzo, he notices Y/N is all flustered, cute first impressions.

 * Enzo x Reader- Cute fluff, he proposes at dinner in front of all of your friends.


 * Tyler Breeze x Reader- You and Tyler had been making each other jealous all day and when you get back to the hotel that night you have rough smutt.

 * Scott Dawson x Reader- Jealous smut

 * Fan consensual gang band ft. Sheamus, Roman, Cesaro, and AJ.

 * John Cena is your best friend and is super hesitant to like Seth as your Boyfriend but Seth proves himself Worthy.

* Shane McMahon x Finn Balor x Reader- Finn and Shane compete for Y/N affection ends in threesome

* Ceasro x Reader- Y/N is always touching his butt in public and commenting on it and stuff, my choice of smut or not to smut.

* Big Cass x Reader- Cass punishes Y/N for saying she is a better wrestler than him, daddy kink.

* Undertaker x Reader- fluffy undertaker.

* Seth x Orton x Reader- You’re dating Seth and he has to hold you back from running out to Orton when Lesnar splits his head open.

* Kalisto x Reader- He finds out you are pregnant after seeing your baby bump. Lots of fluff

* Dean x Reader x Finn- Love triangle between the three of you, the guys are fighting over your attention, and you’re Roman’s little sister.  

* Enzo x Reader x Cass- You are best friends with Enzo, and have always had a crush on Cass, You comfort them on their loss to jeriKO at summer slam and then celebrate Cass being in the Universal title picture.

So everyone is really salty over Shay not having his own book, and don’t get me wrong, so am I, but does Shay seem like the type to actually take a journal seriously? I feel like it would just be
“I fucked a hooker today. That was fun.”
“Master Kenway threw my apple overboard. 0/10 day”
I mean, I want it more because of that…. but I think you can see why Ubisoft wouldn’t want to publish it.

Phantomofsam Master List, 2.0

A more organised version. :D Now with multiple fandoms!


Part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6  part 7  part 8  part 9 part 10

part 11  part 12  part 13  part 14  part 15  part 16 part 17  part 18  Part 19


Part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part FINAL


Part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6  part 7  part 8  Part 9  Part 10

Holiday Challenge

Day 1  day 2  day 3  day 4  day 5  day 6  day 7  day 8


tom x reader    tom x reader   tom x reader   tom x reader  tom x reader NSFW or life please don’t read this if you’re not cool with that kind of stuff   tom x reader   Tom x Reader  Tom x Reader    Tom x Reader

Harribard/Eobard/Mattobard or Whoever You Prefer

Harribard and Snart x Reader  (Harribard ending)   Harribard and Snart x Reader (Snart ending)  Eobard Thawne x Reader      zoom & reverse flash x reader   harrison x reader   gravikinesis!Reader   eobard x reader   harrison x reader   My 666th post  Harribard x Reader  Harribard x Reader   Harribard x Reader   Harribard x Reader  Harribard x Reader   Harribard x Metahuman!Reader  Harribard x Reader

Earth 2 Harrison

earth 2 harrison part 1  earth 2 harrison part 2   earth 2 harrison x reader  earth 2 harrison x reader  Sad Harry  harrison x reader  harrison x reader  earth 2 harrison x reader  earth 2 harrison x earth 2 reader    Earth 2 Harrison x Reader  Earth 2 Harrison x Earth 2 Reader Earth 2 Harrison x Male!Reader  Earth 2 Harrison x Earth 2 Reader  Earth 2 Harrison x Reader

Any Harrison

 Harrison x Sick!Reader  Harrison Waltz    harrison x reader    harrison x reader   harrison x reader   harrison x reader   Harrison x Reader   Harrison x Metahuman!Reader


Hannibal x Reader

Random One Shots 

earth 2 reader    almost every one shot   Harrison x Reader High School AU   Zoom x Reader   Original Harrison x Reader


Happy holidays, everyone!  Volleyball kids are starting their holidays with high-fives in their matching ugly, oversized sweaters (๑╹ڡ╹)╭ ~ ♡

For @froggiesandstrawberries because volleyball anime is her life
i always got ur back vanilla bear ( ˘ ³˘)♥

can we talk about how stupid the fandom is for talking shit about michonne’s sniping skills? i’m actually done listening to people talk shit about her, period, so here we go. did you really expect her to pick up a rifle and be an expert marksman? yeah, i think you did for some reason, even though it’s absurd for anyone to think that since michonne is such a badass she could just pick up a weapon she isn’t trained in and master it in 0.2 seconds. stick to what she knows? nah. she’s smart enough to realize that she needs to obtain a few more skills for this fight, so she needs to practice. her sword isn’t going to solve all her problems. so yeah maybe she’s not a good sniper right now after her FIRST TIME, but she still practiced and she still killed a deer and if she finds another rifle, she’ll practice again; perhaps with someone who knows guns well… like the love of her life, rick grimes. there. i’m done. stop talking shit about the queen

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Halo Voice Demo

Finally finished this today.

Just me as some Halo characters and races. I think my Master Chief impression will be very well received.

0:00-0:05 - “Dumb” AI
0:05-0:14 - “Smart” AI
0:14-0:21 - Brutes
0:21-0:36 - Elites (Leaders)
0:36-0:40 - Elites (Soldiers)
0:41-0:48 - Gravemind
0:49-0:59 - Grunts
0:59-1:09 - 343 Guilty Spark
1:09-1:15 - Marines
1:15-1:21 - ODSTs
1:22-1:39 - Prophet of Truth
1:39-1:47 - Master Chief SPARTAN John-117
1:48-1:55 - SPARTAN-IIs
1:55-2:03 - SPARTAN-IIIs
2:03-2:11 - SPARTAN-IVs

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Actual description of the Greek gods
  • Zeus: big man whore (that's it). Alternatively, king bitch
  • Poseidon: not as big of a jerk as he could have been
  • Hades: this punk rock emo goth boy who never annoys nobody
  • Hestia: same but less punk rock emo goth
  • Demeter: THIS pupil's parent you'll regret to ever piss off
  • Hera: a wife in an abusive relationship, fighting back as she can
  • Aphrodite: THE queen <s>bitch</s> bee
  • Athena: the smartass girl who always says gibberish puns
  • Ares: the original fuckboy
  • Apollo: Nice Guy 1.0.
  • Hermes: sass master
  • Dionysos: party leader