master of sneak

Sneak attack

Master: *thinks he is safe, thinks his kitten sleeps while he makes breakfast*

Kitten: *sneaks stealthy and silently down the stairs*

Kitten: *hides behind wall, planning the optimal moment of attack, it must be perfect*

Master: *interrupts evil scheme* “Morning”

Kitten: screeeetch *knocks over a lamp, trips on the stairs, and finally makes it back up into bed and under the covers where she will perfect her next plan of attack*

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Could I give you or anyone a prompt. No one has to write it it was only an Idea but the Voltron team excluding lance in hiding somewhere and they end up kidnapping lance and he just ends up joining their cause whatever it is.

Ohhhh, I had to changed it slightly (sorry) 

I hope you still like it!

“Alright everyone before this mission I’m going to split you all into groups. You must stay in these groups throughout the entire mission. Do I make myself clear?” Allura’s voice echoed throughout the room and everyone nodded in response. 

Allura smiled and started to say the groups. “Now unfortunately we have an odd number so the groups won’t be even but I’m sure everything will be fine. Pidge you will be with Hunk.” 

Lance watched his two friends high five each other and he felt a small pit form in his stomach. Great I’m going to be put with Keith. 

Allura smiled at the two friends and looked at the remaining three paladins. “Keith you will be with Shiro.” 

Keith looked at Shiro and gave him a small smile and Shiro grinned at the boy. Lance felt crushed, I’m going to be alone during this mission? 

“Now Lance I know you probably feel weird because you’ll be all by yourself but you will be sniping from a distance, away from the fight. Keeping your team safe while they go into the base and take it down from the inside. Fun right? You are our sharpshooter after all.” Allura smiled at Lance and Lance forced a smile onto his face. 

“Ye-yeah sounds helpful.” Lance made his way to his lions, ignoring everyone happy chatter with each other. 


Lance was bored, the fight was in the base not outside the base. Man this sucks. Why was I put on this job? Is it because I have the gun? Hunk also has a gun why couldn’t he had done this? Well Allura did call me the sharpshooter after all, but I’m not much of the sharpshooter if I can’t shoot anyone. Lance sighed and rolled on his back, staring at the leaves on the trees he was sitting under. I really am the 7th wheel. 

By the time Lance heard the twig snap it was already too late and he felt pain explode on the back of his head and darkness consumed him. 


Lance woke up with a blindfold over his eyes and his arms tied behind his back. Lance released groaned as he picked his head up. Jeez they didn’t have to hit me that hard. 

Lance heard voices surrounding him and the blindfold was tugged off his face. Bright lights blinded Lance and he found himself squinted as he attempted to focus on who was talking around him. 

“About time you woke up Blue paladin.” A rough voice cut through Lance’s throbbing headache. 

“Well sorry I didn’t wake up quicker, maybe next time you should talk to me instead of hitting me in the head.” Lance’s eyes finally adjusted to the light and he came face to face with aliens that looked like trees, well trees standing 4 feet tall. He was surrounded by at least a dozen or more of these aliens and Lance couldn’t hold back his laughs. “Oh my goodness, you look like groot.” Lance kept laughing despite the fact that all of the aliens look at him with confusion and a few even looked pissed at him. 

“What is a groot?” The rough voice that spoke to Lance earlier broke through Lance’s laughs. 

Lance kept laughing and managed to explain himself. “It’s from a movie, he’s a tree person, he’s pretty cool.” 

The aliens looked at Lance with more confusion but eventually dropped the topic. “Well I do not know what a movie is but I am Rožun and I apologize for hitting you.” Lance looked at the alien, now know as Rožun and smiled. His leaves were a bright blue and it reminded Lance of the ocean. 

“Well it’s nice to meet you and I accept your apologize but why did you hit me Rožun?” Lance made sure to emphasis his name since making these aliens mad reminded him of his siblings when he walked into their rooms. 

“Well we didn’t know who you were, and you had your gun aimed at one of our sacred trees so we panic. Yet after we tied you up we realized that you were a paladin of Voltron.” Rožun gave Lance a meek smile and Lance laughed. 

“You are just too cute, but can you just untie me?” Lance wiggled his arms and the vines binded him disappeared with a snap from Rožun. 

Lance rubbed his wrist and crossed his legs on the floor, looking at all of the aliens. “So what are you all called? Like your species?” 

“We call ourselves Heovnenee’s and we are the original inhabitants of this planet, not the Galra.”  As soon as that left Rožun mouth, every other Heovnenee in the room stomped their feet in agreement. 

“That’s what we were here for! We, well my team was in the base fighting the Galra and clearing them from your planet.” Lance gave a small smile to the Heovnenee but they all saw how forced to was. 

Everyone gave Lance a confused look, “why weren’t you in the base with your team?” A small Heovnenee spoke up, and Lance admired her bright green leaves. 

“Well I was assigned to snipe out any Galra that escaped the base, yet Galra aren’t the type of species to run during a fight. Plus I can’t help my team a lot, I don’t have a lot of skills. I’m just the sharpshooter but I couldn’t use that skill for this mission.” Lance gave the little girl a small smile but they all gave him sympathetic looks. 

“You don’t feel respected in your team?” Rožun asked, reaching out to touch Lance’s knee. 

“No no no I feel repestceted, I just feel not needed at times.” Lance’s smile fell and he felt a lump in his throat. 

Everyone was quiet and Lance could tell that each Heovnenee was thinking about what Lance said. 

“You should join us, we could really use a sharpshooter like you.” Rožun said and everyone nodded in agreement. 

Lance laughed, “what do you even do?” 

Rožun smiled, “we fix things. We build things, we make peace with other nations. We are finding our own ways to destroy the Galra. We visit other planets and learn from them, we master skills. We sneak into bases and destroy them from the inside out, we may pull assassinations on important members of certain species.” 

Lance raised his eyebrows in fascianation, “well you are all very well rounded.” 

Rožun nodded, “you should join us Blue paladin, we need a sharpshooter. You could join us when we go into bases and attack from the inside.” 

Lance shook his head no “I can’t leave my team, they need me.” 

The Heovnenee’s all gave Lance a confused look. “If they need you, why would they make sure you couldn’t participate in the mission? If you want the job done well you don’t let anyone escape the base.” The same little girl from before spoke up again. 

Lance laughed in agreement but stood up, his height making him tower over the Heovnenee. “Look everyone, I appreciate the offer but I’m not leaving my team. I have to big of a mission just leave. I’m part of Voltron after all! Plus this is the first time I’ve been excluded from a base raid before, it won’t happen again.Now how to I get back to my team?”  Lance looked around the room. 

Rožun sighed and quickly told Lance the direction back to the base and Lance nodded and started to exit the room. “Oh, Blue paladin? If you ever change your mind, please come back. You could help us greatly.” 

Lance looked at Rožun and smiled again, “I’ll keep that in mind!” Lance made his way back to his team, knowing they were concerned about him just leaving.

Sorry for changing it!

After writing this I realized I low key based them off the aliens Pidge meet in season 2 :/

I hope you like it!

Sorry it took so long!!!

Thank you! <3

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*cough* marliza for the ship thing *cough*

Who’s the cuddler: Eliza is the master of sneak attack snuggles
Who’s more clingy: Maria tends to end up missing her girl alot,  Eliza is her muse so whenever she’s in the middle of inspiration her thoughts just flood back to her. Eliza comes back to a very huggy and clingy Maria
Who wakes up first: Eliza is an early riser, likes to do morning yoga and get tea ready for them both
Who tends to get more sick: Eliza gets sick easier but Maria is definitely clumsier 
Who’s the little spoon: Eliza is the little spoon when they’re lounging, Maria is little spoon when Eliza sneaks up on her
Who’s more productive: Eliza is a tad more of a busy body, Maria is very laid back and goes with the motions 
Who sings in the shower: Maria sings in the shower thinking Eliza can’t hear her, meanwhile Eliza is singing along to Maria everywhere else in the house
Who likes to embarrass the other: None, but Maria does like to tickle Eliza until she’s all red in the face
Who cries during movies: Both, they clean out a box of tissues 9/10 of the time
Who kisses more roughly: Maria has a lot of passion
Who’s more dominate: Eliza is a little more dominant, she has a good handle on things and Maria is happy to follow her lead
My rating of the ship from 1-10: 100/10 The second of my hamilton otps, the reason I breathe life into the fandom. Best girls. 

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Ok alternate idea- what if Bruce is the one who gets de-aged? For humors sake Alfred could be out of town for whatever reason, leaving the batkids to deal with the weirdness that is smol Bruce. Like 5 year old smol.

this is great, because i’ve always thought bruce was a weird lil kiddo who did weird lil things, and alfred was always running after him. what are you doing tearing up the garden, master bruce? saving the bees, you say? and like bruce was a master of the sneak from like 3, he could just duck away while the grownups are yelling and climb into the air vents. why the air vents? it looked interesting. very curious, the tiny batman. always running off to explore. what are rules

so like, imagine the kids all getting into an argument because you can’t put them in a room together, and suddenly bruce is gone, and it’s a total manhunt. in the span of six hours, bruce somehow finds his way to metropolis, and tells superman that he looks like a popsicle. he’s a strangely clingy little kid, too, so when dick comes to pick him up bruce just wraps around his leg. it’s slow, and sneaky, so you don’t notice, and it’s made alfred trip hundreds of times. bruce is amazed when dick just keeps walking and declares him the Favorite

Damian Wayne Headcanon

Damian literally freaking out inside when he goes to Selina’s house with Batman on a mission and sees all her cats. Meanwhile, at the monitor in the Batcave, Jason and Tim are placing bets on how long until Damian breaks and starts petting all the cats. Alfred is simply watching in patient horror upon the thought of how many the young master will try to sneak back to the cave.

My Thoughts: “Quan Zhi Gao Shou” Episode 6: “Sword Saint”

Greetings “Quan Zhi Gao Shou” (”The King’s Avatar” / “Master of Skill”) fans, sneaking in like a certain chatty ninja for another “My Thoughts” episode summary! As always, the anime is speeding along and, in my opinion, leaving some of us in the dust. If anyone is interested, the conclusion of this episode leaves us at around chapter 122 of volume 2 in the light novel so go and check it out when you can!

Major kudos goes out to @noirliesl-sideblog for all her help with gifs for the show! Without her, I’d be posting over 50 screenshots of a certain character! Please be advised, there may be spoilers!

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I Don’t Have A Concussion! 

Bruce called you up asking for your help, he said it was urgent. So you drove all the way to Wayne Manor to see what the problem is. Hoping that he doesn’t want you to get back in your suit. When you reach the door Alfred is already standing there waiting for your arrival. He doesn’t look all that panicked so it makes you wonder what the problem is. 

“Evening Miss y/n.” Alfred greets you as you enter. “Hello, Alfred. What seems to be the problem?” You immediately ask him.

 "It’s Master Damian, he sneaked out and got himself into a fight. We believe he has a concussion, Master Bruce hoped you would be able to attend to him while he and I get on with business.“ Alfred fills you in on what happened. 

"Of course, it had to be Damian.” You let out a sigh. “I’ll give him an examination to be sure he’s okay.” You head towards the living room and Alfred simply nods. 

You should have known this was the reason Bruce called you all the way out here at this hour. He doesn’t know any other doctor that he trusts, so that makes you the designated medic. You don’t mind helping them out but you really though Damian listened to you last time. He is the most stubborn ten-year-old boy that you have ever known or treated. 

With your medical bag in hand, you enter the living room. Bruce is already geared up for the night he was just waiting for your arrival. Somehow you always seem to babysit his son, you should probably start charging for your services. 

“Thank you for coming, you are welcome to stay here tonight. Saves you having to drive home tired.” Bruce quickly suggests that you spend the night here with Damian. Mostly for your own benefit. He wouldn’t want you to have an accident. It is the least he can do since he got you up out of bed to come and help Damian. 

“That’s what I’m here for. I’ll sleep down here, if that’s alright with you, Damian?” You speak to Bruce then to his son who is sitting on his bed with a displeased look on his face and folded arms. 

“You won’t have to stay, I’m fine.” Damian insists there is nothing wrong. 

“I have to go now, take care of him.” Bruce pats your shoulder on his way out. It is his way of saying ‘have fun with this one’. He knows just as much as everyone else how difficult Damian can be. 

Once Bruce has left you get the things you need in order to give Damian a check up. Hopefully, you can convince him to cooperate if he refuses. Damian watches you carefully, his arms remain folded.He doesn’t see what all the fuss is about, it’s not like he is dying. As always his father has blown things out of proportion. 

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I wish you write a fic where Nalu are watching my favourite anime... Although, given how long it takes the main couple to get together that could also be instructive for them!! 😂😂

Well ~ maybe not quite as you envisioned, but here’s something!!  :D

‘Alone Time’
Word Count:  458
Rating:  k
Modern AU

“You’d better not start the next episode without me!”  Natsu slammed the microwave shut and hit the 'popcorn’ button. “I kept it paused when you used the bathroom.”

“You didn’t have a choice,” Lucy turned her head to shout into the kitchen, “I kept the remote with me.” She drummed her heels on the scuffed coffee table, looking around the living room. A motley collection of frames held photos and vied for space with paintings. Loose paper languished under a stack of writing reference books which rested on top of the wooden desk her late father had given her. The matching chair sported notebooks and more writing ephemera. Pens and pencils in a misshapen hand-crafted mug listed to the side, threatening to spill to the floor.

Draining her beverage, Lucy rattled the ice. “I need a refresh too!”

Natsu tiptoed behind Lucy and plucked the glass out of her hand - laughing as she flinched. “Gotcha!” He set down the bowl of popcorn and dashed back into the kitchen. Seconds later he was back and handed Lucy another drink. “Impressed?”

“How come you’re so good at spooking me?”

“Practice makes perfect. I’m a seventh level master at sneaking up on you.” Natsu grinned, “And how was that for fast?”

“You just want to start watching Hakuouki again,” Lucy answered sourly. “You’re as fast with re-fills as Saito is with his sword.”

“And you’re as demanding as Chizuru is shy.”

“Oh no you didn’t!” Lucy glared at Natsu. “That’s as rude as the Vice Commander is handsome!”

“Pffft! That was weak!” Natsu laughed and reached for the remote. “C'mon! We’ve only got an hour before our alone time is over.”

“Say sorry.” Lucy’s expression was mulish as she held the remote protectively. “Sorry, or no more anime.”

Natsu grabbed a handful of popcorn, slowly chewing as he considered his strategy. “I admire you more than Saito loves swords.”

A smile threatening to break free, Lucy wagged her finger at Natsu. “That wasn’t sorry.”


“You know what I wanna hear.”

“I’m more sorry than Shinpachi is cheerful, Isami Kondo is emotional and Kyuju Amagiri likes using his fists.”

Natsu broke out laughing and Lucy joined in. “You dork!” She snuggled against his side and clicked the remote. The tv screen brightened and the opening music swelled. “Is there anything better than watching Hakuouki together? I don’t think there’s anything I love more.”

Natsu pulled the crocheted afghan over their laps and offered the popcorn bowl to Lucy. “Don’t ever let our kids hear you say that.”

Lucy snickered. “They already know what we’re like.”

“There is that.” Natsu nodded, slung his arm around his wife’s shoulders and pulled her closer so he could kiss her cheek. “Turn it up!”

It Takes a Village (Part 2)

Read the original story here on tumblr | | ao3

Check It Takes a Village AU tag for more of this universe 

This got even more requests for expansion. Ahaha. So yeah have some headcanons regarding this universe. I may write a sequel, but not today and not soon. 

  • Tsuna is five when he wanders off one day and comes back home with Hayato.
  • Iemitsu of course has no problem letting Hayato stay. He doesn’t even question where Hayato had came from. (Everyone else is properly horrified). 
  • Lal still isn’t paid enough to deal with this.
  • Out of necessity, Lal and Reborn band together as the only sane people who, despite being ASSASSINS with little knowledge about children, they are apparently the only sane people when it comes to dealing with Tsunayoshi. 
  • Telling Iemitsu no is a trial. 
  • Making sure he listens is another.
  • Iemitsu may have rented out an amusement park for Tsunayoshi’s sixth birthday. 
  • He may have hired Super Sentai actors to come to Italy to put on a private show. 
  • Lal turned to Viper in desperation to keep the CEDEF’s budget balanced and alive. 
  • Viper was originally going to charge an arm and leg for their services. After awhile though, it became a challenge, then an insult to their skills. They do it for free while trying to find loopholes over Iemitsu’s silly spending. 
  • Dino is instantly smitten by Tsuna and proclaims Tsuna to be his little bro. Xanxus is jealous. (Totally absolutely jealous.) 
  • All the games Reborn plays with Tsunayoshi are laying down the foundation of future training. 
  • Nono always treats Tsunayoshi for his favorites desserts. 
  • Federico is a bad influence and the reason why Tsunayoshi masters sneaking away from his babysitters/bodyguards. 
  • Verde fell under Tsuna’s spell and Natsu may have been created earlier than expected
  • That made Verde Tsuna’s favorite for months. 
  • He lorded it over Reborn and Xanxus in particular. 
  • It’s the first time Reborn and Xanxus agreed to set aside their differences and work on taking Verde down. 
  • One day, Tsuna latches on the Vongola Sky Ring and out pops out Giotto, stunned that he had been summoned. 
  • Everyone else is too busy panicking that somehow Tsunayoshi managed to summon Primo from the ring. 
  • Enrico doesn’t know how to feel. On one hand it’s always been expected that he would inherit from his father. On the other hand, Tsunayoshi summoned Primo. 
  • Lal wonders when it’s going to occur to Reborn that he is for all intents and purposes apart of Vongola now. His constant returns to ‘play’ with Tsunayoshi all but ensures his alliance. 
  • Reborn totally knows he’s wrapped around Tsuna’s little fingers. 
  • He should be annoyed by it, but watching the chaos Tsuna causes as it unfolds is kinda amazing. 
more important headcanons for the original teams


  • one of their wing spikers is always found sleeping in the weirdest spots
    • the janitor found them in the bleachers but only because their shoe was sticking up
    • running bets on how many things you can stack on them before they wake up
  • are super enthusiastic about barbecues and usually supply the meat for training camp week
    • one time a vegan was on their team
      • after about thirty second of awkward silence, the Mom Team™ leaped into action to see who could find the best vegan recipe
  • the most likely to share their clothes with each other


  • running joke about hibernation that’s as lame as you expect it is
    • “i gotta finish this so i can get ready to hibernate”
    • “no i can’t finish this assignment, that’ll cut into my hibernation time”
    • “hibernation? in this economy?”
  • “hey smell my kneepads”
  • constant yelling during practice
    • most of it is complaining, some singing
    • anytime there’s a minor inconvenience, at least one person just yells at the top of their lungs
    • “this wouldn’t have happened if i was hibernating!!”
  • they had someone named hunter on their team and that went about as well as you would expect
  • waddle around in blankets during training camp and abduct other teams’ members into their “hibernation cocoons”
  • lots of them played other sports growing up as well
    • they’re a bunch of memeing jocks
  • “no we deserve the last burger because we need to hibernate”
    • *collective groan from other teams*


  • are v professional about things? respect and responsibility are big to their program (because former champs gotta represent you know) and they’re very formal
  • bears and raccoons and otters all got together during training camp with plan “loosen up the birds”
    • this plan resulted in six broken hair ties, one busted sleeping bag, three missing pillows and a water fountain that will never work the same again
    • it is referred to as the best training camp anyone ever had and the survivors brag about it for years
      • “guess you had to be there”
      • “ah, you young ones wouldn’t understand”
  • they have banners upon banners upon banners in their gym covered with all the years they’ve won
  • coach is a former olympic athlete probably
  • their captain makes really good pancakes????? idk no one knows how they do it


  • are the most likely to try and get adopted by the other teams
    • “no no he’s our new setter please let me keep him”
    • “i found this one so i get to keep her”
    • “do you need a snack? juice box? k, love you, kick ass”
  • team naps are a big thing because they all cuddle
  • third years pick first years to give painted rocks to and become kind of like a big sibling during the season
    • nearly every otter alumni still has their rock
  • their school’s water polo team is super good and the bears will not let it go because that is just so fitting that’s so funny
  • their program does surprisingly well during tournaments and every is always surprised even though they’re literally always in the top five
  • instigates team sleepovers during training camp week and is always ready to go with at least three (3) group games
    • “how the HECK are you so good at charades?!?!”


  • i feel like the wolves, lynxes, foxes, and raccoons are the rotating fifth members of the top five. like it’s always these five fighting it out to figure out who’s gonna be number five that year
    • wolves and foxes both had super long streaks for a while there, but lately lynxes and raccoons have been showing up and doing great
  • they do stuff together ALL THE TIME
    • team dinners? there. sleepovers? every weekend. adventuring? you always got a partner. wanna try a new coffee shop? half the team is there already
    • their group chat is nuts and always. moving. so. fast.
  • lowkey emos
  • lowkey memers
  • overly supportive of their members
    • one of them is on the debate team and the rest of them show up with signs
    • a couple of them got kicked out of a swim meet for someone’s sibling because they were cheering too loudly
  • forms bro bonds with other teams surprisingly well
  • adopts the most amount of otters


  • one time they did crafts to bond and now it’s a regular thing
    • they are trying to slowly get a craft day in training week but the coaches are saying no
  • they all own those dorky volleyball tshirts that say stuff like “wanna pepper?” with the chili peppers on them and the “setters have good hands” and “can you dig it?” or “got spike?”
  • bffs with the otters and raccoons
  • (one of them is responsible for the water fountain incident but no one will ever admit it)
  • their coach was actually a bear once


  • what to heck is the plural of lynx
    • -said by a bear
  • in competition with the otters for who has the cutest warmups
  • they’re a bunch of cranky old people trapped in teenager bodies
    • “no i can’t my knees ache”
    • “wait where’s my prune juice”
    • “these kids are too noisy”
    • just v salty in general
  • lowkey rivalry with the wolves but it mostly just results in dumb things like “who can do the most cartwheels across the gym” and “i bet we can wheelbarrel race faster than you”
  • they and the wolves hold the record for the longest volleyball game on record
    • first set was 32-30 wolves, then 38-36 lynx, 34-32 wolves, 40-38 lynx, and finally 52-50 wolves
    • everyone took a nap on the front lawn immediately after
    • (i actually witnessed an irl vball game go up to 46 one time so yes it’s possible and it was hell for everyone involved)


    • -frantic text from captain of the bears to some wayward first years
    • no one is willing to risk it anymore but every once in a while, there will be some poor first years who have lost their way and try it out
    • it’s fun for everyone but also v terrible
  • the masters at sneaking snacks from the cafeterias
  • smuggle the leopards extra pillows during training camps
  • are about as frustrating to play as the wolves but it’s so fun at the same time
  • their entire team is a perfect blend of fun and “oh god why”
@confessions-haikyuu @better

Dark Creatures Is a tabletop RPG, the story is really long, and I went through hell and back to make this game. This game is a game that has a lot of things that other tabletop games don’t have, Like Energy and, Mana. and unlike some games this takes place in the future, other games usually take place in the Middle Ages and current time, and also unlike some games this has more swords, guns daggers and other weapons, this game has a different thing to it to make it well different like different dimension and different worlds, and different monsters, new races and new classes, a history to it that could be kinda interesting and kinda cheesy, and because this was made by a 14 year old there will be a lot of bad jokes and some good jokes that many parents won’t get and many kids won’t get… I think only teens will get the jokes i make in this book and what I am hoping from this game is a lot of money… no I’m actually hoping this game will be as famous as DND and other RPG Tabletop games, I want not only for Adults to enjoy this game but for teens and  kids to play this game and be knowledgeable in the way of old style gaming but I also want to get some animators and other people that can make this Tabletop game into a video game!


There are 7 of races that you can choose from.

1.     Dragon

[Dragons are human like races except for that they can can survive in high and low temperatures for longer periods of time than any other race. It has +5 to night vision and +3 to overheat and freezing resist but they have a -4 to Stealth and -2 to speed.]

     2. Demon

[Demons are soul eating evolutions of human he/she has a +6 to endurance +4 night vision +3 to death magic but where it’s weak in is -4 to light magic resist -2 to health]

     3. Elf

[Tall cool human like creatures get +3 to speed, +1 to skill or magic +2 to INT but the bad thing is that there Def -3 they have a -2 dark magic resist and -2 to END.]

    4. Heavanly

[These are angel like human evolution no flight but they are good beings with +4 to HP +3 to healing magic but have a -3 weakness to Dark magic and have -5 to Sword skill (Recommended Class is any class that uses light magic or elemental magic)]

    5. Novas

[Nova’s are coded in humans they get around places they are coded humans but it can pick up items and turn them into coded items which are the same as normal items but coded they have the brain and organs are human the skin though is metal but not all of it is so a +3 to defences (They are living) but they aren’t at the same time Omg!]

    6. Shinikome

[Dark creatures, soulless even but they are nice. They are born with the whole eye black

And can’t see but has increased other senses like smell and hearing can’t shoot but can use magic, dark magic is used and light magic hurts them.]

     7. Cids

[They are green magic users they use plants and life magic like grow vine but they are special magic users so they don’t have their own magic on the magic tree.]

Even though there are only 7 races there are many combinations you can do with the classes and the races, now that that’s done let’s get to Classes (next page)


There are 14 classes, i know what you’re thinking Kat that’s a lot of classes well have fun combining them with the races you will find it is pretty hard to find the perfect character like it is hard to find the perfect human being…. Perfect Human girlfriend…. Perfect boyfriend….(Sorry this isnt that old)


They have the best sword skill in the game being a master of blades you can use a sword to stagger your foes and kill elfs and heavenly with ease they learn how to craft their ULTIMATE WEAPON which is Terratanium sword but they start off with a long steel sword and there best skill is Swords soul which is obtained at LVL 20

      2. Magi

This class has the best Elemental magic skill they can’t use dark magic they have tried but nothing has worked being a master of magic they can take out Close and Medium ranges they can also use bows which aren’t really better than magic but good enough to get them around when there mana is low they learn how to craft their ULTIMATE WEAPON which is a Terratanium Bow and It’s is a Long bow

      3. Reapers

This class is a deadly dark classes Using dark, death, and illusion magic they are stealthy and can get around you can kill Heavenly easily with this class they have a hidden tail, their tails are sharp and can be used and weapons if ever surrounded or staggered they have there tails to give them a extra +1 attack they have a mastery in guns but they aren’t the best in guns (unless it’s a sniper) at LVL it learns how to craft it’s ULTIMATE WEAPON which is a Raridemite sniper. There start weapon is Crystal shard Pistol

     4. Elemental

Elementals are races born with with a condition, they turn into a element the elements are Fire,Earth,Water,Lightning,Ice,Iron. These Elementals use their bodies as weapons so they can make Fire nunchakus that do a lot of damage which they learn at LVL 20 there also very good at physical fighting but not REALLY GOOD at LVL 40 they learn crystal change which turns them into a crystal for a short amount of time that gives you a +4 Defence +4 ATK but lowers speed by -6 starter weapon are fists and kicks

      5. Gunman or gunwoman

This close and mid ranged class specializes in guns though snipers isn’t really good at so it’s good at killing Humans and Elfs They have a special they learn at LVL 30 called crystal shot which is their best skill at LVL 20 though they learn how to craft their ULTIMATE WEAPON which is a Terratanium Automatic shotgun which isn’t as cool as it seems. They start off with a normal shell shotgun.

      6. Guardian

This class has the best armory/Defence in the game and at LVL 20 they learn their skill which is called Holy sword this class can easily take out Demons and Elves at LVL 30 they learn how to craft their ULTIMATE WEAPON which is called Great guardian sword which is a LONG LONG sword that is very powerful. There starter weapon is Guardian Knife which is less op Speed for this class is -2 because of the armor.

       7. Medic

This class is obviously the best i’m Healing magic and medical abilities at LVL 20 they learn how to make Ebonic health boost which boosts your health by 10 at LVL 20 you learn how to use Health blast which blasts positive energy Kills Ghosts and Ghouls and heals team +5 to HP when playing this character Doesn’t combat that much but when it does he poison the enemy with you MEDS.

       8. Summoner

Elemental summoners summon a range of familiars to Uncommon-God-Unknown. This class has the best summoning skill and at LVL 25 you learn how to summon a Myth like King phoenix/Queen Phoenix and can summon a god summon at LVL 40 and at LVL 50 you can summon a Unknown.

        9. Alchemist

This class is all about Time and strategy in a certain amount of time with the materials around you you can make a drug or a potion has the best Chem/Potion making Skill at LVL 20 you learn how to make a Ebonic health potion and at LVL 40 you learn how to make 420.

      10. Blood Shaper

Don’t want to use Magic? Like the color red Well the blood shaper is a Hard class to deal with because you use your HP for weapons. You can solidify your blood to make a weapon like at LVL 20 you do -10 HP for a great sword you can die useing to much blood

Classes Prt 3

       11. Physical fighter

This class is a non-Weapon class so no swords or guns but there is brass knuckles and punching gloves/spiked punching gloves they’re really good at close combat they have the best physical fighting skill with a +5 to physical fighting at LVL 20 they learn how to craft their ULTIMATE WEAPON which is Raridemite brass knuckles and with this there skill is sonic soul fist if you have the reaper race you can eat the a soul to gain health, the ability is learned at LVL 40 being good at physical fighting it and close range attacks it can be useful in killing humans and Heavenly because they specialize in magic if you manage to get close to them you can stun them.

       12. Assassin/Bounty hunter

He’s a master in sneaking, finding gold, and rare items. At LVL20 he learns how to craft the AntiEbonic knife when it hits it drains 10HP it has the best sneak skills in the game and because of that he can kill reapers and elfs easily even though the recommended race is elf and at LVL 40 it learns Ultimate assasination.

        13. Parkourist

Can use parkour to get around like jumping, climbing, and wall running. There only weapon is there fists even though they can use weapons like katanas and things like that it is not recommended because they are the worst at weaponry but decent at physical fighting (NOT GOOD AT IT) They are mostly used to Help the team get to high places and get past floor and wall traps they have a good (Hidden skill) skill to not trigger a trap. Acrobatic skill is a must have for this class because without acrobatics it’s useless the only good thing you will have with this class if you don’t have any good acrobatic skill is the (Hidden skill) skill to not activate traps.

       14. Insanist

Insane and deadly at LVL 20 it learns the skill Slice and Dice and it’s main weapon is a big knife and it’s last skill Chop Chop and it learns it at LVL:40 can kill humans and Heavenly easily.


The type of magic and types of summon and elements

There are different types of magic these are all of them.

Fire: Fire, Fire ball, Blaze, charing, Burn skin, lava floor, fiery explosion. Solar rain

Ice: Ice, Ice spike, Chill, Frostbite, Ice floor, Ice burst, Ice sickle’s

Water: Water,Water Whip, Bubble pop, Scald, drown , Waterfall. Scalding rain

Light: Light, Light burst, Light shot, Light orb, light orb, Light,Dark(Light), Blinded by the light.

Dark: Dark, Dark Flame, Black Ice, dark lightning, Invisible, Light dark (dark), Hover, Complete darkness.

Air: Wind, Storm, Wind Blast, Wind force, Wind Chill, Universal wind,Wind Slice, Steam.

Earth: Earth, Stone Bullets, Earthquake, crevasse, Earth grass bolt, stone blade, Rock Pillar smash, sink sand.

Lightning: Lightning, Lightning shock, Taze, Thunderstorm, Timely Shocking, thunder clap, Rainbow lightning.

Spirit: Curse, spirit control, Soul eater, soul split, paralysis soul, ghost tont, death, soul burst.

Weapons: +1 sword skill (sword), +2 to magic power, (Summon)

Universal: Universal Mini meteor, Nebula hands, Dark matter, Warp, Star scape, Universal weapon, Gravity, Laser.

If you’re a magi you can choose 2 types of magic (That isn’t Dark or spirit) and if you’re a reaper you have to have Dark,Spirit and Universal.  

Check The level guide on what level you have to be to use these skills.


Fire: Fire Ant, Blazing Cat, Heat Lion, King Phoenix, Fire Dragon, Hades, Sun

Water: Baby Piranha, Piranha, Megalodon, Queen Mermaid, Water Dragon, Poseidon, Ocean

Ice: Ice Lizard, Ice Bat, Ice Guardian, Abominable Snowman, Ice Dragon, Khione, Blizzard

Light: Light Vine, light rose, Light claw, Light dire wolf, Twin light Dragon, Kronos Titan of light, Magnified

Dark: Shadow, Dark rose, Dark Cloud, Werewolf, Dark Dragon, Erebos, Black hole

Air: Flower petals(elementals), Grass wind beast, Invisible air Knight, Griffin, Air dragon, Boreas, Greater Tornado

Earth: Rock Worm, Clayer, Rocker, Golem, Ground Dragon, Geaea, Earth Quake

Lightning: Shocking cacti, Lightning Snake, Lightning wizard spirit, Lightning wolf Raiju, Shocking Dragon, Thunder god Zeus, Focused Lightning.

Spirit: Little soul, Whisp, Reapers soul, Angel/Demon, Bone dragon spirit, Pontos, Skeleton army.

Weapons: Control Sword, Control Axe, Control mace, Summon Excalibur/Reaper scythe Sword dragon, Ares, Summon Bullet Rain.

Universal: Star, Gravity, Nebula, Cloud, aliens, Space dragon, Allah the moon god, Eclipse.


Wooden sword- Does +1 Sword damage, +2 to speed, best sword at the start of the game. (can only be used by: Swordsmen) $1.00

     2)  Wooden crossbow- does +1 Ranged damage, +2 to speed, best Gun/Bow at the start of the game (Hard  to Jam). (can only be used by: Assassin, Medic, Gunman/Gunwoman) $1.00

     3)  Wooden framed gloves- +1 damage to melee damage, +2 to speed, best gloves at the beginning of the game. (can only be used by: Anyone recommended Physical Fighter)


     4) Wooden Bow- +1 ranged damage, +1 to magic casting speed, +2 to speed best bow at the start of the game. (can only be used by: Magi) $1.00

     5) Wooden Knife- +1 Knife damage, +1 to insanity, +2 to speed best knife at the start of the game. (can only be used by: Insanity) $1.00

     6) Wooden long sword- +1 to sword damage, -1 to speed, +1 to reach, Best long sword in the Starting of the game (can only be used by: Guardian) $1.00

     7) Wooden Staff- +1 to Magic summon damage, +1 to speed, Best start game staff (can only be used by: Summoner) $1.00

     8) Wooden Clockwork pistol- +1 to ranged damage +2 to speed, +1 to fire speed, Best Gun in the game (can only be used by: Reaper, Gunman/Gunwoman) $1.00

      9) Railgun: Damage: 50 Piercing: Until it hits a wall, Amo: 1 shot per Power Cell, Starting Amo: 10 Power Cells, Price: 5,000

     10) Ultimate Sacrifice, Damage: Kills everything in the room,Amo 1 Shot per Sacrificial Power Cell, Starting. ???: After shot, 2 (Active) days cool down time, all mana and energy goes to 0, life goes to 1 HP, the player that shot this gun rolls 1D4 die every 10 minutes for 1 hour the number you roll every 10 minutes take that amount of damage, and there is a 50% chance of this gun breaking.


Wooden Plated Armor, Just some wood plates on a body, +1 Armor and that’s it!


Steel Armor, +5 Armor.



    1) Amo- Crossbow Bolts


    2) Amo- Stone bullet


    3) Amo- Magic energy orb


    4) Amo- Power Cell


    5)Amo- Sacrificial Power Cell


???: “You feel weak when you hold this Power Cell…” Lose all your energy when you buy this item.


Health Potion- Heals you (1d10)


Mana Potion- Heals you mana (1d10)


???- Unknown Effect- (1d20 to find out what your effect is)



The elements here aren’t for elementals there elements found throughout the game used for crafting, bonuses and bad stuff like -2 to darkness creature +2 to light creatures.

ZechIzum- is a coal like material. Burns Bright blue at night and very dark red in the morning, goes out slowly +Burn +Fire magic - and +Self burn.

Spynencone- A spike Material Touching it will hurt you and will kill you +thorns - and + self damage.

Terratanium- A rare material That’s Used for weapon craft rare and strong people call it the 3rd best material for weapon crafting +Rainbows +Weapon crafting -Rare.

Belenarifecatisusium- A strage material that Changes it’s shape and size, Some say there is a way to control its shape and use that with great weapons but it has to accept you as it’s owner +Weapon craft +Shape shift -Might not like you.

Dartemtis- A dark orb found under ground can’t be broken and can’t be crafted into a weapon weakens light race/creatures like heavenly +darkness -Light.

Liememtis- a light orb that weakens dark creatures like demons can’t be broken and can’t be used as weapon crafting +Light -Darkness.

Chenpako- Explosive (Touch) boom, and maybe a second boom.

Lifathimatemite: A Soul crystal usable in crafting weapons it is the most rarest Material and most hardest to break. This Material is commonly known as a broken soul, a broken souled human is a suicidal human usually found near lakes and other places that humans and other races kill themselves but that’s not all there also found in dungeons where Dark creatures are if a dark creature kills a human This material will show after 30 seconds the crystal will turn dark and it will have solidified and will be useless for weapon crafting and that’s when people power it with magic and make craft it to use weapons but using them to craft weapons is illegal. If you do “you’re a bad person”

Elements prt 2

Rareidemite: The 2nd Best material for weapon crafting, Is strong for guns swords are hard to make with this material but has a shiny purple glow hiding in darkness

Codeium: Codeium… No one knows a lot about this but it’s found deep in the Coded World and it can combine two Materials to make One

(Example: Terratanium+Raridemite=Hells-angel)

Kat: I’m Happy about these elements but they don’t really have to do with the story wait nevermind I there are some elements that are used in the story, Just have fun with these You can make combinations with elements using codium if you have any suggestions for more elements and suggestions for elements combinations,

Elemental’s elements

The elementals elements are elements that elementals can be.

Ice: Ice is not that strong but has a + to it +frostbite slows enemy for 1 turn HP: can be +1d10

For endurance it’s -5 because you’re ice -Weakness to fire +Cold resist

Wind: You’re Kept together by Cloths around you, cutting the Cloth is bad for the person that cuts the cloth, once cut releases a storm that blasts a small enemy back but does damage. The more damage you take the stronger the storm gets, if dies the storm stops -Fire Resistance +Wind Blast

Fire: fire is a base element. You have skin but it’s covered in flames touching someone won’t burn anyone but an enemy Will burn The more fire damage done to you during a battle the more +Energy you will get +Fire hands +Fire resist -Ice resist and -Water resist.

Rock: Rock is a good basic element to be, Able to make weapons out of his body (Stone weapons) +5 to Str and as long as you’re on Rock,Soil and other Earth type elements you can regenerate your body quickly after making a weapon using your body.

Lightning: Lightning is fast as you get a +5 to speed and your body is surrounded by lightning touching a evil (Monster) Creature will shock them for one turn.

Kat: Hi, I have something to say about elementals, I like them and I will put a lot of work into them but i will never be them. They do a lot of damage but i don’t like close combat SOMETIMES so i will never be one of these you can be one but i’m putting my opinion.

A Secret

Newt Scamander x Reader

Request/Summary: the reader is a siren and Newt and her fall in love

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He had met you while wondering by the  Black Lake after classes.

“Are all sirens like you?” he asked one evening.

It was a skill he’d mastered, sneaking out of the school during the night.

“I’m not sure,” you said smoothly, tracing his arm. He pulled away with a sigh, standing up on the docks to where you couldn’t reach him.

“[Y/n],” he said seriously. “Newt,” you mimicked. He shook his head. “There’s something that I have to tell you…something that I don’t want to tell you but I have to.”

You frown, secluding deeper into the water. “Is it about the Lestrange girl?” you ask. He quickly shook his head. “No, no, no,” he assured you. You lightened up, swimming closer to him and outstretching your hands to touch him. “Then what is it, darling?”

Newt hesitated. “I-I can’t see you anymore.”

You raise your eyebrows, lowering your hands into the water. “Wait, what?”

Newt took a deep breath. “We won’t be able to see each other anymore. Not after tonight.”

You took a breath. “I don’t understand. Are you-do you-is it something I did?” Newt shook his head. “No, no, you did nothing wrong, [Y/n]! It was me.” You stare up at him. Never before had you longed for legs until now.

“I-[Y/n], I’ve been expelled.”

Your eyes widen. “Expelled?” you repeat. “Stop. No you haven’t. You haven’t been…expelled…” Your voice trailed off as Newt averted his eyes. “What is because of the Lestrange girl?” you demanded. “Did she do something and then blame it on you?” you demanded, your voice raising.

“She didn’t do anything!” Newt argued. “I-I did something immensely dangerous,” he sighed, rubbing his eyes. “I put someone in danger and it got out of hand. I mean it obviously got out of hand. Or else there wouldn’t be me being expelled, so of course you know that.”

His rambling startled you. You’d never seen him so nervous or sad. His eyes were sparkling in the moonlight and you almost couldn’t muster up the words to reply.

“Newt, calm down,” you whispered. “How can I?!” he exclaimed. “Hogwarts is-is my home!”

“You have your family,” you tried to assure him. “Theseus, surely-”

“But what about you?”

“What about me?”

Newt looked at you with confusion. “[Y/n],” he murmured, making your name sound like the most holy word. “I’m in l-”

You jerked back away from him, water splashing. “Don’t say that to me now, Newton Scamander,” you breath. “If you say that to me after now of all this time I’m not sure I’ll be able to forgive you for it.”

Newt pursed his lips. “If I don’t, I’m not sure I’ll be able to forgive myself.”

You looked down at the water, unsure of what to say next. “You can’t,” you muttered. “When are you leaving?”

“I’ve been told to leave the premises immediately. I’m being sent away with floo powder in the morning.”

You bit back a sob that you felt bubbling up in your chest. “I do, you know,” he told you in a soft voice. “I do…adore you very much.”

A/N: I feel like I should have added more but I couldn’t think of anything else to write so sorry if it’s kinda shitty :(

sekainoyamato  asked:

Hi! I love your job :D what happened if s/o send nude to Hanzo/McCreed/Reaper/ Genji when they are in a mission? Take your time, and thanks again !!!

Hi! I love my job too!
*snort* McCreed, I love it



Normally Hanzo would leave distractions behind, not wanting to have his mind on anything other than the mission, but when he did hear the little dig of his phone, he pulled it out like it was a second nature. Oh? A message from you? With a photo attached? Now he’s curious. Double checking to make sure he’s in a secure area, Hanzo would open your message. You are completely naked, laying in the bed you share with him, one hand holding the phone while your other is shoved between your legs and you have the neediest look. Hanzo stares, blushes, and shoves the phone back into his pocket. He’s distracted for the rest of the mission and it’s all your fault. He makes sure to punish you when he gets home.


Cowboy’s like a teenage girl with his phone. If it makes even the smallest of sounds, he’s checking it. So when it dinged, he took it out without a second thought. Sweet, he got a message from you, though the timing is a bit poor, he’d still open the message. Once he sees the picture, he grins and tries to hold in a devilish chuckle. You’re flushed red and obviously so close to you release, McCree wondered if you were coming when you took the photo. It sent heat straight to his pants. Today was going to be a fast day at work if he wanted to get home while you were still sensitive.


At first he’d ignore his phone, just leave it in his pockets as he stalked for another victim, but if you continued to send him more messages, one after the other, he’d get annoyed and check to see what on Earth you wanted him to know. What? Why is it just pictures? He’s swears if it’s another one of those damn pranks of yours, he’s going to kill…Oh…OH. Wearing nothing but maybe some cute, black panties, you were winking in the picture and Reaper was already rock hard. You are in so much trouble for bothering him during work and for teasing him. He doesn’t reply do you know you’re in for something rough tonight.


It’d have to start out with a bit of playful texting, teasing him with a few words as he’s more playful when you start out slow. Just a few teasing words here and there as Genji would’ve found a secluded spot so he wouldn’t be interrupted. When he tells you to hang on a moment, that he needs to help his Master is when you would sneak in the photo. It’s still as playful as the texts, but it was very obvious you were in the mood and Genji would start to overheat when he saw the pictures. Blushing furiously, he’d send a quick text that he was coming over. Leave the door unlocked please.

i’ve told quite a few people this fic was coming, so here it is. special thanks to my beta/girlfriend @danchou-chan, and to @partydanchou and @birbwin for listening to me whine about this thing for months. Read it on AO3

It was never truly his, the life he was born into. He’d known it from childhood, born with memories of monsters, of a war with no end. Erwin Smith was born with the memories of cable wires shooting out with the pull of a trigger, sending an army through the air, of blades and blood that evaporates, of blood that stays. He was born with the memories of a man who had lived two decades before he saw the sun, of fierce gray eyes and a sharp tongue, a man who was small and beautiful and meant to fly. His little bird. He was born with the memories of a broken promise and the knowledge that he is meant to find this man, this little bird, a knowledge that he keeps private, learning early on that others will not take kindly to these strange memories. A vivid imagination in childhood turns into a concerning quirk verging on madness as an adult and he quiets himself. His bird is in his dreams, in the shadows in his waking life, waiting. This life was never truly his, but he will live it if only so that he can prove to himself that this man exists, that somewhere he is looking for him too.

This is the first time, and perhaps it is due to his own naivety that he accepts without question the idea that he is fated to live again, to spend his life dedicated to a man he has yet to meet– maybe never will meet. He does not question the absurdity of it all, the guilt that consumes him for deaths he, now, has never seen, the desperate need for the man in his dreams, the name he finds himself whispering like a prayer as he lies in bed at night, eyes fixed towards the heavens: Levi, Levi, Levi. He questions nothing, fixated, obsessed, but somewhere someone was waiting for him, and in the end it’s all that matters.

Levi, Levi, Levi.

It happens at last during the winter of 1901, and Erwin is on the train, alone with a first class ticket in a quiet, comfortable car, off to visit a friend of the family (by obligation rather than by his own desire, but he’s resolved to be nothing but pleasant– he always is, when he can help it, after all). He is reading the paper when a silent stranger shuffles in, sliding into the seat directly across, a simple bag tossed beside him. Queen Victoria is dead. The stranger lights a cigarette, slumps against the window with a sigh. At half a glance it’s a man, a boy perhaps, small and dark and unremarkable in every way save for his stature and his unusually sharp angles. He is drowning in worn and ill fitting but well-kept clothes. It’s a wonder what a man like that is doing in a first class car. Erwin has no intention to gaze fully but there’s a nagging at his chest, a flash from a dream, from a memory, a whisper. A name. Blue eyes flicker up, the train is moving– he meets half-lidded gray, head against a curled fist, cigarette dangling between thin lips. Gray eyes meet his, cool impassivity turning to shock, head lifting. The cigarette is crushed against the sill of the window by a slow, hesitant hand.

And then there’s a weight against his chest, coming at him so fast it knocks him back into his seat and he almost forgets to wind his arms around the smaller body, to cradle him like something precious, something sacred. There’s a muffled choked out sob, “Oh fuck,” into Erwin’s shirt, drenched in relief, and Erwin wonders how long Levi’s gone thinking he was simply insane. He’s beautiful, he always has been but especially now, real and whole and his, and Erwin thanks every god he can think of for this second chance– for that’s what this must be, a blessing, a way to make amends for the lives he’s taken, the men and women and children he once sent off to die. A miracle.

“Levi… Levi.

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