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Can you recommend any good Seb/Bucky or Chris/Steve series? Or accounts that have one shots? Also I'm inlove with your stories!! Love you muchoโค

I had answered this before but can’t find the original post so I will just repost here: 


Oh goodness, there are so many! I’m just going to mix them all together because honestly most of them post about both. Also the people tagged are writers, supporters, artists, people you can message just to obsess over these beautiful men and eventually amazing friends. I highly recommend you follow them all. I know you are looking for authors but this group is amazing and they would all love to fan girl out with you. 

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I know I’m missing some people (I always remember as soon as I hit ‘POST’) When it comes down to it, anyone in these fandoms is amazing so you can’t go wrong! 


The WWII rescue outfit

I don’t think I need to say any more

Happy EvansChess!!

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Happy Man Bewb Monday! Instead of #EvansChess it’s #EvansChest! This pic is new to me and he needs more of these thin henley shirts like right now!!! 😍

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