master musicians of joujouka

This is a public service announcement...with guitar. Lots of guitar

Thank you all for tuning in during Serpentine Sheldon, Serpentine’s annual synth pop tribute. Only five of you “unfollowed “, which is normal for a week on Tumblr anyway. Besides, two unfollows were porn, and while I should feel happy about that I somehow feel a bit wistful. Was it the collar roll stuff? 

Today Spotify recommended The Zep, The Clash, The Greatest Rock And Roll Band In The World and some ‘Oo. And I always obey the all-knowing Algorithm. So, our regular programming resumes next week. With the occasional silly solipsism mixed in. You have been warned. 

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The Master Musicians of Joujouka : Your eyes are like a cup of tea


Ay, Marruecos, cuando podré ver tus burritos…