master of fortune

The occultist who is going to undertake any serious work in his chosen subject must be perceptive, must be able to be sensitive at will, and must have a working knowledge of ceremonial magic. To say otherwise is to say what is not true, for occult science is very much more than a system of ethics based on a belief in super-physical planes of existence, the Masters, and reincarnation.
—  Dion Fortune

Another stack of wonderful discoveries to come across the Used Book Desk, 10 lesser known Jules Verne titles, the “Fitzroy” editions, edited by I.O. Evans and published by Ace Books. A serendipitous arrival as today, February 8, marks the author’s birthday. Here’s the complete list of titles:

  • Master of the World, featuring Vincent Price from the AIP film adaptation
  • The Demon of Cawnpore
  • For the Flag
  • Into the Niger Bend
  • The Village in the Treetops
  • Yesterday and Tomorrow
  • Carpathian Castle
  • The Begum’s Fortune
  • The City in the Sahara
  • The Hunt for the Meteor
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Knuckles knew he wouldn’t live forever, and often wondered who would look over the Master Emerald in his place. Fortunately, an immortal makes a promise so the last guardian can finally rest.

KFP | KFP2 Parallels: Villains Reuniting with Their Caretakers

“I have come home, Master.
This is no longer your home, and I am no longer your master.

  It seems your fortune telling skills are not as great as you thought.” 
  We shall see, Shen.