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I did it! I finally brewed a potion… I think.

I mentioned forever ago that I’d try potion making, because even a muggle should be able to mix things into a pot correctly. I finally took the time to actually sit down with proper instructions and put everything together.

I ended up making a Skele-Gro potion because it just sounds like a cool concept. Now, all I have to do is wait for somebody to randomly lose some bones to see if it works or not. Honestly, in this school that shouldn’t take long.
Grammys Make Sweeping Changes to Voting, Top Album and Rap Categories
The Grammys Awards are transitioning to online voting and have updated rules for its top category, album of the year.

6/14/2017 by Hannah Karp

A slew of changes to the rules and procedures governing the Grammy Awards could curb fraud, boost songwriters’ profiles, increase voting participation from touring musicians and young voters, and help shift races such as the best rap music from popularity contests to competitions that focus on the music itself, Recording Academy SVP of awards Bill Freimuth tells Billboard.

The changes, effective this year, include allowing the Academy’s 13,000 members to vote online, which Freimuth says will prevent voters from filling out their ballots incorrectly, voting in “blocks” to boost a nominee and bring in younger voters.

“When I met younger voters and talked about the ballots going out in the U.S. mail, I got eye-rolls and sighs,” Freimuth said, adding that online voting – which has already proven successful for the Latin Grammys - will allow voters on tour to weigh in. “It was frustrating for us to lose a segment of voters because they were on the road.”

Songwriters credited with at least one-third of playing time on the album of the year will win their own Grammys, a policy Freimuth said there was no reason the organization didn’t implement earlier.

In addition, “nomination review” committees will be set up to vet the nominations for rap, contemporary instrumental, and new-age music, all of which Freimuth said came about at the request of the genre communities themselves.

Fifteen other categories - including album of the year, record of the year, song of the year and best new artist  - already have such committees, which Freimuth said can help “override the popular vote to focus on what is really the best,” regardless of age, fame or marketing budget.

Freimuth said professional from the rap world had been meeting regularly via conference call in recent years and had grown concerned that “most of people being nominated were the big names.”

“While they certainly are not saying that those people at times shouldn’t be deserving, maybe not absolutely everything they do is Grammy worthy,” Freimuth said.

Meanwhile, the Academy expanded the definition of an album to include albums with just a single track, killing the previous five-track-minimum. While the old rule would have precluded many classical, jazz and dance albums from qualification, Freimuth said the academy had been making exceptions to skirt the rule, anyway.

“We don’t usually like to do that,” Freimuth said.

Below are the changes, as listed by the Academy:

Grammy Awards Voting Will Now Be Online
For the first time, voting members will cast their Grammy Awards votes online rather than by paper ballot. This transition will provide greater flexibility for touring artists, eliminate the possibility of invalid ballots, and protect further against fraudulent voting. All voting members in good standing will be eligible to vote online in both rounds for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

Songwriters Now Recognized In Album Of The Year
Moving forward, all music creators (songwriters, producers, engineers, mixers, mastering engineers, featured artists) credited with at least 33 percent or more playing time on the winning album will be eligible to receive a Grammy in the Album Of The Year category. Previously, songwriters were not recognized in this category.

Nominations Review Committees Established For Rap, Contemporary Instrumental, And New Age Fields
Beginning this year, Nominations Review Committees will be created and implemented for the Rap, Contemporary Instrumental, and New Age Fields. A Nominations Review process was established in 1989 as an additional round of checks and balances to eliminate the potential for a popularity bias that puts emerging artists, independent music, and late-year releases at a disadvantage. Since then, Nominations Review Committees have been established across 15 awards fields.  

Album Definition Expanded To Allow For More Inclusion In Classical, Dance, And Jazz Fields
To be eligible for Grammy consideration, an album must comprise a minimum total playing time of 15 minutes with at least five distinct tracks or a minimum total playing time of 30 minutes with no minimum track requirement. Prior to this amended album definition, the only delineation was 15 minutes and five tracks. The definition expansion allows for greater inclusion of music creators who produce longer pieces, particularly in the Classical, Dance, and Jazz Fields.

Amendments To The Music For Visual Media Field
As a general rule, only one version of a track is permitted for entry in the GRAMMY Awards process. Moving forward, an exception will be made in the Best Song Written For Visual Media category, allowing the film version of a track to be entered in the category, even if a different version of the track is submitted in other categories. In the Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media category, eligibility guidelines have been amended to require soundtrack albums for a documentary or biopic to contain 51 percent or more of newly recorded music.

okayyy but hear me out

the magicians, America’s Got Talent au

Margo is a quick changer, and she’s incorporated some magic (its a magicless au so like stage magic) into her act 

Eliot’s a master drink mixer, and he’s literally made a show out of concocting drinks, with flips and dancing and all kinds of fun – all linked up to music, with light up glasses and everything

Alice is a singer

Quentin is a magician, as well, and a lot of people question his talent until the live shows when he blows them all away with some elaborate nofuckingway kind of trick

Todd’s the one who does the tricks and shit that endanger his life and everyone thinks hes going to die every time he performs but somehow he lives (much to Eliot’s distaste bc he cant stand him)

Julia is a dancer, who is super intense but also super nice. she’s ultra focused on her act, and doesn’t let anything distract her. 

josh is a comedian

martin chatwin is a singer that tries to sabotage everyone else

penny is like nick canon only hes an asshole to everyone until they prove their talent and the audience loves him and he kind of bonds with people as the show goes on and hes reluctant to be a part of any act but people always incorporate him because hes so grouchy and quentin somehow always finds a place in his act for him

Kady juggles fire and is incoporates martial arts into it, so she’ll throw hit in the air, do some martial arts, and tehn catch the flaming torch and juggle some more

dean fogg, sunderland, and jane chatwin are the judges

Disaronno and Milk

Series: Lifetimes
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: SasuSaku
Rated: T
Prompt: A dark restaurant AU set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Pale fingers held a glass steady as he rubbed it dry. Those that came to this establishment did so with the intention to do wrong. The dirt and grim that came after the war was forever soaked within the populations skin. The establishment is lacking in care within the dark times of the world. The war that had brought them to this point but a whisper in the wind.

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image is courtesy of Stephen Amell’s FB page.


Summary: Felicity comes home to an unusual sight and her two-year-old wants to be just like her father.

  • Universe: Arrow Future Fic
  • Main Ship: Olicity
  • Rating: PG
  • Content Warnings: None
  • Word Count: 1033

Felicity arrived home to silence. It had been a pretty slow Friday at Queen Incorporated and she’d asked Gerry to send a memo that people could leave early. She was hoping to be able to spend those extra hours with her family, since the office had been eating away at her free time lately (if the project with Wayne Tech wasn’t so important she would have dropped it for all the headaches it caused her). Bruce could be quite stubborn (doubly so since their secret identities are no longer a secret) and so could Felicity - that, naturally, translated into very long conference calls.

She’d stopped on her way at that family bakery on the corner of Charleston and Mill Street to pick up some snacks for them to enjoy together and then headed home, truly excited for the rest of her day.

The silence in the house put her on immediate alert. One glance at the shoe rack near the doorway told her that both were home (besides Oliver would have texted her if they went out). But the silence… The silence was never a good thing. It meant either of two things: one, something was wrong or two, they were up to something (sometimes these melded together to create even more of a delightful mess).

She called for Oliver as she walked inside to find the kitchen and living room empty. Felicity was just on her way to head upstairs and check the bedrooms (before she called John and Thea) when she heard an all too familiar snore. She paused and held her breath, hoping that she wasn’t hearing things.

Another snore.

Her entire frame sagged in relief and she followed the noise until she found where it was coming from.

Oliver was lying face down on the hardwood floor, his mouth slightly open as he snored. But that was hardly surprising to Felicity - with the years she had stopped questioning the places Oliver Queen fell asleep at. Between the five years on Lian Yu and their very erratic working schedules, old habits were tough to break. Plus Oliver never quite stopped avoiding sleep for as long as he could. She knew he thought she didn’t notice, but she was always the first to fall asleep and that he would remain awake for quite some time before he joined her in sleep.

So seeing Oliver sprawled on the floor was hardly a surprise. The surprise was the two-year-old sprawled half on top of him - asleep as well. Then again if she thought about it some, it really shouldn’t have surprised her at all.

Oliver had always been Avigail’s favourite person. They did not choose her name - a father’s joy - for nothing. People often assumed that Oliver getting extra attention from Gal would make her jealous, that she must be disappointed that her daughter’s first word was “Dada” instead of “Mama” or perharps the fact that Oliver was the first person that Avie asked for when she had a bad dream. She never was. Seeing father and daughter together only ever brought her joy. The happier they were the happier she was. They were the two people she loved most. Seeing them love each other as much as they do was nothing short of stunning to her.

Avie had taken to mimicry in the last couple of months. It was all the rage with her, especially if they had guests over. She blamed Oliver for that. He used to play a game with her where he would mimic everything she did and then she would try and follow suit. Nowadays, she was determined to do everything Daddy did. She would stand on her big girl stool in the kitchen helping him prepare dinner (Oliver called her the Master Mixer), she would often dive into a pile of newly washed laundry while Oliver folded it and would hand him items. She would even sit through sports games with him if only for the opportunity to yell at the screen when he did.

So the fact that she finds her daughter half on top of her father’s back (it’s a wide back, she’s not judging) only makes Felicity smile that one stupidly happy smile (her mother’s description) that she only has for them and then take her phone out to snap a quick picture. She just found her new phone (and laptop) background.

She squats down and caresses Oliver’s face to wake him up, whispering his name until his eyes squinted open. She quickly placed a hand on his shoulder in a signal that he shouldn’t get up, when he shifted in his position, suddenly aware of the weight on his back.

“F’lic’ty?” he murmured and reached to caress her foot since it was closest to him.

Felicity chuckled. “How about I take our Little Ninja off your back and we move this to our bed where all three of us can get some cuddle time? Because let me tell you I’m feeling left out.”

Oliver grunted his agreement and Felicity gently pried Avie away from Oliver’s back, pressing a kiss to the girl’s head as she did.

“Mama…” Avie murmured as soon as Felicity settled her in her arms.

“Shh, baby, go to sleep.” Felicity rocked her gently and watched Oliver drag himself up from the floor.

He kissed her hello and they both headed to their bedroom.

“How did that happen?” Felicity asked as soon as they reached the second floor.

“We were playing sleeping beauty and she was the knight who was supposed to save me, I must have fallen asleep for real.” Oliver explained, rubbing the back of his neck sleepily.

Felicity had to bite on her lip to suppress a laugh so that she didn’t wake Avie.

“Next thing you know she’ll be shooting toy arrows at you.” Felicity said.

“I have a bow and arrow already waiting in the attic.” Oliver winked at her and opened the door to their room so she could walk in.

Spending her Friday afternoon cuddle-sleeping with her husband and daughter wasn’t the way she imagined her day would go but it was pretty much on top of the list of her favourite pastimes.

Let’s hear it for the technical theatre artists out there.

For the stage managers, the lighting designers, the sound board ops, the fly ops, the run crews, the makeup artists, the light board ops, the assistant directors, the video technicians, the production managers, the painters, the drapers, the set designers, the prop masters/mistresses, the wardrobe crews, the stitchers, the design assistants, the carpenters, the light hang crews, the wig masters/mistresses, the sound designers, the assistant stage managers, the costumer designers, the orchestra, the riggers, the spot ops, the pyrotechnicians, the dressers, the live sound mixers, the master electricians…

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🌴 master mixer list • part 3! 🌴

Nothing beats a FUN themed sorority/fraternity mixer • exchange • social • crush • date party! Enjoy these new theme ideas from sorority sugar……

🌴   GREEK MIXER LIST from A to Z • Part 3: 🌴 

  • Anything But Cups ~ beverages must be enjoyed out of anything but cups. Each guest brings a cup “substitute” such as a dog bowl, baby bottle, coffee pot, watering can, squirt gun, etc.
  • Arctic Blast ~ icemen & ice princesses.
  • “As Seen On TV” ~ everyone must dress as a tacky product seen on late night TV ads. 
  • Beard & Mustache Bash ~ all guests must wear a beard or mustache. Host a world beard & mustache competition during the party.
  • Black & White Movie Stars ~ everyone dresses in black & white 1920’s/30’s fashions with white pancake makeup to look like a Charlie Chaplin style movie.
  • Biker Dudes & Hello Kitty Girls 
  • Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts ~ serve lots of yummy Girl Scout cookies. 
  • Chalkboard Art ~ provide XL chalkboards for guest's graffiti and chalkboard ‘thought bubbles’ for photo booth pics.
  • Daycare ~ baby & toddler attire.
  • Deadliest Catch ~ fisherman theme. “Fishing for a date” party.
  • Duck Mash Up ~ guests must combine a duck with any other character for a ducktastic costume, such as; Duckter Who, Duckter Spock, Duckarella, Duckyonce, etc.  
  • Factory Workers & Farmer’s Daughters 
  • Firemen & Fallen Angels 
  • Fly the Friendly Skies ~ guys dress as pilots, girls dress as retro flight attendants for an airline theme party.
  • Foam Finger Party ~ everyone must wear a foam finger from their favorite hometown/state sports team. Couples are paired by matching foam fingers or by fierce rivalries. 
  • Gamoflauge ~ uptown camo. 
  • Gamekeepers & Wild Animals
  • Highlanders & Hula Girls ~ Scottish tartan meets grass skirts.
  • Hip Hop & Hippies
  • Hodge Podge ~ each member of the fraternity and sorority must draw a crazy costume idea out of a hat. Offer a wide range of customs and hope the results are hilarious, especially on the guys. 
  • Inked ~ temporary tattoo party.
  • Intergalactic
  • It’s a Mod Mod World  
  • Lifeguards & Lap Dancers
  • Lip Sync ~ buy the brightest/wildest lipstick shades available. As each guest enters the party (male and female) hostesses randomly apply a shade of lipstick on their lips. They may find their “dates” for the evening by matching lipstick shades. Reapplication of their original color is allowed.
  • Mad Scientists & Lab Rats
  • Mascots ~ everyone dresses as a version of their favorite mascot.
  • Men in Black & Mafia Wives
  • Mobsters & Mermaids 
  • My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
  • Park Rangers & Camp Fire Girls
  • Party With Your Generation ~ before the party, divide the guest list into groups and assign a generation to each group. Attendees must dress as and party with their generation. Gen X, Gen Y, Baby Boomers, Senior Citizens are a few examples. This would also work for a Party With Your Decade event assigning different decades to groups in advance. 
  • Private School Breaking the Rules 
  • Quarterbacks & Glitter Queens
  • Rakish Ranchers & Saloon Girls
  • Saints & Sinners
  • Sorority Color Crush ~ if your chapter has two colors, ask the guys to dress all in one shade and all the girls in the other. For example, KD green & white party, or a DG pink & blue event. Assign the funniest color to the guys. 
  • Spilt Personality ~ everyone must dress as half & half of two different things, i.e. angel/devil, man/woman, cop/criminal. Their left side is one identity and their right side is the other in a “split” costume. Or, for a date party, assign pairs ahead of time and each guest must find their “other half” at the party. For example, peanut butter would need to find jelly. 
  • Tech Time Machine ~ costumes must represent “tech” from the past, i.e. typewriter, newspaper, snail mail, rotary phone, fax machine, floppy disc, record album, 8-track tape, 50s TV, etc.
  • Tech Like It’s Today ~ come as a current tech device, app, social media, or website, i.e. Kindle, Instagram, Pinterest, iPhone, Snapchat, Tumblr, Xbox, etc. Combine old & new Tech themes for a fun past & present tech party.
  • TFM • TSM ~ guys dress as sorority girls and girls dress as fraternity guys “as seen on” TFM/TSM. 
  • The Good, the Bad & the Ugly ~ randomly divide the guest list into three groups and assign each group their “look” for the night.
  • The Off Season ~ whatever the weather is like outside, theme the social to the opposite season. A tropical island theme in February, or a Ski Chalet party in May. 
  • Tight & Bright ~ everything worn by guys & girls must be very bright and very tight.
  • Top Chef Date Party ~ guys dress as chefs, girls dress as food. On entering the party, each girl writes her costume “food” on a slip of paper and each guy draws his 'dish’ from the bowl to make couples for the night. 
  • Overdressed & Underdressed ~ divide your guest list into two groups, (or divide by chapter) and ask half the group to come underdressed and the other half to arrive overdressed.
  • Ultimate Sprinkler Party ~ outdoor wet & wild. 
  • Umpires & Superfans 
  • War & Peace 
  • Wicked Wizards & Bad Fairies 
  • Young Tarts & Old Farts
  • Zombie Cheerleaders
  • Zombie Doctors & Nurses
  • Zombie Prom

For more GREEK PARTY THEME IDEAS please link here ~ 

Master List of Mixer Themes

Master Mixer Theme List Part 2

Heavy Meta: The Business Of Covering Ryan Adams In The Style Of Taylor Swift

I write about the modern music business as an independent artist  

Ryan Adams released an album covering Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ in 2015 (Credit: GQ Video)


Nice to meet you, where you been?
I could show you incredible things.

I was lost in the pathways of Brooklyn’s McGolrick Park, listening to rocker Ryan Adams reimagine Taylor Swift’s breakout pop album, 1989. Cranking up my headphones, I was hypnotized by the vibration of acoustic guitar strings and the “shaking off” of Ryan’s vocal delivery. I was dizzied by Taylor’s words of lost, anticipated, and hard-earned love. More than anything, I was inspired by the possibilities of reframing and redefining the boundaries of art.

That’s when a light bulb flashed: someone should flip this concept on its head. So over the next six months, my wife Jess and I covered every song from Ryan Adams’ Love Is Hell in the style of Taylor Swift. The result is Babetown’s 1989 is HELL.

But here’s the thing: I had initially dismissed Taylor Swift before hearing a single note.

I viewed Top 40 music as the antithesis of authenticity – its slick production favored over music composition, looks over sound, style over substance. I saw Taylor, not as an artist, but as the center of a very effective marketing campaign – she earned $170 million over the last year, more than any other musician.

It took Ryan Adams and this exercise in the meta for me to take pop seriously.

Let me explain. I’m a songwriter, looking over the shoulders of giants like Nobel-laureate Bob Dylan, and adhering to a rock ’n’ roll philosophy that values authenticity above all else. I seek to discover melody, craft vulnerable personal narratives, “woodshed” natural instruments and sing with honesty and passion.

It’s purposefully defying the times by using analog communication in a digital age. And to me, Ryan Adams encapsulates this classicist approach.

I love Ryan because he’s exuberant: he loves bands and guitars, myths and sounds, and he wants to be all of them at once. But what I most admire is his endless curiosity to learn and incorporate new styles – whether it’s classic country, spacey jam bands or heavy metal. He’s taught me to approach the unfamiliar with sensitivity and an open mind.

So while I was skeptical of contemporary pop, I was open to Ryan’s interpretation of it. He makes for a trustworthy tour guide in the musical jungle.

But before getting started, Jess and I made the executive decision to set our budget for this project at $0. That may sound drastic, but I was burned before. As a solo artist, I spent somewhere in the realm of $20,000 creating the album One Way. The costs included hiring studio musicians, a producer, mixer, mastering engineer and publicist, along with studio time, CD manufacturing and distribution. Returning income like CD sales, streaming, merch and ticket sales didn’t come close to making up the difference. There was simply no justification for spending large amounts of money on a product that people weren’t buying.

So how do you spend nothing on an album? Do everything yourself. Jess bought me an Apple Pro training book on Logic Pro X, and I was off and running as a digital producer. Soon I was creating sounds and recording every instrument with the click of a mouse, all in my own time and in the comfort of our Brooklyn apartment. I was no longer paying others to channel my creativity.

Our first step was to pair each song from Ryan’s album with a specific 1989 track. With its concise and aching story, the album Love is Hell gave us a lot of room for reinterpretation. Right away I could hear unexpected similarities between the two artists – vivid atmospheric detail, insistent melodies, the desperation and drama of the characters. And at the least, a shared love for re-creating the emotions of a John Hughes movie.

We turned the concept on its head, and covered Ryan Adams track-for-track in the style of Taylor Swift.

Then, like students painting the masterpieces in art museums, we reconstructed 1989 layer by layer. I twisted knobs and tracked digital instruments until the kick, bass and synths sounded precisely like Taylor’s original – but using Ryan’s lyrics and melodies. Bear in mind that, at this point making One Way, I had already spent $7,000 on a producer, $4,000 on recording studios, and $5,000 on studio musicians. Pretty ridiculous, right?

Laid out in front of me now were the building blocks of 1989. Day in and day out, I heard the vocabulary of pop – an entirely new set of sounds ranging from drum machines to arpeggiators. I manipulated audio and visualized sound in the form of MIDI regions and equalizers. It reprogrammed my unconscious and inhabited my dreams. So this was electronic music.

In her vocal performance, Jess showed me the vulnerability, playfulness, and athleticism that Swift utilizes. And we threw in “Taylorisms” like cheerleader chants and melodramatic breaths. The more we tracked, the more we understood the unforgiving nature of Top 40 vocal recordings.

As I molded these songs, they began to feel like my own original productions. My babies. I found myself asking: What if I’ve been wrong about pop music all along?

Suddenly, I stepped from the shadows of history to join the rest of my generation. Covering a Ryan Adams album in the style of Taylor Swift may have started as a funny concept, but it very quickly became a master class in modernity. We had wheeled out our guitars and pianos, and plugged in our laptops. We had replaced the aesthetic of rock ’n’ roll with the language of pop.

Then Jess bought me a book called Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio, and I spent two months learning to mix the album myself, studying send-buses, multi-compressors and automation. At that point, I wished we had only done three tracks instead of thirteen. I also wished I studied engineering in school instead of political science. But it gave me great joy to hear those tracks streaming on SoundCloud shortly thereafter.

Now we didn’t end up spending $0. Between the artwork, mastering, and some private lessons in mix engineering, the total cost was slightly less than $1,000. But bear in mind that, at this point making One Way, I had spent an additional $5,000 on mixing, $1,500 on mastering, $700 on artwork and $2,500 on CD manufacturing and digital distribution. It took six months, but in our zero-sum approach, we saved over $20,000.

Do I still believe that 1989 and modern pop music could benefit from the lessons of analog thinking? Absolutely. There’s too much emphasis on arrangements at the expense of composition. But I learned that pop is merely a “style,” colors to use on a canvas. Ryan Adams has always understood this. And hearing that Ryan digs 1989 Is HELL was one of the best moments of my life. Now we’re dying to hear Taylor’s opinion. And to create original music infusing the new pop sensibilities we learned.

Ryan and Taylor were both right all along: they could show me incredible things. And I hope to do the same for you writing about the DIY music scene as I continue to experience it myself.

✨ Fun & fabulous sorority DATE PARTY ideas! ✨

Q: Hi! I’m trying to plan a date dash for my sorority but we don’t have a house, so I was wondering of you have any ideas of where to go for it, or fun things we could do? Thanks!!!

A: Date and Crush parties can be creative and exciting! Date functions are a little different than mixers and exchanges. They focus more on couples and pairing up. You don’t need a sorority house to hold a successful date party. Many are held off campus at event venues, clubs and outdoor locations. 


  • Everybody Gets Leid. Hawaiian date party where everyone gets a lei and parties in grass skirts and Hawaiian clothes. Decorate with tropical flowers, palm trees and island decor.
  • Food Mascot Match-Up. Create a master list of Food Mascots. Each sister signs-up for a mascot to be her costume from the master list. Invite one fraternity with equal numbers to your sorority, or ask each sister to invite 1 guy to attend (but not as her date.) When the guys are invited, each one is randomly assigned a mascot costume from the same master list. At the party there will be 2 versions of the same mascot ~ one girl and one guy version. Each girl must find her date by locating her “matching” character. For example: Chick-Fil-A cows, Orbit Gum girls, Tony the Tigers, Mr. Peanuts, M&Ms, Burger Kings, Wendy’s, etc… The different interpretations of the same mascot are fun and make for great photos.
  • Dinner Basket Auction. The evening version of the Lunch or Picnic Box Auction. Sisters provide basket dinners for 2 and the fraternity guys bid on them, not knowing who made each basket. Buyers then share their dinner with the girl who made it. The auction proceeds go to charity. Or stage your auction with “play money” just for fun. This dinner basket party is extra fun when held at the beach, lakeside, or other appealing location.
  • Tie The Knot. Your roommate sets you up with a date, but doesn’t tell you, or the date, who you both will be attending the party with. The guy gives his tie to your roommate, she gives it to you and you wear the tie to the party. Your date has to “find” you by finding who is wearing his tie.
  • My Tie. On the afternoon of the event, the invited fraternity delivers a box of ties to the sorority house from every guy who will be attending. Each sister selects a tie and wears it to the party that evening. Whoever the tie belongs to is the sister’s date for the evening.
  • Quickie Date Dash: The social chair announces in an email, or at a chapter meeting, that everyone has 24 hours to find a date for a date party just 24 hours later. 
  • Point of No Return. No one knows the date party location except the Social Chair and President. Everyone is given a party favor clue when the couples board the bus. The bus then takes them to the party venue such as the beach or a dance club.
  • Find Your Sister A Mister. Randomly pair up each sister with another sister 24 hours before the party. Each pair must find a date for the other and ask him to attend. This is especially interesting if the sisters don’t know each other well. 
  • Handcuffed Bowling. Each couple is handcuffed together with a zip-tie, or cheap plastic handcuffs and they have to bowl that way. Award prizes to the top 3 winning couples.
  • Speed Dating. Invite a fraternity of equal size to participate. Play lively music and allow 3-5 minutes for pairs to talk to each other. Ring a bell/blow a horn and everyone must rotate conversation partners. Add energetic background music to make it even more lively.
  • Date Dash. At chapter meeting everyone is suddenly told they have 20-30 minutes to find a date. Each sister must run around campus to find someone to invite to the party. They can ask their boyfriend, an acquaintance, or even a stranger. All guest are brought back to the sorority house for the date party, or taken to an off campus location.
  • Masquerade Date Party. Each sister decorates two matching masks. One mask of the pair is collected in a box from all the sisters. The box is then delivered to a fraternity (or two frats if needed for numbers). The guys randomly pick a mast, not knowing who made it. Everyone wears their mask to the party and must find their “match.” Matching masks are dates for the evening. Decorate in a Mardi Gras theme. Give the girls lots of Mardi Gras beads and have the guys work for them by doing things like ‘craziest dance move’, or 'sing a song.’
  • Jailhouse Date Party. One or two fraternities are invited for even numbers. Everyone is asked to dress as convicts and they’re given a prison number to pin/stick onto their chest when they arrive. Dates for the night are found via matching prison numbers. Decorate in a jailhouse theme. Variation: Down South Jailhouse for a redneck version.
  • Alphabet Soup. Ask each sister to invite 1 guy (but not as a date.) Or invite a fraternity with equal numbers. Each guest, male & female, is assigned a letter and must dress as something which begins with that letter. Letters are randomly assigned to girls and guys from A to Z. Dates connect at the party by finding their matching “letter” interpretation. Costumes can get quite creative, so finding your match should be interesting and challenging.
  • Camo Draft-A-Date. Each sister invites 2 guys to the party anonymously. During the evening, the guys must try to find out who invited them. Ask everyone to dress in camo and decorate in a patriotic military theme.
  • Paint Your Date. The messiest party ever. Sisters each invite a date and everyone is asked to wear all white “disposable” clothing. Provide gallons of water-based paint for everyone to paint their date. An outside grassy location is best. Squirt guns filled with paint are also fun for tagging others. Add a dance floor, Dj and great music. Variation: use only bright paints and provide black lights for a glow-in-the-dark paint party.
  • Costume Couples: For date parties where each girl invites her own date (no surprises or set-ups) these costume ideas are super fun ~ Famous Real Life Couples • Noah’s Ark (couples dress as the same animal) • Wizards & Witches • Food Combos (bacon & eggs) • Cartoon Couples • TV & Movie Couples • Fantasy & Storybook Couples • Social Media & Tech (Instagram and iphone) • Nature Combos (tree & koala).


  • Beach Club 
  • Lake Club 
  • Dance Club
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Bowling Lanes
  • Skating Rink
  • Country Farm/Barn
  • Country Western Club
  • Go-Kart Race Track
  • Archery Club
  • Golf & Country Club
  • Hotel
  • Tailgating area
  • Campus Event Facility
  • Horseback Riding Center
  • Botanical Gardens 
  • Boat Cruise
  • Winery
  • Water Park
  • Haunted House/Haunted Hay Ride
  • Park
  • Orchard 
  • Aquarium
  • Zoo
  • Batting Cages
  • Rock Wall
  • Pool 
  • Rooftop Lounge
  • Amusement Park
  • Laser Tag facility 
  • Paint Ball facility 
  • Museum event space
  • Ranch
  • Resort
  • Pub
  • Private home
  • Fairgrounds
  • Campground
  • Nature Preserve

❉ LINK here for mixer, social & greek party THEMES: 

• Master List of Mixer Themes

• Master Mixer Theme List Part 2

🕶 master mixer list • PART 2: 🕶

MORE sorority sugar themes for your next sorority/fraternity mixer - exchange - social - swap - invite - crush - date party!! 

🕶   GREEK MIXERS from A to Z • Part 2: 🕶

  • Almost Famous
  • Alphabet Soup ~ everyone shows up dressed as something that starts with the first letter of their name. It gets interesting with the more difficult letters. 
  • Amazing Amish ~ following the trend of popular Amish reality shows, host an all Amish costume mixer. 
  • Best of the South & South of the Border
  • British Invasion ~ host a croquet, cricket, regatta, or polo theme party complete with finger sandwiches, tea, champagne and British attire. 
  • Candyland ~ decorate with a candy theme and serve sweet drinks. Guests come dressed as their favorite treats. 
  • Chicks & Hicks
  • Chuck E Cheese After Dark 
  • Crazy Hair Happening ~ guests must make their hair look the craziest. 
  • Debutante Debauchery ~ host a co-ed etiquette class, followed by a food fight and waltz lessons. 
  • Disney Dreams & Football Teams
  • Favorite You Tube Character 
  • Fur Ball ~ come dressed as a cat or dog and bring pet toys to donate to a local animal shelter. 
  • Giant Twister
  • Handcuffed Bowling ~ couples are united with fake plastic handcuffs for an evening of bowling. 
  • Happiest Place on Earth ~ everyone comes dressed as their happy place. 
  • High School Sweethearts
  • In the Line of Duty
  • Italian or Greek Wedding
  • Land Before Time ~ dinosaurs and pre-historic girls. 
  • Librarians & Barbarians
  • Middle School Dance
  • Noah’s Ark ~ couples dress as the same animal. 
  • Obscure Tailgating ~ select the “oddest” sport on your campus and plan a complete pre-game tailgate bash before the competition. Go all out with school spirit for your badminton, water polo, or bowling team. 
  • Paint Slip n Slide
  • Pancakes & Pajamas ~ break things up with a morning brunch party instead of another nighttime bash.
  • Preachers & Sunday School Teachers
  • Scrabble ~ everyone wears a large Scrabble letter and you spell out words for photos. 
  • Seeing Red ~ all attire, decorations and food must be red. Theme a color social to your sorority colors, such as Seeing Purple, Seeing Pink, or Seeing Blue.
  • Sexy Joggers & Rugged Loggers
  • Sloppy Seconds  ~ thrift store clothes required. 
  • Seussical – everyone dresses as their favorite Dr. Seuss character and brings a children’s book to donate to a library, school or family services program. Serve wacky drinks and Green Eggs & Ham.
  • Temptress Teachers & Mythical Creatures 
  • Ten Year Reunion ~ what will you be in 10 years?
  • Togas & Yogas
  • Tops or Bottoms ~ take your pick. The other half must be anything but clothes. 
  • Trees & Shrubs
  • More TV Show Ideas ~ theme your social to a popular TV show. For example: Walking Dead, Duck Dynasty, Game of Thrones, etc.  
  • Two Yards ~ everyone must come dressed in two yards of fabric. 
  • Vikings & Vixens
  • Water World ~ everyone wears white and only water is served. Play water pong, water card & drinking games and host a water tasting contest with lots of different flavored waters.  
  • Wet & Wild Luau
  • White Trash Wedding or White Trash Christmas 
  • You Are What You Eat ~ food costumes only.
  • Zip-Ties & Mai Tais ~ couples are zip tied together and share mai tais. 

Link here for more sorority sugar Mixer THEME ideas:

Master List of Mixer Themes

Master Mixer Theme List Part 3

☢  —  Micah wasn’t a huge fan of trouble makers. Sure, he knew in a sense that was sort of a hypocritical pet peeve of his, but he felt that he earned all the trouble he brewed for others. He wouldn’t stand for anybody trying to spoil all the fun he had worked so hard to provide for his guests. When he saw a rather suspicious looking character he sauntered over to them with his drink in hand. Whiskey on the rocks, his vice. “You doing alright there, kid?” he asked with false concern. He honestly just didn’t want them to half a melt down and cause some sort of rebellion during his little master and slave mixer.

Over the next week or so I’m going to post some songs that I have done over the past few months. I’m afraid that if i don’t just let them go, they’ll never see the light of day, as I am always moving forward and on to new (to me) songs. But music is meant to be shared, not created then analyzed again and again and again and buried… These tracks never made it to a mixer, nor mastering engineer, Some would call them demos. They are in some respects raw, original vocals from the day of writing, etc… so their origin remains pure and the emotion that was felt is still present. There is something to be loved about that. However you choose to perceive, I hope you enjoy.

This is the first of them: Whatever You Want

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